How to Lose Australia

Matt Zurbo, in sending his season’s greeting, makes his case for an inclusive Australia. Because it’s actually about giving everyone a fair go.

Dear Mum… Thank-you

Ode to a mother. A wonderful, heartfelt message of love and thanks from Anna to her mum.

Christmas greetings

Bon Noel!

The meanings of Making Gravy

What does the Paul Kelly song How To Make Gravy mean to you? Cassandra Atkinson thought she knew the song well, until her parents split up.

2017 thoughts: Beating on against the current

After a year like this what can we control? Dave Wilson sees much in his year in review and Christmas song countdown on #gravyday

Almanac Music – “The tracks that we followed are clear”: An encounter with Hugh McDonald

A brief encounter with Redgum’s Hugh McDonald not long before his death drives a thoughtful consideration of music, politics and family

The Footy Season is Upon Us: Decisions, Decisions

Jan Courtin can’t work out what to do. Suggestions anyone?

Happy Swishmas (The Fairytale of New Work)

Swish delivers his annual review of 2017, an Almanac tradition entering its second year. (If he had a bad burger would he have had an Angus Horribilis?)

Almanac Music: 10 Favourite Austral(as)ian Albums of 2017

Andrew Fithall knows his music alright. If you aren’t familiar with any of these, check them out and be rewarded.

Almanac Art: The Tigers’ Almanac cover original painting by Kate Birrell

The original of Kate Birrell’s brilliant art work for the cover of The Tigers’ Almanac 2017 is for sale. You can also purchase prints. Details here.

Dusty, Punt Road End…. The Tigers’ Almanac Cover Art

With much emotion and joy Kate tells the story of her journey to producing her work of art that adorns the cover of the book about this AFL season The Tigers’ Almanac 2017. The original is available, and so are A3-sized prints. [Purchase details follow Kate’s piece – Ed]

Jeff Dowsing + teenage mix-tape = Stereo Story

Jeff Dowsing’s novel, Undercurrents, includes rules for a teenage boy making a 1980s mixtape for a teenage girl. Compare your guidelines, and your mixtape, to his.

#almanac280 – Tigers: A season, memories, moments

Our latest #almanac280 competition is run and won. Check out the winning three entries.

Almanac Music – Best Albums and EPs of 2017

Just in time for Christmas – Luke Reynolds brings his annual review of music highlights. Albums, artists, stories; with an Australia/ New Zealand leaning. [Do you have any to add? -Ed]

Ripper ’76

Mickey lets rip with thoughts about a favourite album.

#almanac280 Writing Competition – Tigers’ 2017

Calling all Tigers, all Tiger-watchers. Entries are NOW OPEN for #almanac280 – Tigers’ 2017 edition. Send us your 280-character creations of Richmond’s premiership year.

#almanac280 – Adelaide: place, language and bubblers

#almanac280 Adelaide. Thanks for your contributions. Here’s the winner and some honourable mentions.

Almanac Short Story: Pre-season Blues

Barry Mitchell’s short story invites some questions on player-coach relationships. Where are your sympathies in this one? or do we need to know more?

Almanac Writing Competition – #almanac280: Adelaide

Let’s have another go. In this week’s #almanac280 competition, we’re seeking your best story inspired by “Adelaide” – our city for the Second Test. In 280 characters or less. It’s about Adelaide the city, not about cricket (although it can be about cricket as long as it’s Adelaide and cricket). Enter here.

Rick Kane + 1916 Easter Uprising = Stereo Story

On a recent visit to Belfast Rick Kane wrestled with his heritage and the Irish troubles. Then, in a lttle bar called Fibber Magee’s, he heard a song that ‘married the personal to the political, the blood of resistance to the marrow of love’.