Ultimate Wool Team – Riverina: Ross Wells has crossed the river

Ross Wells continues to stake his claim for a spot in the Ultimate Wool Team for Riverina.

Ultimate Wool Team – Victoria: Brian ‘Moo’ Muir

Brian Muir was a wool classer, analyst and later a manager at Dalgety’s. He played at St Kilda, coached the Under 19s and has been a club stalwart for over half a century. He spoke to JTH yesterday. [A worthy nom for the Vic side – Ed]

The Ashes 2015 – First Test: N’yuck! N’yuck! N’yuck!

JTH is slapping himself about the face on this one. Here he argues that Watto must play, and that the boy from Ipswich is, by nature, a bowler.

Wimbledon: Volatility and security in early-round, late-night tennis punting

The $1-nothing winner and the long shot sit side by side in Grand Slam tennis.

And the long-shot potential quarter finalist can also offer some value.

John Harms explains. [He reckons he’s found the value – your thoughts? Ed]

VAFA – Ajax v Fitzroy: We’re playing away

Fitzroy played away on Saturday.

Ultimate Wool Team: Western Australia

Here’s the WA team based on nominations that have come in this season, and earlier. Please argue for changes (as the South Australians have been doing). And add any further nominations. There’s quite a few nominations of footballers who MAY have an association with wool. If you can shed any light on these please do by adding a comment.

Pretty good side I’d have to say!

The Yips

The Yips! Cassic examples?

Round 11 – Port Adelaide v Geelong: Boris

John Harms on Geelong’s spirit-lifting win at the Adelaide Oval and then chance meeting with Corey Enright at the Adelaide Airport.

AFLPA – Legends Series – Hassa Mann

Melbourne Hassa Mann has had a wonderful life. He tells us about it in this interview with John Harms.

Ultimate Wool Team – South Australia

We’ve pored over the nominations and come up with this: the best side to have an association with the wool industry in South Australia. This is a seriously strong side but feel free to nominate other names, or argue the case for the promotion of someone from the long interchange list. [Might need to check the bonafides of some of them – Ed]

Rugby league: Never the twain shall meet

The last time State of Origin was in Melbourne this is how John Harms saw it.

What would Mark Twain have thought?

Ultimate Wool Team: Riverina

This is a strong side, but a rather top-heavy side. So many big blokes! Add your nominations. And did the Carrolls come from a sheep-wheat background? Might have to add a few of them?

Ultimate Wool Team: Victoria

A provisional Victorian wool team has been chosen. Thoughts? Make your case for someone who has been left out. New noms also welcome. [A lot of Geelong blokes – Ed]

Footy History: Aboriginal Players at Fitzroy

This is the talk John Harms gave to the Fitzroy Junior Football Club about Aboriginal Royboys. [Thanks to Mark Buttifant and crew at the Roys juniors for the invitation – JTH]

AFLPA Legends Series: Russell Greene

Recently I caught up with 300 game player (St Kilda and Hawthorn) Russell Greene to talk about footy, family, education, social inclusion, social attitudes and whatever else came up.

AFL Players’ Association Legends Series: Interview with Wayne Carey (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this AFL Players’ Association chat with John Harms, Wayne Carey talks about the player’s life and the player’s post-footy lot.

History: In search of Blundstone footy boots

Didn’t know Blundstones made them! Well, I’ll be blowed.

Help us do the research; let us know if you’ve ever worn a pair.

AFL Players Association Interviews: Wayne Carey (Part 1)

I caught up with Wayne Carey for the AFL Players’ Association Legends Series.

In Part 1 he talks about Wagga and his days as a junior footballer in Adelaide, and then about life as a young North Melbourne skipper.

VAFA – Fitzroy v Ajax: ANZAC Day at Brunswick Street Oval, then, and now.

John Harms spent ANZAC Day at the Brunswick Street Oval helping with Auskick, having lunch (and speaking at lunch) and then watching an exciting match between the Roys and the visiting Ajax side.

Vale Jenny Hawkins

We are thinking of the Hawkins family at this very sad time, following the death of Jenny last Saturday.