Jim Pavlidis Exhibition in Geelong

Jim Pavlidis’s exhibition /Accounts of my Dancing Evenings – Season 1914′ is on at the Geelong Gallery.

Martin Tighe in the running for Archibald Prize

Congratulations to artist Martin Tighe, on being short-listed for this year’s Archibald Prize.

C Down promises to get off the couch for an important cause (SUDC research)

C Down, who values the sedentary life, has promised to down brandy balloon and Golf Monthly for a good cause. Close friends of his lost their daughter to SUDC/SIDS, and he is taking part in a fundraiser for research.

Almanackers at Newport Folk Festival

Nick Gadd and Vin Maskell will be part of the Stereo Stories Live session at the Newport Folk Festival this Sunday afternoon. (That’s Newport, Melbourne, not Newport, United States!)

On Jonathan Brown

A timely look again at Adam Muyt’s essay on Jonathan Brown, from The Footy Almanac, 2010.

The neuroscience of problem gambling

Neuroscientist Olivia Carter responds to the recent Crio’s Question on problem gambling with an outline of what the current research suggests about addiction. She explains that there has been an emphasis on drug addiction in the studies – because it’s easier to inject a mouse with heroin than teach it to read a form guide.

Olivia also offers an opportunity to be involved in a confidential study on the neuroscience of gambling.

Glen Eira Artists Society Members Exhibition

Much-loved Yvette Wroby invites everyone to the Glen Eira Artists Society Exhibition (where Yvette’s works and Kate Birrell’s works will be on show).

The Sporting Web: Piccies, Pundits and Passings

This week Peter Baulderstone gets all nostalgic for the passing of 70’s rock singers, dramatic images of beautiful horses with stupid owners, and old woollen footy jumpers where the owners think the Socceroos can win the World Cup. Check out these romantic yarns from the sporting web.

Rock Triv Shows Entertaining Colac and Raising Money for Charity

Luke Reynolds tells us how Colac has been celebrating with Rock Triv – a unique community fund raiser that combines fun, music and fund raising for charities.

Presentation Night: Music and footy this Wednesday night at the Corner Hotel (Melb)

Wednesday night will see Presentation Night rock the Corner Hotel in Melbourne. Cameron Ling will host Paul Dempsey as he discusses his passion for music, football and the mighty Saints. Tickets $43. Have a read of how Andy Kelly has managed to merge culture and sport and, more importantly, get along!

Paul Spinks play to be staged in Geelong

Paul Spinks’ one act play will be staged in Geelong in June.

Almanackers at the Willy Lit Fest

The Williamstown Literary Festival is on Saturday 31st May and Sunday 1st June. Several Almanackers will be panelists. Gideon Haigh will be there. Don’t miss it.

Q: Leunig, the Richmond list and American Hustle. A: Things that are massively over-rated

Sean Curtain has a list of things that we waste our time talking about and doing. Richmond are just the tip of his iceberg.

Poetry: A Difficult Birth

Simon Wilcox has something he’d like to say bout the ’19th Man’

Confessions of a Smart Arse – My Brilliant (Game Show) Career: Episode 4 – (Not So) Hot Seat – Buy Me A Pony

Swish Schwerdt’s self-indulgent tour of the game show universe limps to its inevitable conclusion. Not sure why he bothered really.

Cold Morning; Best Seat

Kate Birrell braves the cold, Sunday morning, junior footy circuit (from the safety of her old car) and adds a brilliant sketch of the game for good measure.

The Allrounder

Bruce Berglund is an American academic, writer and broadcaster who discovered The Almanac a few years ago. He has developed his own sportswriting site The Allrounder and invites you to contribute and participate.

Confessions of a Smart Arse – My Brilliant (Game Show) Career: Episode 3 – (C)Rockwiz – Spare Us The Cutter

Twenty five years after his last TV appearance, Swish Schwerdt is back for more, this time for the whole world to see (or at least those with internet access). If you are called a freakazoid at the Espy but it doesn’t make it on screen, did it really happen?

The Leon Wiegard Scoreboard, circa 1982

Vin Maskell points us at some more fine Jim Pavlidis work. (Jim has done two Almanac covers – Richo in 2008 and G. Ablett in 2011)

Confessions of a Smart Arse – My Brilliant (Game Show) Career: Episode 2 – Wheel of (Mis)Fortune – It’s A Shame About Rae

Swish’s journey as a smart arse affords him time with the great J. Burgess and A. Xenides. But where does fortune take him?