by Craig Little

“Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. Simon and his companions went to look for him, and when they found him, they exclaimed: ‘Everyone is looking for you!’ Jesus replied, ‘Let us go somewhere else — to the nearby villages — so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.'”
Mark I: 35-38

Sooner or later, everyone gets tired of his own hype.

No doubt it will happen to Jeremy Lin, a 23-year-old Asian-American guard with the New York Knicks.

But right now I sure hope he is enjoying the ride, because it’s about to get a lot more, well… hyped.

Even in a world where we are gorging ourselves on celebrity culture, the hysteria surrounding Jeremy Lin over the past week-and-a-half has been insane.


Linmania. Linsational. Linitless.

He has been on everywhere and in everything, including Slate, NPR and Newsweek. Even Gerard Whateley couldn’t resist mentioning him at the end of last week’s Offsiders just days after Lin led the Knicks with 38 points to crush the Lakers.

Two weeks before he didn’t even come off the bench in the Knicks loss to the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers.

As I write, Lin has scored the last six points of the game to pull the Knicks over the line against the Raptors in Toronto.

I had it on in the office on NBA TV, a service I subscribe to largely to watch Celtics games.

Jeremy Lin was the reason I was watching what two weeks ago I’d have regarded a nothing game.

And for the best part it was… that was until a 13-2 run by the Knicks had them within 3 points with a little more than a minute remaining.

To this point Lin had been solid with 21 points and 11 assists, adding some ballast to the hype generated over the past four games.

But what happened next, well…


Lin’s raison d’être is his explosive speed and weave inside the paint to the hoop, and this is exactly the play he makes with 1.04 left on the clock.

With 1.03 left on the clock he’d made the basket and drawn the foul.

He makes the plus one and the game is tied.

Moments later, the Raptors’ 6’3” Brazilian guard Leandro Barbosa puts up an ill-conceived three-pointer that doesn’t get close and the Knicks get the ball with 18 seconds remaining.

Lin has the ball and winds down the clock in the half-court before looking to make a three-pointer with one second left on the clock.

He has no outside shot (yes, I know, he made two three-pointers Friday night against the Lakers, but so can some schlump picked out of the crowd at halftime to win a restaurant coupon to Applebee’s).
Buzz Bizzinger, The Daily Beast.

Lin makes the shot.

He not only gets the Applebee’s voucher but the Knicks’ sixth strait win – the last four without Carmelo Anthony.

Twitter goes into overdrive, even Andrew Bogut gets in on the act:

Wow Jeremy Lin, wow!




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  1. Skip of Skipton says:

    I take it you are up with Lin’s back-story and where the Knicks were at a couple of weeks ago? This is straight out of one of those corny Disney movies.

  2. I am, Skip

    Saw him bumped up the roster for the first time against the Celtics in Boston – not as a starter, but as the second point guard. The rest, as they say, is history.

    His story is remarkable in a number of ways, one of which is he played hoops for Harvard, which while an Ivy Leage college of great renown, has little to no basketball pedigree.

  3. Litza,

    What Lin did in those final seconds v the Raptors
    required balls the size of coconuts.

  4. No doubt, Smokie.

    I think that not having Stoudemire (initially) and Anthony have provided him with the freedom to play the way he has, as did the Knicks disastrous start to the season.

    If Carmelo Anthony is in the line-up, I don’t think Lin takes that shot.

  5. Andrew Else says:

    Having been a Knicks fan since early nineties, Linsanity has come at the perfect time in two ways. Firstly, it has brought the excitement to the team that was supposed to arrive after the Carmelo trade, and secondly, I’ve been able to passionately follow a sport/team during the month of February. The second month of the year typically represents a waste land of one day cricket, pre season AFL (and its accompanying ‘stories’), and barely relevant racing (a certain mare notwithstanding)

    Further to this, I’d just like to send out a big hurrah for technology. Yesterday afternoon I had the live scores refreshing in an internet explorer window, when I got home from footy training I fired up the BBQ and while my skewers sizzled I watched the highlights on my ipad and on the drive to work this morning I had ESPN New York going on in the car via my Tune In (sorry, Tune Lin) app. Say what you think about the Yanks, but they do sport talk like no other.

    AFL is my passion and I love cricket to death, but the option to enjoy the sports that our mainstream media don’t rate is a wonderful thing.

  6. Andrew

    Digital radio is a revelation (note: what the hell is going on with ABC Grandstand’s breakfast!?) – I have ESPN Boston running a fair bit, and you’re right, they do sport talk really well.

    You’ll be glad to know that LIn was being talked about a hell of a lot on a station whose topics are otherwise reserved for the Celtics, Red Sox and Bruins.

