Tennis Party

John Harms on tennis.

Wearing Viv in Greece

You will find cricket in unlikely places.

The Last Pulse – by Anson Cameron, launched by John Harms

The Last Pulse is a seriously good novel. Don’t be distracted by the fact it is so enjoyable to read. It is, at the same time, a work of considerable literary merit. It’s Noah meets the Odyssey meets Ned Kelly meets Jesus Christ meets Bob Katter meets A.D. Hope. It was my pleasure to say a few words at the recent launch.

The Roy Boys: a short history

John Harms is called down to his local ground by some students from Salesian College to tell a few stories of the club and its magnificent oval.

AFL Round 1 – Geelong v Adelaide: Eight Good Hours

Remember back to the start of the 2014 season. What were we thinking back then? JTH headed to Kardinia Park for the Cats’ opener.

The path to enlightenment: sport v art

Tinsel Tony Wilson, Ange Pippos and I were definitely wearing the white shorts for this one. The debate at the Ian Potter Museum of Art attracted a terrific audience (very responsive). But we got flogged by Robert Nelson, Alicia Sometimes and Justin Heazlewood (hearty congratulations). Thanks to Dave O’Neill for sitting in the chair.

The agony of the off-spin bowler

John Harms celebrates Nathan Lyon’s wonderful summer by looking at the things all off-spinners deal with every waking moment.

The Almanac Trifecta and how Shuffler Down won the raffle

A great day had by all at the Almanac Melbourne Cup Lunch thanks to Greg Carpenter, Phil Smith, Robbie Griffiths, Andy Gemmell and the Waterside Hotel. Check out our trifecta numbers.

Life and football: John Harms at Ainslie

David Fordyce takes us to an Ainslie Football Club function, August 2014, Canberra. The speaker: John Harms. The subject: connections between life and football. Take it away David…

The Footy Almanac Podcast Episode 22 – Jack Styring

“Would you like to see the new bank Squizzy?” “Why yes, I think I would…” For our last racing podcast this spring, John Harms and Steve Baker sit down with legendary race caller Jack ‘bearing his molars to the breeze’ Styring for a cuppa or two.

Our Caller Jack gets The Dog home at Donald

Jack Styring gets a mention in Memoirs of a Mug Punter

The Almanac Podcast – Episode 21: Danny Power

With the focus still on Spring Racing, venerated racing writer Danny Power joins Harmsy, Matty Q and Stone Cold Steve Baker on the couch to crack open a few bottles of red and share his love of the horse.

AFL Round 18 – Review: Roasting Rowdy

JTH spent Saturday night at Rowdy’s 50th birthday celebration where the family room became Bay 13 for 40+ revellers (and more?)

AFL Semi-finals: A Queenslander abroad

John Harms gave visiting Queenslander Matt O’Hanlon a quintessentially Melbourne experience.

AFL Qualifying Final – Hawthorn v Geelong: It’s not over yet

Hawthorn register a reasonable win as the bumbling Cats miss early opportunities.

We can win this.

AFL Finals – Week 1 Review: Good footy

JTH enjoyed a weekend where footy was the winner and Port Adelaide took over as the team who play the game as it should be played.

The Tigers are good for football: discuss.

JTH has spent a life-time in footy (like many of us).

He once despised the Tigers. He now believes they are good for football. He explains why.

AFL Round 22 – Saturday night

JTH on an evening at the Waterside Hotel watching the Bledisloe Cup, and the night working out what happened at the MCG. [Contains traces of P. Flynn analysis – Ed]

AFL Round 21 – Review: Choose a plot-line

JTH on the movie that is the 2014 season.

AFL Round 20 – GWS v North Melbourne: Community footy in Canberra

John Harms travels to the nation’s capital for a few days of footy culture, and watches Kevin Sheedy’s reaction to the Giants’ (brief) stirring.