A nest of Magpies by Yvette Wroby


  1. Wonderful work Yvette, but very, very, very poor choice of subject matter.

    I must commend you on the accuracy of your mind to ink strokes process. Many would have fallen for the trap of having dragon like and matriarchial love incryptions on the egg casings, but you are alert enough to notice that the fledglings are generally hatched ink-less.

    Well done.

  2. Dear Phantom, The subject matter was not of my choosing, bloody unconscious processes and bloody Collingwood feeling like they can go on and on and on….but good idea about the tatts on the eggs. I feel another one coming….epic battle of the birds up the top of the ladder. Is it the Chinese year of the bird or something….

  3. Phantom says:

    What was that great Talking Heads song from the eighties?

    We’re on the road to nowhere. That’s where they’re going. Nowhere.

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