Crucified!: Five reads (well… three reads, a video and a podcast) for the weekend, including, Mel Gibson and the Gospels, sport as a religion, and a devotion to the Kings

I just… Christ. Where do you even begin?

I’ll spare you the tsk-tsking from sportswriters this week, most of whom have gleefully ignored the drugs in sport problem up until this point as they were to busy giving the AFL a prose back rub – and now they take to the ACC Report with a passion for flagellation not seen since Mel Gibson got a hold of the Gospels1.

Bill Simmon’s recent Grantland piece on PED’s had a social media renaissance yesterday, so rather than re-post that, here’s a podcast he did with Chuck Klosterman where they discuss the issue at greater length (it also includes a hasty recommendation by Chuck right at the end of the conversation for the new My Bloody Valentine album m b v)

Taking a step back from the immediate reactions to performance enhancing drugs, here’s an interesting backgrounder on the ethics of all of this (granted one that is ten years old) that comes from American political philosopher and Harvard University professor Michael J. Sandel.

On Harvard, here’s an article from the New Republic on the former President of the Harvard Law Review, Barack Obama, and his love of… skeet shooting. A timely wave of a magic PR wand in the middle of the US gun debate.

Staying in the US, but on a theme that’s universal, here’s an interesting piece from The Atlantic on just how much sports fandom is like religion.

And finally, not an article but a short ‘feelgood’ video on the devotion of two blind sisters to the Sacramento Kings. For those of you who don’t know, the Sacramento Kings are an NBA team who are about to be purchased by a consortium who are moving the franchise to Seattle… sorry, scratch ‘feelgood’.

It’s been that sorta week…

1. I was really hoping to hold this back til Easter, but couldn’t help myself.

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    Crucified and all I got was this lousy membership cap.

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