Almanac Music: The Shortest Song in the World

Mickey Randall, the Almanac’s micro-grindcore correspondent. Earache, my eye.

The red and white home of Swan for life Jan Courtin

Jan Courtin had the opportunity to showcase her love of the Sydney Swans recently. Watch the video of Jan showing her Swans memorabilia and read the story.

The gospel according to Harry

Robert Allen wrote a fascinating piece about Harry Bietzel a few years ago. This captures the man and his journey pretty well.

Enjoying the ride

The question ‘Is football fun anymore?” is the springboard for E. Regnans’ dive into a discussion of the contemporary moment – in and beyond sport.

Almanac Obituary: Farewell to Mr Footscray

Katie Hall remembers Ron Palmer – Mr Footscray.

Almanac Music: Wichita Lineman and me

Glen Campbell has died at the age of 81. We re-visit Mickey Randall’s story from last year.

“And I need you more than want you
And I want you for all time..”
Mickey Randall on a magnificent song of hope and love; Glen Campbell with Jimmy Webb’s ‘Wichita Lineman’.

Hail to the Chief

Peter Baulderstone has found some leaked tapes from the Oval Office. But he’s not sure which one.

Jim, Keith, the Land Rover and the Chicken Salt Sign

Nick W, of the Victorians for South Australian Heritage Association, wants answers. What has happened to the Adelaide Oval Chicken Salt sign? [With this story, he may gain Life Membership – Ed].

Emma Quayle: A Giant Success

Deakin student Marnie Cohen interviewed GWS recruiter and former Age journalist Emma Quayle about her journey in footy. [This is a truly fascinating interview – MNQ].

Pardon me, Pastor, pass the pasta

Mickey Randall says he’ll be back to the Dine Divine, a warm and wonderful place for Sunday night pasta, that sits, geographically, and gastronomically at the centre of Sassafras.

Memories Almanac

Col has suggested the idea that an almanac of memories, of growing up and rites of passage of almanackers to be considered for publication. What do you think?

Merle Brown’s Women’s Footy Anthem

Merle Brown has penned a song for women’s footy. It’s quirky.

Almanac Music: Billy Joel’s Souvenir – The Ultimate Collection (or, How Billy Joel Paid For My New Guitar)

Josh Pinn’s (half share in) his first musical purchase and his current guitar. What’s their connection (and how do cricket bats fit in)?

Almanac Music: The River

Andrew Starkie has a look back to his childhood spent with his best mate, Patrick McGinness. The connection has stayed strong with the help of a mutual love for Bruce Springsteen.

Almanac Book Review: Siren’s Call

“Often delightful, at times surprisingly moving,” writes Stephanie Holt, “Siren’s Call is a welcome addition to the growing literature of footy fandom.” Read Stephanie’s review.

Battery Point Boozers: Heroic Journeys into Hobart’s Hotels

Mickey Randall enjoyed the pubs in Hobart over the weekend. A fascinating mix of establishments, layouts and patrons make for a fun read.

Up the Derwent to MONA

A trip down the Derwent to visit MONA has Mickey Randall in musical mindset. And ends the experience at the pub.

The 2017 Black Dog Cup

This is at once a challenging and reassuring discussion of people and their struggles from Earl O’Neill who is as open and as honest as ever – and whose motivation is as pure as it comes.

Odd Friday Lunch with Des ‘Tuddy’ Tuddenham

Join us this Friday for lunch with Collingwood legend Des ‘Tuddy’ Tuddenham.

Cold Chisel + Festival Hall = Stereo Story

Everyone’s got a Festival Hall Story. And a Cold Chisel story.