The Pre Wrap Round XXIII

Mr Wrap previews the round ahead and how the week had been about clubs resting players before the finals.

The Wrap – Round XXII

Mr Wrap reviews Round 22, and his Striped Marvels are back in town and sharpening their claws for September.

Round 22: The Pre Wrap

The Wrap previews and discusses Round 22 while also giving a summary of what has happened not just the AFL but world sport in the last 2 months.

Round 13: The Pre-Wrap

With the Dockers hosting Collingwood to get round 13 off to a fly tonight, the Wrap has landed on our desk ahead of the opening bounce. Enjoy!

Round 12: The Pre-Wrap

The squeeze for top four, top eight and Sylvan Shield positions is on – who will climb the middle of the road barricade and storm the gates of finals contention? The Wrap has the word.

The Post Wrap – Round XI

Mr Wrap tells you all you need to know about the weekend’s round of footy, and offers his wisdom on cricket and the Crowley “suspension”.

The Pre-Wrap Round XI

Mr Wrap on cheating footballers and footy clubs, cheating horse trainers (enough with the tautologies – Ed). And his usual sagacious advice on investing your hard-earned on the AFL Round XI results.

Round 10 – The Wrap: Where Life imitates Football

The Wrap and his take on Round 10 and remember as The Wrap says ‘if you read it in the Wrap you know its not crap.’

Round 8: The Wrap

The Wrap’s sage observations re this great game of ours, sorting out employment relations in public and the impact of the Friday night Bluebagger schedule on the bottom line of Video Easy. [He’s struck the same vein of form as The Tigers of Old – Ed]

The Pre Wrap – Round VIII

Mr Wrap shares his Mortgage Busting; Investment Opportunity; Western Wonder and Wrap Roughy tips for Round VIII. Caveat emptor punters.

The Pre Wrap: Round VII

Mr Wrap has no sympathy for the round ball code having to play their GF in a shoe box (they’ve taken enough of our $’s). He offers his regular Mortgage Buster, WrROTR and WrIOOTR. Caveat emptor punters.

The Wrap – Round VI: Where Life Imitates Football

The Wrap has arrived for Round 6. And there’s plenty for wrappers to sink their teeth into after a crazy round of footy.

Round 6 – The Pre-Wrap

The Wrap takes reviews Round 5 and looks ahead to Round 6 with some profoundly intelligent punting advice.

Check out the Ladbrokes promo.

The Round V Pre Wrap: “Never hit a man with glasses, and never hit a drunk. As tempting as it might be.”

Mr Wrap is back with his Round V prognostications. Does this make his Striped Marvels good things over the Handbags at the Paddock that Grew tomorrow?

Round 3 – The Pre-Wrap

For the Philosophical Marngrook Follower… Here’s the Wrap’s crystal ball look at round 3.

The Post Wrap: Round 1

Mr Wrap surveys the Round 1 results and reckons it will be a bumper season. Of course one team was scarily dominant, but he still thinks the Hawks might give his Striped Marvels a run for their money in October.

The Welcome Back Wrap

Mr Wrap is back with his learned prognostications on the Round 1 games; Season 2015 and all things sport.

The Final Wrap of the AFL 2014 Toyota Premiership Season

Mr Wrap lauds the Leafblowers and draws the curtains around the lamentable Harbourtowners. The time honoured Beitzel, Fevola, Flower and Krudd Memorial Medals all go to worthy recipients.

The Grand Final Pre Wrap

Mr Wrap has seen every Grand Final since Jock McHale and Checker Hughes were coaching, so it is worth noting the advice of our sage tipster.

AFL Semi Finals Post Wrap – The Then There Were Four Round

Mr Wrap tells it like it was as he surveys the weekend’s Semi Finals games. Port Adelaide remind him of Tommy Hafey’s 1967 Tigers (any excuse for the TLSPRF – Ed.)