The Pre Wrap – AFL Round XV – The view from the Old Dart

Mr Wrap has fled Punt Road (no long suffering for him) and is spending his winter as Bernie Tomic’s psychoanalyst in the Old Dart. He has not forsaken his loyal readers and shares his wisdom on all sporting matters.

The Round 11 Post Wrap: The Bloodbath Round

Its the Bloodbath Round for Mr Wrap as finals pretenders show their true colours, and Tigers, Blues and Eagles fans ‘fess up to the awful truth about their teams.

The Pre-Wrap: AFL Round Ten

Tiger traditionalist and tragic (is there a difference?) Mr Wrap offers his tips for Round 10. He is too distressed at Saturday and Monday’s events at the Paddock that Grew to offer his usual philosophical discourse.

The Post-Wrap (Round 9): The Thanks for the Memories Round

This came in headed “The Weap” from “The Wrap”. Don’t know how much more they can take down at Punt Road, but as ever Mr Wrap finds some plastic soldiers in the corn flakes box of weekend sport.

AFL Round 8 – The Wrap: The Bump We Had to Have Round

Mr Wrap reckons that the Bloods and the Adelaide Longshoremen sent a message on the weekend. There is a spring in the Wrap step this week as the bye avoided further long suffering among TLSPRF.

AFL Round 8: The Pre-Wrap

The Wrap delivers the final word on that bump before illuminating the path ahead.

AFL Round 7: The Wrap

The Wrapster may well be enjoying the plight of the Da Da Da Da-Das, but he’d also like to see the Endangered Species have a win. {When will that be? – Ed]

AFL Round 7 – The Pre Wrap

Mr Wrap previews Round 7 and surveys the wreckage of the AFL succession; the 2 win teams and his Toothless Tigers (sorry Striped Marvels – Ed).

AFL Round 6: The Wrap

Some Alberton-love creeping into the Wrap-cave. But no Bomber-love. The Wrapster casts his wise eye on the proceedings of Round 6.

AFL Round 4: The Pre-Wrap

The Wrap exposes player-agent speak, makes Hawthorn his Wrap Mortgage Buster, and previews Round 4. [The rain has not removed the sharpness of Wrap's critique - Ed]

AFL Round 3 – The Wrap: We’re the Tigers of old, how easily we fold

The Wrap has his finger on the pulse. He’s on to Jellymont House, and he has a warning for those there who grind the sausage machine. People won’t hang around for expensive snags full of cereal powder.

AFL Round 2: The Punt Road Wrap

The Wrap divines the false and true gold in AFL Round 2. His hands got a bit shakey late on Thursday night, but he still reckons the Tiges have found the mother lode. The Beckhams and the Hirds can’t decide who is being slandered.

The (Welcome Back) Pre-Wrap: for the philosophical Marngrook Follower

If they don’t play footy in Heaven, John Mosig’s not going. Divine return from the hibernating columnist. [I love you Wrap. Many a good line in edition one means the pressure is on. Ed]

Stop all the clocks, where is Mr Wrap?

Peter Baulderstone is waiting to do his footy tips, but there is still no sign of Mr Wrap’s preview. Can this apology to Auden lure him out of the Wrap Cave (or the Waterside Hotel) in time for bounce down?

AFL Finals Week 1: The Wrap

Who wins The Wrap’s seal of approval in Round 1 of The Finals? The Mayblooms, the Tealers or the Silvertails? It couldn’t be the Striped Marvels could it? Surely not. Take it away Wrapster.

AFL Finals – Week 1: The Pre-Wrap

Woosha’s resignation, Demetriou laughing at dwarf abuse, Buddy and the finals – where will the Wrap start?

AFL Round 23 – The Wrap: Journey’s end for some; the start for others

The Wrapcave is alive with the sounds of Round 23 as he mournfully puts to bed the under-achievers, the old and weary, and honesty in football admin. He is looking forward to September, anointing the Mayblooms as TTTBFTF.

AFL Round 22 – Preview: The blink and you lose Round

The riddle doing the rounds of the playground is; if Handy Andy, Shoeless Jim, the AFL & the EFC were in a plummeting plane and there was only one parachute, who would be saved?

AFL Round 21 – Review: The Wrap

The Hawks unveiled their Premiership model against The Maggies, who, while far from disgraced, were out gunned.

AFL Round 21 – Preview: The Pre-Wrap

If the appointment of Hird and Thompson (never mind the somewhat unorthodox “fitness” regime) hasn’t stopped Essendon’s traditional season fadeout as September looms, where to next for the Bombers? The Wrap thinks this should probably be addressed at some stage.