The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Round 2 of the A-League

Dennis Gedling offers his usual comprehensive review of the second round of A League football, with record crowds greeting the burgeoning round ball game.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Round 1 of the A-League

Dennis Gedling offers a colourful and comprehensive review of the first week of the A League. The World Game is on the march to capturing the summer sport market.

Football in Australia: “The World Game” – Is this marketing phrase a tad deceptive?

Miles Wilks takes issue with soccer appropriating the marketing slogan of “the World Game”.

How Mum finally fell in love with Football

Vaughun Menlove’s mum never cared for football. And then along came the A League, Melbourne Victory and Danny Allsop.

The A-League turns 10

Tempus Fugit as they say in Serie A – to mark the A-League’s tenth season, Tom Riordan asks for your best memories from the first nine seasons.

Obituary: “…But first, here’s the classified results with James Alexander Gordon”

James Alexander Gordon turned a broadcasting chore, announcing the British football results on BBC Radio, into an art form. No one could say ‘Wolverhampton Wanderers’ quite like JAG. Dennis Gedling pays tribute to the late Scottish broadcaster, and to childhood memories.

Soccer: Castlemaine Goldfields Football Club is 40 years old

Roy Hay spent the weekend helping Castlemaine Goldfields Football Club celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Women: Bringing Game To Sport

Longworth tells how he came to appreciate ‘women’s sport’ as ‘sport’ not gender. Funny what ancient 1990’s computer games can teach you.

Ned Wilson wins the David Zampatti Rio Tipping Competition

After receiving the all clear on his B Sample, Our Almanac Man in Hawthorn, Ned Wilson, has been declared the winner of The Footy Almanac David Zampatti Rio. He wins a 3-pack of Murrindindi Wines.

The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode 12

Comrades, Podcast 12 is out. Matty Q and The People’s Elbow are joined by Wandering Norton (who has been wandering around the antipodes) and first-gamer Titus O’Reilly (voice of the working class) to defend the right of us battlers to launch a tirade or two.

Les Murray – An Australian Treasure

Laszlo Urge. It’s a name that anyone who’s ever watched a World Cup or NSL match – not to mention the hundreds of ‘The World Game’ episodes – will undoubtedly know better as Les Murray. Ahead of tomorrow’s Almanac Podcast, we thought it fitting to mention the retirement of one of this country’s most underrated [Read more]

World Cup 2014 – Final: Germany 1, Argentina 0

The Germans overcame a whole raft of injury setbacks to secure the World Cup in a final which was a victory for team coherence against individual brilliance.

World Cup Final Blog

Where are you? Who are you watching the game with? Who are you supporting between Germany and Argentina? Have you got up early or stayed up late to watch other games in this World Cup? Is world football a passion or a passing interest for you?

I Know What You Did in Brazil that Summer. And I don’t care How You Did It!

Gregor Lewis tells the sorry tale of fear and loathing about a World Cup semi-final that not even an (Argentinian) mother could love.

The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode 11

The Goddess Advantage and Peter Mattessi join The Elbow and Matty Q on the couch as they talk World Cup, great sporting hairdos, the Tour, Wimbledon, and how more is less in the case of the AFL’s saturation approach.

Argentina succeed from the spot to reach the final

In terms of goals scored, the contrast between the two World Cup semi finals was stark. Tom Riordan watched it all unfold.

World Cup 2014 – Brazil v Germany: ‘Tell’em They’re Dreamin’!’

It was not a good vibe for the Brazilians who were at nines and elevens (sixes and sevens, only worse) at the back, writes Gregor Lewis.

World Cup 2014: Brazil collapses at the feet of dominant Germany

Tom Riordan describes the German semi-final slaughter of the host nation Brazil.

Homage to di Stefano

Alfredo di Stefano, the complete footballer, is dead at 88. Writer and historian Roy Hay celebrates his football life.

The Last Backyard Soccer Match

Delightful memoir lamenting the passing of time, and change. And remembering the great times. Of Smokie Dawson’s family backyard soccer.