The Almanac Podcast – Episode 21: Danny Power

With the focus still on Spring Racing, venerated racing writer Danny Power joins Harmsy, Matty Q and Stone Cold Steve Baker on the couch to crack open a few bottles of red and share his love of the horse.

AFL Round 18 – Review: Roasting Rowdy

JTH spent Saturday night at Rowdy’s 50th birthday celebration where the family room became Bay 13 for 40+ revellers (and more?)

AFL Semi-finals: A Queenslander abroad

John Harms gave visiting Queenslander Matt O’Hanlon a quintessentially Melbourne experience.

AFL Qualifying Final – Hawthorn v Geelong: It’s not over yet

Hawthorn register a reasonable win as the bumbling Cats miss early opportunities.

We can win this.

AFL Finals – Week 1 Review: Good footy

JTH enjoyed a weekend where footy was the winner and Port Adelaide took over as the team who play the game as it should be played.

The Tigers are good for football: discuss.

JTH has spent a life-time in footy (like many of us).

He once despised the Tigers. He now believes they are good for football. He explains why.

AFL Round 22 – Saturday night

JTH on an evening at the Waterside Hotel watching the Bledisloe Cup, and the night working out what happened at the MCG. [Contains traces of P. Flynn analysis - Ed]

AFL Round 21 – Review: Choose a plot-line

JTH on the movie that is the 2014 season.

AFL Round 20 – GWS v North Melbourne: Community footy in Canberra

John Harms travels to the nation’s capital for a few days of footy culture, and watches Kevin Sheedy’s reaction to the Giants’ (brief) stirring.

Footy Almanac Canberra event with Geoff Pryor

Thanks to everyone for turning up to Manning Clark House to hear Geoff Pryor at his story-telling best. Really interesting night. And then on to Eastlake FC to see that crazy game between Richmond and Essendon. [With thanks to Manning Clark House and Bas Clark too...and an added treat when Donny Dwyer lobbed at Eastlake!]

AFL Round 19 – Review: Eight weeks of finals

JTH with some thoughts on Geelong-NM, Round 19 generally, and the line-up of top-of-the-table matches throughout August

Glove-wearing in primary school Queenslanders: a study in weather new and old

JTH wore gloves for the first time in a long while on the weekend. He remembers the frosty mornings of his primary school years.

Essay: What is Queensland?

In 2005, Christian Ryan, in my view a brilliant editor, was in the seat at The Monthly. Indeed he was the first editor there. He sent me on a trip around Queensland and this is what I found. Can anyone add to the observation and contemplation? [15 minute-read]

AFL Round 18 – Review: A bloke walked into a Sydney bar…

Ever seen the bar stopped. JTH has seen beauty do it. And while at the Royal Exhibition Hotel in Sydney on Saturday he was part of a textbook example of it.

Tell us where and when you have seen it happen.

“I’d be backin’ da Derm’t Weld horse, m’self”

JTH’s association with the great Vintage Crop began in a pub in Dingle in 1993.

AFL Round 17 – Review: The demise of Collingwood and other Antarctic joys

JTH on greasy poles, the state of the football nation, and how Eddie McGuire can fix all things with a cup of coffee.

AFL Round 16 – Gold Coast v Collingwood: When footy really is the winner

JTH loved the Suns-Pies clash from Carrara. The Gold Coast’s interchange-free last quarter was highly illustrative. It returned the game to its traditional form.

AFL Round 14 – Review: World Cup, Wimbledon, and Weariness

JTH looks at the changing orthodoxy in World Cup matches, unknown Wimbledon seeds and free-spirited footy.

AFL Round 14 – Gold Coast v Geelong: Who (possibly plural) plays on G. Ablett this Saturday evening?

JTH wishes he were going to Broadbeach this weekend, although he will be having fun at the St Monica’s Tennis Club Trivia Night in Moonee Ponds instead.

Who wins this important fixture?

AFL Round 13 – Review: We’ve got the close ones

Four tight finishes in a round of exciting footy. JTH enjoys the idea of the pillars of society dropping their guard in the evening cold in the MCC Members, and reckons Port have nothing to fear.