Fitzroy FC

VAFA: Saluting Michael Pickering

Michael Pickering is standing down as Fitzroy coach. Here is the article from the Fitzroy FC website.

VAFA Section B – Parkdale v Fitzroy: The Wait

John Harms will always remember Parkdale v The Mighty Roys. [With sincere gratitude to the players, coaches, and all those behind the scenes who make it happen – JTH]

VAFA Premier B, Round 18 – Fitzroy v Parkdale: The Won’t-But-Should-Have Match

A win to Fitzroy should have been a time to celebrate. Phil Hill and the Lion’s faithful were left flat after the early season losses come home to roost costing the boys a shot at the finals. Disappointed but Phil can’t wait for next year.

The Lousy Bounce – Part 3: Royboys last game.

Heartfelt Fitzroy supporters, this is for you: memories of the Royboys exit from the VFL/AFL.

VAFA Premier B: Fitzroy v Old Scotch

Phil Hill bemoans the lack of possession and structure in the Roy Boys loss against Old Scotch.

VAFA Premier B, Round 16 – Fitzroy v Beaumaris: Turn to the sunlight

Starting with A.A.Milne and ending with La Marseillaise, David Wilson observes “one of those days” in old Fitzroy. [Fitzroy’s last home game for the season is on Saturday 20 August – Ed].

VAFA – B Section – Fitzroy v Beaumaris: A Storm is Coming

Fitzroy took on the top side, Beaumaris, at Brunswick Street and after a tight first half blew the game open away with a superb third quarter and a fighting final quarter for a fantastic win. They’re now third on the ladder with a vital game against Old Scotch coming up at home this coming Saturday (Aug 20).

Junior Footy: Fitzroy Youth Girls v Ivanhoe

For the Roy Girls the result in the last game of the season was not quite what they were after.

VAFA Section B – Monash Blues v Fitzroy: The battle of midfield or mudfield in perspective

With some beautifully crafted prose, incorporating sentences as long and intricate and grammatically sound as the great Gerald Murnane, King George! III tells the story of The Roys win against Monash Blues at Keith Frearson Oval. The Roys won by two points. But, I ask you this, is there a man alive more alert to the world than KGIII? [See you on Saturday for Roys v Beaumaris at Brunswick Street. – JTH]

Solving the Case of the Roys Ring-In Premiership Trophy

Mystery solved! The case of the Fitzroy Premiership that wasn’t! Read all about it!