Junior Almanac


photo Sasha Lennon

Autumn evening dob, Ferny Grove, Brisbane


Under 12 Footy: St Kilda City Red v South Melbourne

St Kilda City Red play an important practice match where they learn a few things, get some fitness and enjoy the run around. They leave remembering to get the footy in their hands for at least half an hour a day, and keen for the next opportunity to run out. Edward Harken presents this comprehensive report.

Playing the Game

For Dips O’Donnell, football is not just about winning – we must first go through footy’s depths of despair to really understand what the game is all about.

Meeting Luke Hodge at East Coburg Cricket Club

Jackson Kane (Geelong fan) went to see Luke Hodge, with his Dad Rick (Hawthorn fan) and they were mightily impressed. Here’s Jackson’s story.

Plus Ça Change

Mathilde de Hauteclocque has some news about the Cygnet and his new sporting direction.

Football Islands

Mickey Randall’s sons embark on their footy careers in a different time and in a different country. Past and present. Hope and loss. Mickey poignantly weaves the threads of memory.

Junior cricket: Vic Under 13s take the national title in the very best spirit

Simon Taylor travels to Bendigo to see dome of the kids he coaches represent Victoria – and they do it with skill and good will. [Reassuring - Ed]

How to play Cricket

Young Fraser Sutherland shares a poem that beautifully captures the temperament of the bowler.

Footys4all North Queensland Road Trip

What price the smile on the face of a kid with a new footy? Priceless. What price also a kid’s ability to run and chase with purpose with their own brand new ball in their possession? Again, priceless, says far North Queenslander Wesley Hulls. [Terrific story and ripper photo - Ed]

Rising Reporter: Goddard!

Leigh Sullivan remembers the 2010 Grand Final, when he was in Grade 2.

AFL Round 20 – Essendon v West Coast: A day at the footy

Essendon may have lost but it was still a day at the footy, says Max Wiggins, who is tired of the focus on his team’s off-field exploits.

The Rising Reporters of Scotch College

John Harms is a guest of the 2013 Scotch Literature Festival. Today’s workshops are with the Grade 9s. This is the outline of the workshop. We look forward to reading the stories of these Rising Reporters very soon.

Great Moments in Sport: Australia v India, Second Test, SCG, 2008

Fraser Sutherland re-creates the tension of the final overs in the SCG Test of 2008.

My Swans Family

William Pascoe is part of a very happy Swans family. He tells the story of his grandmother and the tribe of uncles and aunties and grandchildren who have followed the Bloods with great passion. The 2005 premiership was a special moment for them all.

AFL Round 18 – Western Bulldogs vs West Coast: Dogs heap misery on flightless Eagles

Tom Riordan was quietly confident as he headed to Docklands Stadium.

First Test – Day 2: Agar the Awesome

The Ashes is so important to young Paddy Grindlay that he writes with the CAPS on. He just has one request for Ashton Agar – can you open the batting?

The Whole of My World

Nicole Hayes recalls a suburban childhood in the 80s when footy was king. In this bygone era, girls were banned from playing, leaving her to wonder what might have been.

Mel Triulcio: A passion for softball and community

Phil Dimitriadis interviews the president of the West Coburg Redbacks Softball club.

How to Watch Footy (part 15): Innocence

Vin Maskell believes competitive footy should stop at Grade Six. Anything after this should be kick-to-kick, circle work and training drills.

AFL Round 13 – Hawthorn v West Coast: From Cairns to Docklands

Michael Fomiatti comes down from Cairns to watch the Hawks outclass the Eagles.

AFL Round 13 – Western Bulldogs v Richmond: The lid’s off, baby!

Inspired by a musical backdrop of the Smiths, Led Zeppelin, and Hendrix, Tigers fan Callum O’Connor reaches new heights in footy reporting. (Warning: Contains a lovely sledge for Tom Waterhouse.)