Q and A dream panel?

Much discussion today about the disappointing Q and A last night. Was it disappointing? Who is your Q and A dream panel?

Beauty pageants, buttocks and badminton

  Heard about the World Badminton Federation’s new dress code edict for women? Almanacker Angela Pippos has, and has a few words to say about it, along with some thoughts on child beauty pageants, royal buttocks and (gasp!) an unmarried prime-minister who has a live-in partner! Check out Angela’s great piece at the link below [Read more]

Notes on Tom Wills Paintings

By Richard Webber *The Predestination of Tom Wills (Acrylic on canvas, 84 x 60 inch) *Tom Wills Death Scene (Acrylic on canvas, 84 x 60 inch) Thomas Wentworth (Tom) Wills has been popularized as the iconic (heroic?) personality behind the inception of Australian Rules Football. The AFL ‘Tom Wills’ Round, an MCG statue, Geoffrey Blainey’s [Read more]

Frank Yamma at Brunswick Music Festival

Frank Yamma plays at Brunswick Music Festival East Brunswick Club  8pm Sunday 27 March Also playing: LJ Hill Come and support Wantok artist Frank Yamma as he plays a rare Melbourne concert this Sunday as part of the Brunswick Music Festival. Frank Yamma is a traditional Pitjantjatjara man from Australia’s central desert and speaks five languages. [Read more]

Folking it up at Port Fairy

It might be called a Folk Festival but Port Fairy encompasses much, much more than that one genre. Our posse, mostly from the suburb of Preston, makes up five families of ten adults and eleven kids. In that mob, as many as 100 concerts are attended. In some instances, during the course of a day [Read more]

(Almost) no band envy at Golden Plains

by Andrew Fithall There is a phenomenon at multi-stage music festivals known as “band envy”. Similar to order envy at a restaurant, it arises when someone raves about a performance they have just witnessed when the choice you have just made was a little underwhelming. At Golden Plains, this phenomenon is less prevalent, the main [Read more]

Another Big Day Out

The Chaplain, the Archivist and myself are veterans of many music festivals, but have rather fallen out of the Big Day Out habit lately. However, with Iggy on the bill, we were at least guaranteed not to be the oldest guys in attendance, so interest was rekindled. As if to prove ourselves out of the [Read more]


The Kamilaori nation, the original inhabitants of the Tamworth region, a vast flood plain beneath the Great Dividing and New England Ranges in Northern NSW, was a collection of independent tribes that shared language and customs, including ritualised physical movement that paid deference to the Dreamtime.  This movement was guided by a loud beat created [Read more]

Footy Music Videos

Attached is a link to a You Tube clip of Dave Warner (Suburban Boy fame) singing another ripper song called, Free Kicks. The song dates from 1979 and the clip looks as old. The song employs footy imagery in its examination of sexual relationships. Dave dons a WA State of Origin jumper. There is a [Read more]

The Simpsons as a study of (my) life

by Katherine Giese It has been generally accepted that The Simpsons is a study of life. It may be less widely known, however, that The Simpsons is a study of my life. I’m not a big proponent of coincidence, but believe strongly in fate. Why, then, is my life irrevocably intertwined with The Simpsons? When [Read more]

Andrew Fithall’s Top 10 of 2010

There was a recent reference on this site to the Kanye West album which seems to have reminded people that he can do things other than be an irritating moron at awards events. However, I am still not a fan. But each to their own. With the Ashes lost and football yet to re-commence, I [Read more]

Coming to Melbourne to see the Eagles

It’s fair to say that 2010 was a year that didn’t inspire me to go to Melbourne to see the Eagles.  However, just once I decided to make the investment and fly down from chilly, rainy Canberra and make my way to an iconic Melbourne sporting venue to do just that. I’d actually been watching [Read more]

My Favourite Drop Kick. Part three.

Vin Maskell continues his occasional series Nashville songwriter Paul Craft wrote Drop Kick Me Jesus in the mid-1970s. It became a minor country and western hit for a bloke called Bobby Bare in 1976. Wikipedia describes the song as the world’s ‘only Christian football waltz’. One doubts not too many people would dispute such a [Read more]

Art Show: Ochre Ground

Martin Tighe, who painted Chappy for the 2007 Almanac, has a show opening on Wednesday.

Mr B- Gentleman Rhymer

Mr B layin’ down some grooves for y’all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSflRlHPay4

Exhibition Launch- Living City

Harms Election Watch: Rd-8 The Final Word

I reckon I’ve said enough. Disappointing campaign, despite the opportunity. Thought that the independents shone a light on a few issues which weren’t taking up.

Harms Election Watch: Rd 7- ALP Launch

And so finally the ALP have their launch in Brisbane. It is a low-key affair. So low-key in the torpor of the Queensland winter that the faithful forget they are at a political rally and that they are supposed to respond spontaneously, like a Baptist congregation in Mississippi. Even the Silver Bodgie has to wait, [Read more]

Harms election watch – Round 6: Rooty Hill RSL

by John Harms Those of us who spent too much time in the Trans-Australian Banks (pre-Betfair, of course) in the 1990s will recall waiting nervously through Rooty Hill RSL ads on SKY until the result of the photo finish came through.  I think it was their only advertiser. So, as we were hanging out to [Read more]

Harms Election Watch: Round 5- Julia in form

Election betting has flattened out, but no matter how I look at it, I just keep coming back to one thing: the election result is all about Queensland. And the pollies know it as well. Queenslanders are still recovering from the Coalition’s launch on Sunday. Rarely have so many blueblood Liberals graced the Sunshine State. [Read more]