Almanac Opinion: Growing sick of sport!

Some thoughtful insights from Neil about why he has become sick of sport.

Will there be peace in the footy wars?

With the NRL and AFL’s respective finales approaching, eminent Australian economist and former Adelaide Uni Blacks footballer Tim “Plug” Harcourt writes on “football multiculturalism” and the various football codes of Australia. What’s the state of play?

Almanac Soccer: Tom Rogic – The next Socceroo superstar?

Dr Cruel reckons that Tommy Rogic, currently plying his trade with Glasgow Celtic, could be Australia’s next EPL superstar

Almanac Soccer: The Tykes and The Lilywhites

Rod Oaten’s Barnsley FC has made a good start to the Championship. Fingers are crossed.

Almanac Soccer: At Home with Jack and Jimmy

John Green visited Nottingham’s Meadow Lane last weekend for the fourth tier match between Notts County and Grimsby Town. He discovered County’s rich history and learnt about two ‘Legends of the Lane’.

The Magic of the Cup: Round of 16 (Melbourne Knights)

If the opposition eliminates the team he is supporting, Dennis Gedling jumps aboard the victors to continue his unique journey through the FFA Cup.

Almanac Soccer: The Wonder Kid – Manchester United v Hull City

Aidan Hammond likes Marcus Rashford, scoring when Ibrahimovic couldn’t.

Almanac (Soccer) History: Remembering Ferenc Puskas, on not growing old (with Youtube highlights)

Neil Drysdale had the opportunity to interview Ferenc Puskas before he died ten years ago. You may know of the famous Hungarian by name, but this will help you understand the origin and nature of his genius. (And his training diet is pretty appealing as well: wine, beer, soda water, spicy sausages and conversation.) Includes a Youtube montage. [Brilliant – JTH]

Almanac Soccer: David Luiz going back to Chelsea confirms the Transfer Market has gone Mad

Chelsea signs Brazilian David Luiz for his second stint at Stamford Bridge, Vaughan aka DrCruel73 cannot believe it, his U11s play better!

Almanac Soccer: Clog ball – the tale of the Dutch and soccer in Australia 1950 to 1980

Often dubbed the ‘invisible’ migrants due to an inclination to assimilate quickly in to Australian culture, the story of the postwar Dutch migrants and their influence on soccer here has largely been overlooked. Until now. Les Everett alerts us to an event in Perth where writer Adam Muyt will present a talk on the influence of Dutch born players on soccer in Western Australia.

Everyday Obituary: Sam Martinez

Neil Drysdale pays tribute to Hibs superfan, Sam Martinez.

Book Review: Football and War: Australia and Vietnam 1967-72. A missing part of the national narrative.

Dennis Gedling, in reviewing Roy Hay’s latest book, tells the story of a little known Australian soccer sorty. [Informative review of an informative book – JTH]

Almanac (English) Soccer: The Day I Made it to Ipswich

John Green has sent us another terrific travel-soccer piece as he continues to follow Preston North End, the Lilywhites, around England. On this weekend he was in Ipswich, so he can now claim he’s been to Ipswich in Queensland and Ipswich in Suffolk. [Entertaining insight into football and place in England – JTH]

Almanac (English) Soccer: Love is in the air

John Green makes the trip from Lancashire to London to watch his beloved Preston North End take on QPR.

Almanac Soccer: Oh Zlatan

Aidan has flown his Manchester United colours and feels optimistic, especially with Zlatan playing for the Red Devils.

Almanac Soccer: Getting the Fans Offside

John Green is avoiding Richmond’s season in England observing the local Football, you will enjoy his post on an English League Cup fixture.

Almanac Soccer – The Magic of the Cup: Round of 32 (Cockburn City)

Dennis Gedling is enjoying the FFA Cup journey. In this Round-of-32 story, Dennis follows Western Australia’s Cockburn City as they travel to play former NSL powerhouses, Melbourne Knights. [Great stuff Dennis. A wonderful series – Ed].

The reluctant coach

As fill-in coach for his children’s junior soccer team, Jeff Dowsing is learning about emotion and decision-making – “Ange Postecoglou has nothing to fear.”

Almanac Soccer: Coiffures, posers, and show-offs: ‘Ronaldo’s’ European Cup Final.

Michael Viljoen reviews the theatrical performance of Euro 2016 final and applauds Ronaldo, the best actor with footy boots.

Almanac Soccer: Euro 2016 Success or Not?

DrCruel73 questions whether Euro 2016 was a success with the new 24 team format.