  7. Andrew Fithall says:
  8. Thanks, AF – Lin is a pop-culture phenomenon.

    Sport has really extended it’s reach in the US this year, largely on the back of two athletes, Lin and Tim Tebow.

  9. Who was the first Asian – American (Japanese) to play NBL?

    Now 92 years old.

    Was 5′ 7″ when he played as a point guard with the Knicks (3 games) just after WW2.

  10. Phantom,

    Oddly enough I read this last night, which answers your question…

    Wat Misaka

  11. Litza, I like it. You’ve eschewed the footnote and introduced the epigraph. Is this the future of Litzaspeak?

  12. I might try and do some more work on the epigraph side of my game and then maybe look to introduce the two…

  13. Cheers, that’s where I got it from Craig. Interesting interview.

  14. David Downer says:

    Given they cut Lin only a few months ago, I’d assume the Golden State Warriors owner has called his recruiting staff in for a “please explain?”. They’d be waking up in cold sweats every night wouldn’t they? To add further onion in their ointment, Lin was a local boy and Warriors fan growing up. That he’s now a superstar in the big apple, with the typical NY big-city types claiming him as “one of their own”, would be a very, very bitter pill to swallow. Houston had him briefly and let him go also.
    Another tid-bit of “linsanity” in that whirlwind week, Lin was sleeping on his brother’s couch in NY – his brother is a dental student, living in a modest one-bedder you’d assume.

    As I tweeted earlier in the week, as a Harvard economics graduate, Lin’s post-career options also appear to be “better than average”.
    I too am on the NBA league pass bandwagon.
    Heading to LA in March and hoping to see my Clippers v your Celtics at Staples on the Monday we arrive. And the week after, I’m heading to Pacers v Clippers in Indianapolis with fellow Saints almanacker G.Brownstein!


  15. John Butler says:

    DD, Saints, Clippers.

    What is this telling us?

  16. DD

    Golden State would be kicking themselves, but then again no less than 27 clubs passed on him.

    Speaking of ‘passing over’, one of the things I’m loving most about LinSanity is that it’s showing LeBron exactly what he passed over by taking his talents to South Beach rather than Manhattan.

    Would love to catch a game at Staples – the Clippers are great to watch this year with the Chris Paul/Blake Griffin double act. I’d already had a soft spot for them given my dislike for the Lakers.

    Also have a soft spot for the Pacers, given their GM is Larry Bird.

  17. David Downer says:

    JB, a Saints-Clippers quinella speaks for itself really. Throw in one-time FA Cup winner Southampton and I’ve got an undisputed trifecta of pain.

    Litza – my complete dislike of anything Lakers (bar Earvin Johnson), means I’ve always had a soft spot for the Celtics (L.Bird a major factor as a kid), and then, by extension, his Hoosier homeland the Pacers. Celtics have been far too successful for me to identify with though!

    I love the timeline tags on the League Pass service. When I get home from work I just scroll to all the “D” tags and watch the Blake Griffin dunk highlights reel. He rattles off around half a dozen game.

    You’re doing well watching League Pass on the work’s bandwidth! #employerofchoice

  18. Yeah, it’s hard to dislike Magic…

    The teamline tags are great, as are the condensed games.

    If the Blues win this year, there will be a nice ’17’ symmetry with the Celtics

    Given what I saw of Detroit at Boston yesterday, the Celtics won’t be pushing for 18 for a while.

  19. The kid can play, and is great to watch, but just for the old school factor, I’ll take Stephen John Nash thanks very much.

    The headlines do get a bit over the top. Much like Tiger Woods in his heyday. I’d see “Woods beaten in playoff” and wonder why the poor bloke who won didn’t get a mention. Apparently today Lin “led the Knicks to victory”, when Baron Davis put up the same numbers. Whatever sells the papers I suppose.

    Go Nuggets. Carmello, we don’t need you ! (but even if we had you, we’d never get past the Thunder anyway….)

    Keep Punching

  20. Am a massive Steve Nash fan… he’s what, 63 years old, and yet still brings it every night.

    No doubt the headlines are over the top, but a few things to consider:
    It is America,
    It is New York
    The whole Asian-American thing,
    The Harvard thing,
    And it was completely unexpected

    The Thunder look good, however they still have a tendency to let sides back in – yesterday they were up on the Celtics by as much as 27 in the third. With five minutes to go the Celtics had it back to 7.

    That said, they’ll be hard to get past in the West.

    I reckon Denver has held up better than okay post Melo – they’re better than .500 this year, more than I can say for the Celtics.

  21. I always suspected LinSanity may come to a grinding halt at South Beach, and sure enough Lin had as many points as turnovers (8) and a mere 3 assists.

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