Fitzroy FC

Fitzroy Reds: What’s the score at Marcellin?

Margins, margins, margins; that was the topic that was on all lips out at the Brunswick Street Oval today. What’s the score at Marcellin; what’s the score at Marcellin; what’s the score at Marcellin; was the question posed ad nauseum. Now as a dentist I know something about margins. The margins of my crowns (these [Read more]

Local footy: Off on the Rabbito Express

Mrs Derrinalphil and I decided to make the big trip and go out to the Rupertswood game. The “trouble and strife” asked “how do we get there?” Not by the “Rabbito Express” unfortunately. Up until the late fifties a steam train would leave Spencer Street station very early on a Sunday morning and travel up [Read more]

Mud, Mud, Monash and Glorious Mud

Gee, it was wet down at the Brunswick Street Oval, oops I mean the W T Peterson Community Oval. Mud, mud everywhere prompting Luke Ablett, who didn’t play, to Tweet that the day reminded him of playing down at Drouin in the under twelves. It reminded me of working with cattle in the winter when [Read more]

Bringing back the love…

Sometimes we all need a reminder about why we love footy. For some people, they may need this gentle nudge weekly. Over the weekend, at AFL level, many Hawthorn, St Kilda and Essendon supporters may have felt the need to stop loving footy, or question the relationship they have with the game. Elsewhere, Richmond supporters [Read more]

Fitzroy Banyule

“Early to bed and early to rise” makes derrinalphil on time for his first patient on Saturday morning. It was a boring morning, with nothing interesting to do. “Check-ups” and scaling and cleaning; no implants, root fillings or extractions. Looked out the window at about nine o’clock and it was pouring down. I thought this [Read more]

The JFFC is showing signs of lifting

We have just lived through the GFC, the Global Financial Crisis. We Fitzroy people are going through our own crisis: the JFFC. What is this you ask? The July Fitzroy Football Crisis today, showed some sign of lifting, but as Malcolm Frazier once said “life was not meant to be easy.” Fortunately we had wins [Read more]

Fitzroy at Central Reserve against “The Oblates of Mary Immaculate”

I have been on holidays up in Darwin. It’s the dry season, so the weather up there was perfect. It got down to nineteen at night, and reached thirty every day, with never a cloud in the sky. Today I went out to Central Reserve, to watch the Redders (Fitzroy) take on Mazenod and, while [Read more]

The Punic War, Bryce McGain, and Fitzroy at Bluff Road

I took Friday arvo off. The Cricket Society had a lunch at the Kelvin Club with Bryce McGain the guest of honour. As you all know, anything less than four hours is not lunch, merely the taking of sustenance, merely the warding off the evils of hunger. It just left no time to get back [Read more]

Fitzroy move to second and don’t worry about bleeding

That wanker, and recipient of a medal from that great promoter of democracy and freedom the USSR, Manning Clark banged on about “blood on the wattle” in his History of Australia. On Saturday there was blood on the table in front of me. There was blood on the tablecloth in front of me. There was [Read more]

Redders v Monash

Second preference, second preference, second preference; this was the chant (taunt) we old Redders used to inflict on students from Monash. You see we never considered that there was more than one uni in Melbourne. This University was in Parkville and was the home of the Reds. Monash was the southern outreach program of Kew [Read more]