Wishing everyone a happy sporting weekend

Jan Courtin wonders if she watches too much sport. She has a huge weekend ahead, with her Swans in Round 1 AFL action, her Lions in the AFLW Grand Final and her Bulls in the Sheffield Shield decider. [Great photo – Ed]

Pies on the Prize: A Hyper-belated Year in Review – Part 1

Our old mate the MCG Pie Girl had her final year of school in 2017. Here’s how the first half went down. For lovers of cricket, Canadians and chicken pies.

Almanac Music: The Smokers, 2000

You won’t get a chance to see a gig from The Smokers, but Earl O’Neill takes us back to the first, last and only time the band got together.

Ross Dillon: Dees and Redleg royalty

Rulebook reviews the career of one of Norwood’s finest. And Kyabram’s. And Melbourne’s.

Politics and Sport – SANFL Clubs v Nick Xenophon

The SANFL has encouraged its fans to ‘vote wisely’ in the state election when it comes to poker machine policy. Dave Brown pulls at the threads of the statement in a way that 280 characters could not.

Finally, a pub review: The Broadway, Glenelg South

Mickey Randall delivers us his first pub review in a while, taking us into the charming Broadway Pub in Glenelg South for a Friday happy hour.

Vale’ Peter Temple: Last Drinks at The Prince of Prussia

Peter Baulderstone honours the too early passing of Peter Temple, a great author who captured the everyman at his best and worst. The Jack Irish books showed his loved of footy, pubs and the punt. A Knacker at heart. Tributes and memories please – of the man and his books.

Almanac Music: Brisbane or Bust

Brian the Ruminator with a couple of points of interest. One, he reminds us that Ed Kuepper has now had a park named after him. And two, that early Almanac writer Andrew Stafford has been adding to an online memoir daily. [I am a subscriber to A Stafford’s instalment and I agree Brian, it’s more fine stuff from a fine writer, who is happy to share his experiences and understandings very openly – highly recommended. JTH] –

A Self-Introduction – Artist, Athlete, Canadian: Kendra Heil

From the canvas of footballer/artist Kendra Heil comes a story of personal growth out of adversity

Almanac Satire – AFL Executive interview: Tasmania, AFLX, AFLW

David Wilson’s character Des Troyer is again joined by our anonymous up-and-coming AFL Executive to discuss all the latest AFL hot topics.

Almanac Memoir – The Tracks of my Tears

“I buried my face in the pages of the Football Record and I cried as frustration washed through me. If you think the disappointment of being bundled out of the finals in 2013, 14 and 15 was bad then you didn’t experience the disappointment of the last round of the 1966 season. The gut-wrenching emotion of that last game had me in tears.”

Almanac Lunch: Odd Friday Lunch with Alec Epis

Don’t miss the next Odd Friday Lunch with ‘Dons legend Alec Epis, who’ll be chatting wine, footy and la dolce vita on the 9th of March

First Day of School

Andrew Starkie shares a poignant tale of the disarming, charming and at times, alarming nature of parenthood

Political Football (Coaches)

Brin Paulsen is imagining Australian political figures as footy coaches. And he has them pretty well worked out.

Almanac Glassware: Southwark Mugs

Mickey Randall has enjoyed a 26 year relationship with his Southwark mugs. Here’s why.

A letter from summer

As another summer finishes rolling on, leaving some behind, E.regnans reflects on life, death and our physical, sporting and political landscapes

A response to Earl O’Neill’s fashion tips (from Tom Junod)

Earl O’Neill recently offered some fashion advice to Almanac readers – well, blokes really. He paid little attention to skivvies. This piece by Tom Junod, published in GQ, offers some counterbalance. [I am eternally grateful to Jimmy ‘Two Bob’ Weston for a number of things – and this is one of them. JTH]

Clothes maketh the man

With standards slipping dangerously, at last, gentlemen, Earl O’Neill shares his tips for looking sharp. Because “looking sharp is important.” [Magnificent – Ed].

Almanac Satire: The Principal sends for Barnaby

Events in Canberra this week have David Wilson pining for the partnership of John Clarke and Bryan Dawe.

Schrödinger’s Cat – a Valentine’s Day Story about Life, the Universe and Footy

Theoretical physics thought experiments, Mr Ed, fan fiction and Aussie Rules are all connected. An early season reflection from George Smith