AFL Round 18 – Review: A bloke walked into a Sydney bar…

Ever seen the bar stopped. JTH has seen beauty do it. And while at the Royal Exhibition Hotel in Sydney on Saturday he was part of a textbook example of it.

Tell us where and when you have seen it happen.

“I’d be backin’ da Derm’t Weld horse, m’self”

JTH’s association with the great Vintage Crop began in a pub in Dingle in 1993.

AFL Round 17 – Review: The demise of Collingwood and other Antarctic joys

JTH on greasy poles, the state of the football nation, and how Eddie McGuire can fix all things with a cup of coffee.

AFL Round 16 – Gold Coast v Collingwood: When footy really is the winner

JTH loved the Suns-Pies clash from Carrara. The Gold Coast’s interchange-free last quarter was highly illustrative. It returned the game to its traditional form.

AFL Round 14 – Review: World Cup, Wimbledon, and Weariness

JTH looks at the changing orthodoxy in World Cup matches, unknown Wimbledon seeds and free-spirited footy.

AFL Round 14 – Gold Coast v Geelong: Who (possibly plural) plays on G. Ablett this Saturday evening?

JTH wishes he were going to Broadbeach this weekend, although he will be having fun at the St Monica’s Tennis Club Trivia Night in Moonee Ponds instead.

Who wins this important fixture?

AFL Round 13 – Review: We’ve got the close ones

Four tight finishes in a round of exciting footy. JTH enjoys the idea of the pillars of society dropping their guard in the evening cold in the MCC Members, and reckons Port have nothing to fear.

AFL Round 12 – Review: The game takes many forms

JTH thanks Her Majesty for the celebrations.

AFL Round 11: Review

In yesterday’s review JTH looks at the big presence of Tex Walker, and argues you write Geelong off at your wallet’s peril.

State of Origin: Brilliant

“For minutes Loz Daley and crew had been pacing the coaches’ box drawn into the contest with a deeply satisfying un-professionalism. This was raw emotion. And tension will change us all.” writes JTH on another classic Origin.

State of Origin: What are we playing for?

John Harms says that the Maroons are playing for the Queensland way of life.

Almost forgotten (but not anymore): why the Suns will make the eight

John Harms sees a guaranteed place in the finals for the Gold Coast Suns. History and the draw matter, but not as much as the quality of the emerging team and its cast of talent.

AFL Round 8: Confessions of a football addict

JTH tries to anticipate the way the AFL understand the world by contemplating their decision to develop Monday Night Football. (Our capital F)

The Last Hour of Football?

As the hours count down to the Jack Viney appeal John Harms considers the meaning contained in football and why those who value the game feel so strongly about it.

Pilgrims’ Progress

John Harms leaves home at sunrise for a pilgrimmage to the Bool. He meets quite a few fellow-travellers.

AFL Round 6: Wow!

John Harms was mighty impressed with Port Adelaide (again).

He says they can win it. His mate Eric agrees.

AFL Round 5 Review

Some thoughts on the two favourites in the AFL premiership market.

Stawell Gift: W.K. Trewick (Brisbane)

How Ken Trewick won the 1950 Stawell Gift.

AFL Round 4: I blame Carlton

John Harms wanders out onto the footpath on Saturday evening and it’s a hive of Demon activity. But not too many have happy footy punting yarns to tell.

AFL Round 2 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide: The Parish

John Harms could not keep himself away from one of his favourite places on the planet. He travels to Adelaide for a significant moment in the life of the South Australian nation.