Football and Passion: The inspiring story of Barry Anderson


This recent article in the AFL Asia website by Matt Gale demonstrates the importance of passion in footy.


The article features Barry Anderson whose life is dominated with passions of travel, footy and volunteering, rather than staying in a six-figure State Manager job.


I understand. His previous job was missing something and did not feel right. In my current restaurant work, my passion for writing is hidden under ground and I wish I could unleash it.


His involvement in footy in Indonesia is brilliant and his passion has created connections between locals and expats through footy.


Developing footy outside Australia is good for the sport and for the community in order to understand each other by playing footy together. I think the locals can see different perceptions of the sport and culture.


Matt Gale’s hardwork at the Osaka Dingoes and AFL Asia is what I admire and he is well respected in the footy community here.


He creates more opportunities to play footy for us and helps young people develop while promoting the sport.


Passion create positive future for the footy world and motivates players and coaches. Also they improve people on the inside as well as getting fitter on the outside.


I started following footy in 2011 and my passion for following the sport got bigger and bigger. In the following year, I picked the Saints and my love of being a Sainter became grew year by year, as defined by our good friend and great Almanac contributor Yvette Wroby.


Yvette has brought me into this great community of the Footy Almanac which joined my two passions – following footy and writing.


When I started following footy, I never thought I would write about the sport for publication. And I had never imagined playing the sport.


Then Matt found my Almanac piece and it connected us and brought me to the wonderful Dingoes.


My passion of playing footy has been established. I am keen to practise as much as possible to be a great player.


Passion should blossom and never should be hidden. Barry’s story is a good example of this. Life is too short, so we should follow our passion and enjoy life. That’s my opinion.




About Yoshihiro Imagawa

A Japanese Saints diehard with huge passions. The Western Bulldogs won the flag in 2016 and Richmond followed in 2017, so why not St Kilda in 2018? Like my St Kilda, I strive and work hard to achieve my life goals both in profession and my private life. Sadly I missed watching footy while my favourite Nick Riewoldt was playing and when St Kilda had Anzac Day clashes in Wellington. But I am excited to be back in Melbourne in July 2018 for two St Kilda matches. Now I am a player for the Osaka Dingoes Footy Club, as well as a public relations officer. My stories of footy in Asia including the Dingoes news can be found on World Footy News.

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