Driving with Jacqui: an afternoon with Senator Lambie

It has been interesting to observe the level and warmth of support for Jacqui Lambie in recent days. This piece, by Deakin University student gives an indication as to why. No matter what your political views, this was a terrific thing to do with (and for) a keen student. (First published in September, 2017)

Dana Morse is studying a Bachelor of Communications (Media) at Deakin University in Melbourne. From Tasmania, she recently spent time with Senator Jacqui Lambie and compiled this feature.

My life in music in the west by Mark Ferrie

In this extract from How the West was One, musician Mark Ferrie (Models, RocKwiz Orchestra) pays tribute to his friend, the late, great Ross Hannaford.

Almanac Book Review – How the West was One: Memoirs of Melbourne’s Western Suburbs

Kerrie Soraghan, whose father grew up in “the Paris End” of Footscray, sees “How the West was One” as a celebration of many families’ stories, including her own.

Almanac Book Review – How the West was One: Stories of Melbourne’s Western Suburbs.

Neil Anderson, who spent his early years in The West, reviews the How the West was One, which was launched on Nov 12 at the Yarraville Club.

How the West was One: Memoirs of Melbourne’s Western Suburbs (just released and launched)

Check out this terrific new collection of stories from people who grew up in the western suburbs. [This is an outline by one of the editors Karyn Howie, includes links to reviews.]

Almanac Music – Sticky Fingers’: Caress your soul – passion, adolescence, Australia

Sean waxes lyrical about teens and bands in this piece, set in the wee small hours of the morning in a garage in suburban Sydney.

Making space: Dad and Daughter and a life shared through sport

Anna Pavlou has a lot to thank her Dad Nick for.

John Butler + meeting Richard Thompson = Stereo Story

I’ve generally abided that warning about meeting your heroes. But this is Richard Thompson! How often do you get to meet a bona fide legend? A bona fide legend who is signing CDs after his gig…

Almanac Art (and Drama): Yoshi’s ‘chicken wing’ re-enactment

A work of art with subject matter a moment of dramatic art. Artist: Jennifer Muirden. Re-enactor: Yoshi Imagawa.

Susan Alberti: More than football

Young Anna Pavlou heard Susan Alberti talking about her autobiography at the recent Sports Writers Festival in Melbourne. She was inspired.

Loving Matty ‘Vincent’ Q

Almanacker Jennifer Muirden whips up a painting a la Vincent Van Gogh of Matthew Quartermaine in response to Dips request that Matty Q adorn next year’s FA.

Almanac Footy History: Doth the moustache maketh the man?

We welcome Angela Vary with this wonderful story of her grandfather Jack Megson who played for Richmond in the early part of the twentieth century. Indeed, Jack was the fourteenth Richmond player in the VFL, after they joined in 1908. [Terrific footy and family history – ripper opening piece, Angela – thanks, JTH]

John Butler + Robert Johnson = Stereo Story

In this age where there’s supposedly no such thing as bad publicity, where every mundane detail of life can serve as grist to the celebrity mill, the rarest commodity of all is a genuine sense of mystery. Because he was dead long before he was famous, Robert Johnson will never lose his mystery.

Almanac Milestone: 4,998,443 at 11.30am Thursday

The Almanac is approaching a milestone. Find out more here.

From the good old days when cars were so novel we were photographed alongside them

A genre of everyday Australian 50s and 60s life was to photograph the kids (and others) next to the family car. Such was the place of the motor vehicle (and the kids). Here’s a couple of classics. Send yours in. [Now includes a 1963 pic from Anne Dillon – Ed]

Almanac Book Review: Back to Broady

Back to Broady, by Caroline van der Pol, is a tale of tragedy and sadness. A memoir about the Egan and Gleeson families in Broadmeadows, it is at times a challenging account. This review by Tess Pryor first appeared in The Australian in July this year.

Kane, Dawson, Griffiths: Stereo Stories’ final concert for 2017

Almanackers Rick Kane and Smokie Dawson will be part of the final Stereo Stories concert for 2017, at the Newport Bowls Club on Saturday evening 25 November. They’ll be joined by author Andy Griffiths, writer Rijn Collins, essayist Nick Gadd and The Stereo Stories Band.

Smokie + iPod shuffle = Stereo Story

Smokie Dawson wrangles with his iPod shuffle after giving up on streaming and finds that, through some technogical osmosis (personalised algorithms?) your favourite songs always look after you.

Almanac Sports History: John Carlos and Mexico City 1968. (From Democracy Now)

Recently Democracy Now interviewed John Carlos (1968 Mexico City podium salute) and sports writer Dave Kirin.

Almanac Music – Ocean Alley, The Comedown: Introspective, unassuming, contemplative

Sean Mortell catches Ocean Alley in the mot ordinary of places, but it’s impact is definitely not ordinary.