A-League 1,000: The Recruit Edition

With new signings jetting into the countries by the day, Hamish Neal previews Round 18 of the A-League

When Scotland defeated England in two sports – on the same day

Neil Drysdale recalls a unique afternoon in 1946 when Scotland defeated England in Rugby and Football

Almanac Weekend: sports results you may have missed or didn’t look hard enough

Keep up with the weekend sports results and news.

A-League 1,000: The Suspension Edition

All the ins and outs of the off-season has given Hamish Neal a few words to write about in his preview of the 2015/16 A-League season – 1000ish, to be imprecise.

Banning headers: Why a decision in California matters to your sports club.

Hamish Neal giving us the heads up on the real issue behind soccer’s ban of headers.

Almanac Weekend Wrap

Keep up to date with this weekend’s Alamanc Sporting Weekend Wrap

A-League 1,000: The Garcia Edition

This week’s round of A-League previewed by Hamish Neal

A-League – The Coast’s Marquee: The case for Luis Garcia

According to Hamish Neal, Luis Garcia’s arrival at Central Coast is a bold move

A-League – Marquee Players: Is there still a need?

What is the purpose of the marquee player and is it still relevant to the A-League 10 years down the track? On a scale from Berisha to no-one at all Vaughan Menlove rates your club’s marquee

Kim Little, Scotland International & Melbourne City W-League Soccer Star

Neil Drysdale talks to Scottish International soccer star Kim Little, currently plying her trade in the W-League with Melbourne City as well as Seattle Reign in the USA.

A-League 1,000: The Ideas Edition

Hamish Neal having a minor groundhog day moment as Round 15 of the A-League starts down south and rises like a Phoenix at the end

Come fly with me: Saving the Nix in 2016

Hamish Neal wonders what the A-League future holds for the Wellington Phoenix. Offered relatively insecure licence conditions, negotiators are on the case and making some financially odd suggestions.

A-League 1,000: The Olyroos Edition

Hamish Neal previews Round 14 of the A-League with a number of clubs missing key players through Olyroos duties. Why are Sydney FC playing at the Olympic Stadium this weekend?

Year end review for Asian Soccer 2015

John Hawthorne reviews 2015, a great year for soccer in the Asian region, of course highlighted by the Socceroos victory in the Asian Cup held on home soil.

A-League 1,000: The Gone Edition

Hamish Neal offers his usual comprehensive preview of this weekend’s A-League football. (His report got lost somewhere in the Ethernet for a couple of days – lucky the bet of the week lost last night! – Ed)

A-League 1,000: The Festivus Edition

Hamish Neal previews the Christmas round of the A-League with his trademark 1000 words.

Almanac Soccer: Ulysses Kokkinos – Australian Soccer’s George Best (Patrick Skene in The Guardian)

Another outstanding read from Patrick Skene as part of his ‘Forgotten Stories’ series for The Guardian Australia. The story of former South Melbourne Hellas super-striker Ulysses Kokkinos is the quintessence of the highs and lows of fame.

A-League Game on Christmas Day?

Yoshi counters the possibility of sport on Christmas Day.

A-League 1,000: The Cairns Edition

Hamish Neal reflects on the folly of man-marking Mooy along with other key points of interest in the A-League this weekend

FIFA and corruption: how reform starts with a 14-team World Cup

Hamish Neal has a well-considered solution to corruption in the organisation and administration of world soccer. He explains how corruption should be penalised and proper process rewarded. [Excellent discussion starter – Ed]