Almanac Obituary: A Salute to Valerie Mildred Bracher

A touching tribute to Valerie Mildred Bracher, an Australian Defence Force Corporal, loving daughter, sister and aunty who lived a full life.

Almanac Music: Bonfest

Bonfest is coming soon to Scotland and that has Neil Drysdale excited about his younger days. The town of Kirriemuir even recently unveiled a bronze statue of Bon Scott.

Almanac Music: Springsteen, rainbows and a full moon; drinking our fill at Hanging Rock

David Wilson woke on Saturday morning with a nebulous thought of seeing his first Bruce Springsteen show. What followed was a wonderful family adventure to Hanging Rock…

Almanac Cinema – Movie Review: Lion

Noel McPhee needs to tell us about this film “Lion;” a memorable film in many different and compelling ways. [Spoiler alert. Some storyline is divulged in this report – Ed].

Manning Clark Lecture – Invitation to Almanackers

An invitation to the 18th Manning Clark Lecture to be delivered by Professor Brian Schmidt

Almanac Music: Tamworth – Light on the Hill

Andrew Starkie realises the Tamworth Music Festival is one of the beautiful things in this world that gets him excited to write.

Almanac Music: You’ve Gotta Love Millennials

Micah Tyler makes some interesting observations. Thoughts?

Almanac Music: Sunnyholt – Perry Keyes

Nonshedders has found a wonderful local songwriter who captures the essence of Australia and its people. Do yourself a favour.

Almanac Rugby League and Almanac Music: State of Origin, The Musical

This will be huge.

Stereo Story: first time I heard State Trooper

Vin Maskell recalls the first time he heard Springsteen’s State Trooper, from the Nebraska album…the sixth song began, its guitar line pulsating like a fresh bruise.

The 2017 Whitney Mercilus Cup

Getting a band back together, the songs are flowing; some commentary about sport, mainly footy in all its forms, are some of the things on Earl’s mind as he takes refuge from the heat.

George Ronald Cole – Footballer Senator

Never heard of George Cole? Well, he was a school teaching, grassroots footballer of outstanding ability well known throughout Tasmania who later become a Federal Politician. His remarkable story is told here.

Genesis and the Holy Grail

What do “The Waste Land” by T.S. Eliot and “The Cinema Show” by Genesis have to do with each other? It’s all explained for you in “Genesis and the Holy Grail”

Almanac Music: Springsteen does Springsteen

Peter Baulderstone takes in a Bruce Springsteen concert in Perth last week. Another premiership winning performance or are the years catching up with The Boss?

Almanac Music: The Sinner of ’69 – The Rolling Stones’ Let It Bleed

Leaving no stone unturned, Mickey Randall rolls through some classic Rolling Stones albums.

Almanac Footy History: Albert ‘Pompey’ Austin

Who was Albert (Pompey) Austin and why is his story so significant? Historian Roy Hay tells the intriguing tale of this nineteenth century sportsman and entertainer, possibly the only Indigenous man to play top level football during that period . [You may be able to help with information and further research – Ed]

Almanac Music: A case for the *real* Beatles albums

Pete Zitterschlager runs through many of The Beatles’ albumless orphans, lamenting what could (or should) have been.

A short story based on Bruce Dawe’s “Drifters”

Mickey Randall finds the perfect inspiration for a story in “Drifters,” Bruce Dawe’s timeless poem.

Almanac Music: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds live in Ballarat

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds made their return to the road in Ballarat on Sunday, as John Butler watched on.

Almanac Poetry: A greeting from Bruce Dawe

John Harms has just received a beaut greeting card from Bruce Dawe. Here’s why.