An open letter of humble thanks to Martin Flanagan

David Wilson has put into words the essence of what many of us are feeling with this letter of thanks to Martin Flanagan. No doubt we all have a Martin Flanagan story. No doubt we all feel a sense of gratitude, and loss.

A letter from Martin Flanagan

When Martin Flanagan left The Age, David Wilson wrote a letter of humble thanks to him. This is Martin Flanagan’s reply. [Thanks Flanners. Welcome to the Almanac. We are thrilled to have you. We love that the rhythm of your Saturday contemplation has not missed a beat. JTH]

The power of AFL football: Pride game helps foster change in country Victoria

Kate O’Halloran has written a wonderful piece profiling the second Gay That’s OK Pride and Inclusion game.

Almanac Music – Stereo Stories: Congratulations to Vin Maskell and all the performers

Magnificently led by showmaster Vin Maskell, Stereo Stories continues to scale the heights of storytelling through music and word. Here’s the latest.

Finally, a beer review

Three beers from around the world – which includes Adelaide (the centre of it?) Fun piece on beer and where Mickey Randall has sipped it. Sometimes in places hot and humid enough to call for ice.

A tiny window into The Age might reveal quite a bit

John Harms received this email from The Age earlier this week. He’s trying to make sense of it. What would you tell the Age?

Island Story Gatherers Literary Festival this weekend at Phillip Island

On her travels writing her book Siren’s Call in 2015 Yvette Wroby met Sainter Lois Gaskin from Phillip Island. This weekend Lois and her fellow Islanders have their Inaugural Literary Festival of Phillip Island entitled: The Island Story Gatherers. [“Make it two Literary Festivals in two weeks, people. Sounds great.” – Yvette ]

On Sunday we went to a lovely lunchtime wedding in a park

Mickey Randall spent Sunday at a lovely wedding in a park. It was the kind of day that reminds him of how much beauty there is in the world.

Reclink Community Cup 2017

The Reclink Community Cup is back for another year! Get behind this awesome cause, watch a fun game of footy and listen to awesome tunes. What are your favourite Reclink Community Cup memories?

Life in between losing it at the footy – Part 1: Me, the menace to society

Pete muses about trains and hip and shoulders, the link between Twisties and orangutans, and the game of Guess Who, because sadly, there are breaks between footy matches!

Siren’s Call – the latest availability (includes e-book options)

Yvette Wroby’s book Siren’s Call is available through numerous platforms: bookshops, directly from Yvette, on-line, and as an e-book. Details are in this post.

Drive All Night. Brothers. Stereo Story.

This week Vin Maskell joins the dots between Glen Hansard, a love song from the Springsteen double album The River, and a five-minute drive from Moggs Creek to the Aireys Inlet general store.

The Art of Football Exhibition – MarnGrook

Citrus Bob is curating his second Art of Football exhibition and this one will focus on Marngrook. Citrus is currently seeking artists who may be interested in exhibiting their work.

Nicky Winmar Statue Pozible Campaign

Nicky Winmar created history by standing up racism on the footy field. Alex Wadelton wants to help make his iconic stance stand forever with a more than life size replica of Winmar in bronze. Get behind this amazing cause.

Almanac Art – Into the Sportscape

Andy Fuller sat down with artist Wayne Elliot to discuss his paintings, sport and his upbringing.

Lit Fest looming: Almanackers front and centre

Almanackers are once again front and centre at the Williamstown Literary Festival on the weekend of 17 and 18 June.

Kerrie Soraghan, Yvette Wroby, John Harms, Smokie Dawson and Vin Maskell are amongst the guest speakers.

Almanac History: Roy Hay on ‘The Conversation’ website

Roy Hay continues the discussion on Indigenous Australians involvement in the local game.

Identity Calling

How do modern Aussies define themselves, and is increasing nationalisation changing our identity?

From Billy Elliott to Suedehead, in 6 minutes in the car, on a glorious Marrickville morning

Cranky Pete has a music revolution in a six minute span whilst driving home.

Lou Richards’ Master Class At Melbourne High

Braham Dabscheck recalls the time Lou Richards and Jack Dyer were invited to give a talk at Melbourne High School. Easily the most engaging talk he ever heard as a student.