ICC World Cup 2015: World Cup Quiz Challenge

Australia takes on India the second of the ICC World Cup semi-finals at the SCG today. To get into the spirit of the occasion, here’s a little quiz to immerse the mind in all things ICC World Cup finals:


1. Name the only three players who have played in three winning World Cup Finals?

2. Name the six Australian players who have played in two winning World cup Finals?

3. Name the only two players to have played in four World Cup Finals?

4. Name the six West Indians who played in two winning World Cup Finals?

5. Name the four West Indians who have played in three World Cup Finals?

6. Name the sole Sri Lankan to have played in three World Cup Finals?

7. Name the five Indians who played in both the 2003 and 2011 World Cup Finals?

8. Name the sole Englishman to have played in three losing World Cup Finals?

9.  Name the three Pakistani cricketers who played in both the ’92 and ’99
World Cup Finals?

10. Name the six players who have scored centuries in World Cup Finals?


(Answers to come!)


The New Zealand Black Caps will know later tonight who they’ll face in Sunday’s final. Check out some fantastic contributions on the New Zealand v South Africa semi-final we received from Peter Cresswell, Luke Reynolds, David Wilson and Keiran Deck HERE


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  1. Wayne Ball says:

    Without the assistance of Google;
    1. Gilchrist, Ponting and McGrath (99, 03 & 07)
    2. The 3 above plus Steve Waugh 87 & 99, Matt Hayden and Andrew Symonds 03 & 07
    3. Ponting and McGrath 96, 99, 03 & 07
    4. Clive Lloyd, Viv Richards, Joel Garner, Alvin Kallicheran, Michael Holding and Colin Croft.
    5. Lloyd, Richards, Holding and Garner.
    6. Muralitheran.
    7. Tendulkar, Dhoni, zaheer Khan, Sehwag and Dravid
    8. Graham Gooch
    9. Wasin Akram, Inzamam Ul Haq and Saeed Anwar.
    10. Aravinda DeSilva, Ponting x 2, Gilchrist, Dhoni and Sangakarra .

  2. DBalassone says:

    Very good off the bat Wayne. I’ve deliberately tried to pose questions that aren’t easy to google. You were close, but a few minor errors:
    2) The six players are in addition to the Gilly, Punter and Pigeon, so three more required.
    4) You have 3 of the 6 correct.
    5) You 2 of the 4 correct.
    7) You have 2 of the 5 correct.
    9) You have 2 of the 3 correct.
    10) 3 of the 6 correct.
    Anyone else interested in having a stab?
    Will post answers a bit later on.

  3. Luke Reynolds says:

    2. Add Brad Hogg, Darren Lehmann and Brett Lee?

    9. Replace Saeed Anwar with Ijaz Ahmed

  4. DBalassone says:

    Q2. Correct with Hogg and Lehmann, but not Brett Lee. On more player. Clue very influential ODI batsman who strangely did not bat at either 99 or 03 final.
    Q9. Correct on Ijaz, but I now realise there’s actually a 4th Pakistani player who played in both finals. You’ve caught me out Luke!

  5. Luke Reynolds says:

    2. Bevan

    9. Moin Khan?

  6. DBalassone says:

    Correct and Correct.

  7. DBalassone says:

    1. Ponting, Gilchrist & McGrath in 1999, 2003 & 2007.

    2. S. Waugh (1987 & 1999), Bevan & Lehmann (1999 & 2003), Hayden, Hogg & Symonds (2003 & 2007). You can now add Clarke and Watson (2007 & 2015) to this list.

    3. Ponting & McGrath (1996, 1999, 2003 & 2007).

    4. Greenidge, Lloyd, Richards, DL Murray, Roberts & Kallicharran in 1975 & 1979.

    5. Greenidge, Lloyd, Richards & Roberts in 1975, 1979 & 1983.

    6. Murali in 1996, 2007 & 2011

    7. Tendulkar, Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh & Zaheer Khan.

    8. Gooch in 1979, 1987 and 1992

    9. Inzuman, Wasim Akram, Ijaz Ahmed & Moin Khan.

    10. Lloyd in ’75, Richards in ’79, De Silva in ’96, Ponting in 2003, Gilchrist in 2007, Jayawardene in 2011.

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