Stawell Gift: W.K. Trewick (Brisbane)

How Ken Trewick won the 1950 Stawell Gift.

AFL Round 4: I blame Carlton

John Harms wanders out onto the footpath on Saturday evening and it’s a hive of Demon activity. But not too many have happy footy punting yarns to tell.

AFL Round 2 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide: The Parish

John Harms could not keep himself away from one of his favourite places on the planet. He travels to Adelaide for a significant moment in the life of the South Australian nation.

AFL Round 1 – Geelong v Adelaide: Eight Good Hours

John Harms heads to Kardinia Park thinking the Cats will be adequate this year, but an impressive performance forces a happy change of heart.

On spotting Paul Chapman in the sash

John Harms was jolted from his daze by the NAB Challenge last night.

The agony of the off-spin bowler

John Harms celebrates Nathan Lyon’s wonderful summer by looking at the things all off-spinners deal with every waking moment.

Sydney Test – Day 3: Travelling well

John Harms wins the fight for the car radio and considers the Ashes summer as it comes to its end.

Happy Christmas from the Newell

John Harms makes his annual pilgrimage north along the Newell Highway.

Perth Test – Day 2: There’s Only One Eric Bristow

John Harms watches as the Poms try to arrest their drastic decline, and remembers a low-point in English history. [Includes one of the better descriptions of Warney's Ball of the Century-Ed]

Gabba Test – Day 1: Australia fall short

John Harms watches the Poms dismantle the Australian top order in Brisbane.

The Mug Punter: Manangatang Cup Day

A very scratchy Mug has a look at today’s Caulfield program and finds a handy Shehu Shagari Special.

New Books in Sports

John Harms is interviewed as part of this 2 hour podcast by the amazing New Books in Sports network. There are interviews with biography and memoir authors from all over the world, coming at different sports from crazy diverse angles. Do yourself a favour and check out the links attached.

AFL Grand Final – Preview: Why Freo can win the 2013 flag

JTH is no Garfield (the Cat) so he knows by quarter time he’s going to be barracking for one team. He has no idea which.

AFL Finals Week 3 – Hawthorn v Geelong: One last blow?

John Harms takes us through the celebrated preliminary final.

AFL Preliminary Finals – Preview: Is that rain I’m detecting?

Who wins the preliminary finals and why? Leave your thoughts here.

And, under grey skies, and sprinkles of rain, JTH has some thoughts of his own.

AFL Finals Week 2 – Geelong v Port Adelaide: Kenny, Travis and the love of the game

“The Wrong Dreams of the dullards and egotists and meglomaniacs of footy look even further from the mark than they already did” writes John Harms in describing the restorative powers of the first round of the finals in this piece about the Cats past few weeks.

AFL Finals Week 2 – Preview: Predictable? Or otherwise?

John Harms opts for predictable games this weekend. But he was 1 from 4 last week – saved from a duck egg by Carlton.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Preview: Sydney’s big blokes and Richmond’s gelatinous constitution

John Harms thinks the big blokes of Sydney will matter. And Richmond will be a gelatinous mess (at some stage).

Oh, and how can you not like Ken Hinkley who added to his legend last night on The Footy Show?

Blokes who grew up on dairy farms Team of the Century – latest

The noms have come in and the self-appointed Match Committee has picked the latest team. [How did they leave out John Williams? - Ed] The debate continues as this may be getting closer.

Fourth Test – Day 3: Terrific Test Match shows Bell is all class and Lyon is determined and gives us the verb ‘to Watto’

In an absorbing tussle Ian Bell steers England into a strong position.
However, the day will be remembered for the emergence of the verb ‘to Watto’. Some concepts defy the explanation language should provide and I’m not sure what exactly this is but Shane Watson ‘Watto-ed’ last night. Help please.