Almanac Soccer – A-League 1,000: The Homes Edition

Plenty of teams still looking for their first win of the season while Sydney’s aiming to put another four on the board. And Timmy Cahill, well, he’s just doing whatever he pleases as Hamish Neal previews Round 3 of the A-League

The A-League, Australian football and meaning

Historian and sports-lover Roy Hay responds to John Harms’s piece on the A League and meaning with a thoughtful survey of the place of the world game and the A League in Australia.

Almanac Soccer: The A-League and the place of meaning in sport

The A-League clubs generate heartfelt support from loyal supporters. But, given the growth agenda of Australian soccer, will the broader community find the A-League meaningful enough to get involved? John Harms considers the state of play.

Almanac Soccer: A-League’s Melbourne Derby (or where were you on December 28 2013?)

Joeya ventures back into A-League territory to watch the Melbourne Derby; a journey to see how soccer has progressed.

Almanac Soccer – The Magic of the Cup: Quarter Finals (Green Gully SC)

Dennis Gedling takes us to the quarter finals of the FFA Cup as both teams play for an unlikely semi final spot

Almanac Soccer – A-League 1,000: The Derbies Edition

The second round of the A-League features another big derby while a Grand Final rematch adds interest in Adelaide.

World Cup 2014 – Australia v Netherlands: You Idiots in Your Beds

Tonight in Melbourne Australia plays Japan in a FIFA World Cup qualifier. It’s timely to re-live where the journey can go – this from the 2014 World Cup: “Tony Wilson has written a magnificent account of the Socceroos’ heroics versus the Netherlands.”

Book Launch: Roy Hay’s Games Goals Glory (Oct 13)

All welcome at the launch of Roy Hay’s A-League book Games Goals Glory at the MCC Library 1pm, Oct 13. RSVP is essential to gain entry. Roy Hay, John Didulica (PFA) and David Davutovic (Herald Sun) in conversation.

Almanac Soccer – A-League 1,000: The Return Edition

Hamish Neal is back for Round 1 of the A-League season 2016/17

Almanac Soccer: A-League Preview, Part Two

Part two of Tom Riordan’s 2016/17 A-League season preview.

Alamanac Soccer: A-League season preview – Gotta have a song

Hamish Neal previews the 2016/17 A-League competition, assigning each team a song to fit their narrative for the season. Did your club get Springsteen, Bowie or Crowded House? Read on to find out.

Almanac Soccer: A-League Preview, Part One

The A-League season is not far away so Tom Riordan begins casting his eyes over the teams for coming season.

Almanac Opinion: Growing sick of sport!

Some thoughtful insights from Neil about why he has become sick of sport.

Will there be peace in the footy wars?

With the NRL and AFL’s respective finales approaching, eminent Australian economist and former Adelaide Uni Blacks footballer Tim “Plug” Harcourt writes on “football multiculturalism” and the various football codes of Australia. What’s the state of play?

Almanac Soccer: Tom Rogic – The next Socceroo superstar?

Dr Cruel reckons that Tommy Rogic, currently plying his trade with Glasgow Celtic, could be Australia’s next EPL superstar

Almanac Soccer: The Tykes and The Lilywhites

Rod Oaten’s Barnsley FC has made a good start to the Championship. Fingers are crossed.

Almanac Soccer: At Home with Jack and Jimmy

John Green visited Nottingham’s Meadow Lane last weekend for the fourth tier match between Notts County and Grimsby Town. He discovered County’s rich history and learnt about two ‘Legends of the Lane’.

The Magic of the Cup: Round of 16 (Melbourne Knights)

If the opposition eliminates the team he is supporting, Dennis Gedling jumps aboard the victors to continue his unique journey through the FFA Cup.

Almanac Soccer: The Wonder Kid – Manchester United v Hull City

Aidan Hammond likes Marcus Rashford, scoring when Ibrahimovic couldn’t.

Almanac (Soccer) History: Remembering Ferenc Puskas, on not growing old (with Youtube highlights)

Neil Drysdale had the opportunity to interview Ferenc Puskas before he died ten years ago. You may know of the famous Hungarian by name, but this will help you understand the origin and nature of his genius. (And his training diet is pretty appealing as well: wine, beer, soda water, spicy sausages and conversation.) Includes a Youtube montage. [Brilliant – JTH]