Fitzroy FC

VAFA – Premier B: Radetzky and the Roys March over Ajax

How did Fitzroy run over Ajax? Phil Hill has a theory.

VAFA B Section – Parkdale v Fitzroy: Maintain Your B Grade.

Phil Hill looks over Fitzroy’s season in B Section and their win against the Vultures.

Ammos – VAFA B Section: Fitzroy v. St Kevins

Phil Hill has that feeling in his gut.

VAFA Premier B – Old Trinity v Fitzroy: Light a candle Fitzroy against Trinity

Phil Hill returned from a US holiday to watch the Fitzroy forward line malfunction. He should have lit an extra candle in St Pats Cathedral while in New York.

Succulents, Bromeliads, Camellias and Old Trinty

Phil Hill delivers the exotics before heading to Brunswick St Oval for the Roys’ first home game of the B Section season.

Two out of three ain’t bad

Down to Sandi again for us “Boys from Old Fitzroy” and the morning off for derrinalphil; “bugger all” sleep on Friday night. Did any Fitzroy supporter have a good night’s sleep? It was a relief to get up at six, get the paper and have a cuppa. Young master derrinalphil also hit the kitchen early. [Read more]

VAFA: Parkdale are not Catholics

I have cancelled all my Saturday morning appointments for three weeks. Better to be prepared for any combination of results of our three semi-final sides than have to rearrange both patients and staff. So it was down to Sandringham to watch our beloved Roys. I missed the first ten minutes of the Thirds, but I [Read more]

Were they this good in 1944?

“It was just an ordinary shellacking of a bottom side … then the dam wall burst!”

Fitzroy Reds: What’s the score at Marcellin?

Margins, margins, margins; that was the topic that was on all lips out at the Brunswick Street Oval today. What’s the score at Marcellin; what’s the score at Marcellin; what’s the score at Marcellin; was the question posed ad nauseum. Now as a dentist I know something about margins. The margins of my crowns (these [Read more]

Local footy: Off on the Rabbito Express

Mrs Derrinalphil and I decided to make the big trip and go out to the Rupertswood game. The “trouble and strife” asked “how do we get there?” Not by the “Rabbito Express” unfortunately. Up until the late fifties a steam train would leave Spencer Street station very early on a Sunday morning and travel up [Read more]