Local Footy: Adelaide Lutheran, premiers 1986.

This was first published a few years ago for the 25th anniversary of the 1986 Adelaide Lutheran premiership. Well, five years have rolled on. The 1986 players are getting together with the 1991 premiership players (how many played in both?) this Saturday. Here’s the story of the first quarter. [Forget Gordon Agars – Ed]

Junior Almanac – Preston Bullants v Fitzroy Under 9-S: Last week the banner, this week the race

Last week it was the banner, this week they experienced the joys of ‘the race’. Joey, skipper for the day, leads the Fitzroy Under 9-S out at the famous Cramer Street ground at Preston. Joey kicked four.

Almanac Golf: The Troon gloaming and other crimes

John Harms has been to Troon. [This is today’s newsletter]

The Geelong flame re-lit at the Almanac: a survey of the Cats’ past six weeks.

John Harms has had life balance issues for a while. He has not paid enough attention to writing about the Geelong Football Club – and his life is poorer for it. Finally, he sits up all night to reflect on the last six weeks of a season with a lot of promise.

The young Roys meet Jacko’s real people

The Fitzroy Under 9-S travelled to Heidelberg and learnt what real life is actually like.

From the Members: Announcing the MCC’s initiative for writers

So what is From the Members? And how is the Almanac involved?

A Fitzroy Life

John Harms loves living in The People’s Republic. Here he describes a thoroughly Fitzroy weekend which featured Geoff Blainey, a win to the Roys and a lightning carnival for the juniors.

Almanac Lunch: A Conversation with Geoff Blainey (May 27)

I look forward to a Conversation with Geoff Blainey at the North Fitzroy Arms on Friday May 27. Lunch will be served at 1pm. All welcome.

We’ll be talking about more than the Geelong Football Club.

Junior footy: The view from The Red Symons Wing

The Fitzroy Under 9-S team took on St Mary’s Greensborough at Alfred Crescent. John Harms watched from the Red Symons Wing while coach Yabby was in the think of things.

Life as I Know it: Get a copy for Mum (she’ll adore it)

Get your copy of Michelle Payne’s great story in time for Mothers’ Day.

Anzac Day at Fitzroy

John Harms spent Anzac Day at the Brunswick Street Oval. He tells a story of community and football.

Michelle Payne’s story ‘Life as I know it’ is out now

Michelle Payne’s story is out now. John Harms has been closely involved in the project.

Fitzroy Under 9-S v Brunswick: Roys strong in the Autumn sunshine

The Fitzroy Under 9-S team had a wonderful start to their season. Here’s how Yabby Symons and John Harms saw it.

Round 3 – North Melbourne v Melbourne: Seven-goal breeze at Blundstone Arena

Fair dinkum, it blew down there in Tassie last Sunday. But that didn’t stop the boys playing a cracking game of footy at Blundstone Arena.

Play On

Some comments about John Harms’s three memoirs.

The Blessing of the Season (March 17 – all welcome)

Come and be blessed by Percy Jones. This Paddy’s Day at the North Fitzroy Arms. Details here. Includes the launch of John Harms’s Play On.

Almanac Racing (Warrnambool Carnival): Pilgrims’ Progress

John Harms leaves home at sunrise for a pilgrimmage to the Bool. He meets quite a few fellow-travellers.

Footy History: 25 years ago at Geelong

Remember how you felt when G. Ablett chucked it in? And then came back? Did you have a Pyramid account as well?

Quick hands at Uncle Stan’s in Grantham

My wonderful, wonderful uncle, Stan Schulz, died last week and is being buried today at Ropeley in the Lockyer Valley in Queensland. He was a great man – a truly great man. He and Aunty June survived the catastrophic Grantham flood in January 2011. I wrote this story about him.

It’s Hot

John Harms remembers hot days on the Darling Downs.