Creeping Anzacism

Bernard Whimpress offers his thoughts on the influence of the ANZAC phenomenon:


About Bernard Whimpress

Freelance historian (mainly sport) currently writing his 20th book. For the previous 15 years was Curator of the Adelaide Oval Museum and Historian for the South Australian Cricket Association. Will accept writing commissions with reasonable pay. Most recent books - The MCC Official Ashes Treasures and The Greatest Ashes Battles.


  1. Here, here.

  2. bernard whimpress says:

    Thumbs up always appreciated.

  3. Tony Roberts says:

    More Barker, less Bean, I say – and less bloody Collingwood and Essendon, too, come to that.

    British novelist Pat Barker’s ‘Regeneration’ trilogy written in the 1990s – which mixes fictional with real-life WWI characters including the poets Sassoon and Owen mentioned by Bernard in his paper – is a powerful antidote to any fond remembrance of that foulest of all wars. It not only pointlessly ended, wrecked and mangled millions of young men, but threw in the Great Depression and Hitler as unwanted encores.

  4. bernard whimpress says:

    Thanks Tony and I’ll certainly endorse your recommendation of Pat Barker’s trilogy.

  5. Phil Dimitriadis says:

    Thank you Bernard,

    so much truth in this piece. Myth makers ans Spin merchants ensure that we only see the body bags and not the bodies shredded, dismembered and denied dignity by the evils of war. We get a filtered ideology from politicians, the AFL, Cricket Australia because myth sells. Always has been good for business in war and peace.

  6. bernard whimpress says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Phil.

  7. Dear Bernard,

    Harmie told me you wrote the occasional bit on this site. I have started to put up the match review that I do each week. I would like to do an article on why cricket has such a tradition of fine writers and football has none. I mean Gidean Haugh is a Geelong supporter. Why does he ignore footy?

    Hope you are well and am looking forward to the Adelaide Test match.


    PS Not disappointed with your footy articles. Why don’t you do footy?

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