Cracking weekend of footy and sport coming up

Almanackers, we’re in for some cracking games of footy, and all things sport this weekend!

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Panic? Not yet.

Another Collingwood loss sends them into Round 3 against the also win-less Blues, but Cam Hooke’s not panicking about the Pies’ season… yet.

“A funny thing happened on the way back to the rotunda” by Brent ‘Tiger’ Crosswell

They don’t make ’em like Brent ‘Tiger’ Crosswell anymore…in fact they never did. Here’s a piece from the three-club champion, teacher, son of a butcher, and writer; first published in The Australian.

The Red and the White: fumbling to defeat

This is the Almanac’s Swans’ forum. What did you make of Round 2 Swans fans?

Don’t argue with Violet!

Read about Violet Dunn’s footy journey from going along to watch the boys, to playing the game herself and developing into a key forward for the Caulfield Bears. We are looking forward to seeing her run around in the AFLW one day!

Got any tips? Picking winners in Round 2

It happens every year, but it’s always surprising nonetheless: Round 2 has been a nightmare for tipping. Let us know if you’re scratching your head or you’ve bucked the trend

Round 1 (2016) – Geelong v Hawthorn: Cats Out Of The Cradle

It’s another Easter tussle between the fiercest of rivals – before it all kicks off, here’s Dips O’Donnell’s take on 2016’s game. This time the new player on the block won’t be Paddy from Moggs Creek, it’ll be possibly the greatest midfielder ever in his second coming & with Sam Mitchell gone West, can the Cats’ trio sweep the votes?

Round 2 – Adelaide v Richmond: Welcome Home Bryce Gibbs

Michael Sexton remembers Bryce Gibbs as a 17-year-old from Glenelg with a drop punt that made you purr, and a Zen calmness that defied his age, and has watched him with pride in becoming the champion footballer he is today.

Almanac Cricket and Footy: So, your team are cheats – Advice from a Bombers Fan

Bomber fan, Andrew offers some friendly advice to consider if your team has been caught cheating.

Almanac Football: IMPACT Anzac Day Cup Tournament

Yoshi reports the Osaka Dingoes are hosting their IMPACT Anzac Day Cup Tournament on Saturday, 21 April at the Izumi Sports Village in the wider Osaka Region, Japan. He is hoping to be a goal kicker like Stephen Milne!

Almanac Funny Teams: A colourful team

Glen! has chosen a team of players whose names are colours or include colours. Has he missed any?

Almanac Teams: The Best Baldies

Phil Dimitriadis has assembled the best baldies in his latest line up – what do you make of it?

The Red and the White: Buddy brilliant!

This is the Almanac’s Swans’ forum. Keiran Croker is on the orad and he is calling for your observations so he can get a better idea of what happened in Perth.

Round 7 (2017) – Collingwood v Carlton: Calling time on the Toorak Boys’ Club

Phil Dimitriadis wrote this after Round 7 last year. Timely to dig out out:

It’s been long enough, Collingwood. Phil Dimitriadis has seen enough. And he is wise enough to look to those who use the metric of playing winning football to measure footy success.

Round 1 – Melbourne v Geelong: There is always hope in football

There were few dry eyes for the Geelong faithful as a favourite son returned in the hoops; Anna Pavlou shed tears of a different kind in 2010, when hope seemed all but lost…

Almanac Footy: Cats got our tongue

Can real change only occur if the Cats finish in the cellar? Paul Spinks ponders this scenario and others as he contemplates Geelong’s forthcoming AFL season.

Sydney Swans Season Preview: An Old Dog’s New Tricks

Joe is upbeat as he previews the prospects of the Sydney Swans for the coming AFL season.

The Stab Punt and David Parkin

Jim Johnson has an interest in the origin and evolution of kicking. here’s another installment, about the stab punt, timely, because David Parkin is our guest at lunch today.

Season 2018 – What May Be?

Earl O’Neill ponders the finals chances of each AFL team in 2018 coming off a season with such an even competition. How will your team fare?

Wishing everyone a happy sporting weekend

Jan Courtin wonders if she watches too much sport. She has a huge weekend ahead, with her Swans in Round 1 AFL action, her Lions in the AFLW Grand Final and her Bulls in the Sheffield Shield decider. [Great photo – Ed]