The Final Wrap Report

The Wrap has assessed all of the protagonists from within the confines of the Wrapcave, presenting what you know to be true in The Final Wrap Report.

The Wrap Report – August Edition

The Wrap with some predictions for the rest of the season … and next.

The Wrap Report – June Edition

Mr Wrap has given up his search for Murray Cod and headed across Bass Strait in search of trout. His decades (eons? – Ed) of experience give him unique understanding of how the 2016 season will unfold.

The Wrap Report – May Edition

Doesn’t a win bring out TLSPRF? Our Milparinka stringer has found the latest edition of the Wrap Report left under a rock out along Yandama Creek. He sounds febrile but lucid (and persuasive – Ed.) He says he’s not coming back until the Tigers have won 9 in a row.

The Wrap Report – April Edition

The Wrap is back. And he’s predicting the Fourthorn may yet turn out to be a suburb of Auckland.

The Wrap: Where Will They Be in 5 Months Time?

The drought has broken. The cod are biting. The Knackery Nostradamus, Mr Wrap, has sent us his Season 2016 predictions from a campsite on the Darling River.

2015 AFL Grand Final – The Final (Ever?) Wrap.

The Wrap draws the curtain on both 2015 and 13 illustrious seasons of output from The Wrapcave. The Wrap looks back on the 2015 Grand Final and, like just about all of us, looks on in awe at the Hawthorn machine. [A lap of the G in the back of a sponsor’s ute on Grand Final day? Say it ‘aint so Wrap!?!? – Ed]

The Pre Wrap – The Finals Week III

Mr Wrap previews week 3 of the Finals, in what should be a cracking Preliminary Final weekend.

The Pre Wrap – The Finals Week II

Mr Wrap previews the second week of the finals and discusses Hawthorn’s drafting from the early 2000’s.

The Pre Wrap – The Finals Week I

Mr Wrap previews the first week of the finals and compares two former number 1 draft picks.

The Pre Wrap Round XXIII

Mr Wrap previews the round ahead and how the week had been about clubs resting players before the finals.

The Wrap – Round XXII

Mr Wrap reviews Round 22, and his Striped Marvels are back in town and sharpening their claws for September.

Round 22: The Pre Wrap

The Wrap previews and discusses Round 22 while also giving a summary of what has happened not just the AFL but world sport in the last 2 months.

Round 13: The Pre-Wrap

With the Dockers hosting Collingwood to get round 13 off to a fly tonight, the Wrap has landed on our desk ahead of the opening bounce. Enjoy!

Round 12: The Pre-Wrap

The squeeze for top four, top eight and Sylvan Shield positions is on – who will climb the middle of the road barricade and storm the gates of finals contention? The Wrap has the word.

The Post Wrap – Round XI

Mr Wrap tells you all you need to know about the weekend’s round of footy, and offers his wisdom on cricket and the Crowley “suspension”.

The Pre-Wrap Round XI

Mr Wrap on cheating footballers and footy clubs, cheating horse trainers (enough with the tautologies – Ed). And his usual sagacious advice on investing your hard-earned on the AFL Round XI results.

Round 10 – The Wrap: Where Life imitates Football

The Wrap and his take on Round 10 and remember as The Wrap says ‘if you read it in the Wrap you know its not crap.’

Round 8: The Wrap

The Wrap’s sage observations re this great game of ours, sorting out employment relations in public and the impact of the Friday night Bluebagger schedule on the bottom line of Video Easy. [He’s struck the same vein of form as The Tigers of Old – Ed]

The Pre Wrap – Round VIII

Mr Wrap shares his Mortgage Busting; Investment Opportunity; Western Wonder and Wrap Roughy tips for Round VIII. Caveat emptor punters.