More than one punt in modern footy

I haven’t lived in Melbourne for a few years now, but still love getting back home and catching  the odd game.  Having spent years overseas watching football (soccer) and now living in a rugby state, I can still safely say that footy, the Australian variety, is clearly the greatest of them all.  But there is [Read more]

Storm fans need another Lazarus moment

Rugby league isn’t my game of choice. In fact, I can honestly say I’ve never been to one solitary game in any of my 33 years. My first real sense of association with it was at an unlikely event on a glorious spring day in 1999. North Melbourne had won the flag the day before, [Read more]

The Real Round 5 Ladder?

Following a discussion with a Swans supporter about their dream run to get them to the top after round 5, I felt the need to try and justify my position……. Consequently, please find below the real ladder after Round 5. One that perhaps offers a bit more perspective on a team’s performance to date. The [Read more]

The View From Shepparton: Round 5

Well what a prick of  an Anzac Day weekend that was. The Brisbane bubble was pricked followed closely by that of St Kilda’s, Geelong, but the Storm were the biggest pricks of all, or at least a few of their administrators have been. I spent the weekend in Melbourne, folks, and made up my mind [Read more]

General Footy Writing: You want great clashes? You’ll have to look beyond Saints and Dogs matches

This Friday evening the Dogs take on the Saints in what shapes as a potential preview to a September showdown. Maybe. The battle of these tri-colours was once an entry on the fixture that hardly set pulses racing. Times change. As one of the many long suffering members/supporters of one of these trophy-starved teams, here [Read more]

Crio’s Question: What are your sports forecasting rules?

As this weekend’s results attest, punting and picking winners are tough tasks. To simplify the predicament we look for trends, adages, even superstitions. My 2010 theory (at the moment) involves laying teams the week after they’ve played the Dogs. The Pies fell in by a point v Dees but it is otherwise effective! Past advice [Read more]

Footy Rivalry: Factoid versus fiction

In the modern era, rivalry is a brand. Just like a wee bit too much of the wide, wide world of sport these days, it is used by some people to extract a few extra bucks from other people. Go back a little while though, and I think rivalry was both a little more serious [Read more]

Anzac Tribute

I woke up to the sound of gunfire in the distance and to the realization that today is another day, I survived yesterday and I am where I am. Slowly, painfully, I get up, moving my feet stiffly before a Japanese prison guard hits me with the butt of his rifle to ‘hurry’ me up. [Read more]

Why should the salary cap strangle homegrown stars?

Melbourne Storm’s hanging has concentrated my mind. Try this proposal on for size: To preserve a competitive AFL, drafted players should be subject to their club’s salary cap for their first three seasons, as should established players acquired from other AFL clubs. To preserve club loyalties, I don’t see why clubs should be restricted from [Read more]

A night in Stats Central

I have long been going to the SANFL to keep a close watch on the development and form of any Adelaide Crows player running around in the twos. And for every game I’ve gone to I’ve carried a little black notebook, about the size of the average hand, with me.

Footy Talk: Choco and Junkyard do Match Committee

In this week’s episode of The Odd Couple, the role of Oscar Madison will be played by Mark Williams, and  Felix Unger will be played by Dean Laidley. After a drubbing down in Geelong, Felix arrives ready for action at match committee, dossiers and laptop at the ready. He’s a little taken aback at what [Read more]

Tom’s Teams: Players who’ve swapped clubs

by Tom Riordan Amidst the debate about free agency, mid-season drafts and high profile trades, I wondered just how many players on AFL lists had already swapped clubs. Going through The Age’s Footy 2010 magazine, I found 86 players who have been on at least two AFL clubs’ lists and managed to get a team [Read more]


by Damian O’Donnell   It’s a fabulous photo. Four blokes dressed in ragged shirts and shorts, one with a hat on, all in their boots, are dashing across what looks like a paddock. They all have eyes for an object that sits up in the middle of the photo like a candle in a dim room. [Read more]

James Podsiadly – Fairytales do come true

By Susie Giese Once upon a time, there was an 18-year-old boy with a dream of playing AFL football… He trained and studied and observed and trained some more for many years, before finally it was his chance to be drafted by an AFL club. Eighteen-year-old boys all over the country were waiting, on the [Read more]

The View From Shepparton: Round 4

The Lions, as I predicted from the outset are four zip at this stage. What legends they are. Somehow Collingwood are three one. How the hell did that happen? And it is surprising that the Bulldogs are now two and two. I thought that they were better than that. South Australian football is in total [Read more]

Crio’s Q: How do the awful sides of the past stack up to today’s Tigers

by Chris Riordan Sunday’s MCG shellacking seems to have confirmed pundits’ suspicions that Richmand are easily the worst team in the comp and, with expansion concessions in place, their future is dire. This is the Club, remember, that Oracle Sheeds suggested was ready for a Flag last year! But they are crap. Let’s celebrate this [Read more]

FANTASY: Tell him he’s dreaming

by Ged McMahon I had a dream last night. A sporting dream. I guess that’s nothing special for the average Australian male but this was a little different to my usual sporting dreams. You see, normally they become nightmares. They are tales of woe, so close yet so far, tales of embarrassment and complete humiliation. I [Read more]

AFL late breaking headline: Michael Barlow

by Andrew Fithall The Footy Record this weekend had an article on the number of VFL players who were drafted and are currently playing in the AFL. While the article highlighted 28 year-old James Podsiadly, one of the others who has started their AFL career in 2010, and who has also attracted a fair bit [Read more]

Local Footy: Great recruiting coups of the bush

Rarely have there ever been any secrets in football and when the recruiters from the Big Smoke came to town, it was always big news. Brendan Edwards, best afield in Hawthorn’s first-ever premiership in 1961, was creating a stir in Sandhurst in the mid-50s, North Melbourne and Hawthorn among his many suitors. In those days [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Nightmare down Collingwood Street

Last week, I had a weird dream — or a nightmare, as I should call it. I was on a basket ball court and I was crying. Here’s the weird thing: there were Collingwood players there too, in their footy gear, some standing, some sunk in the ground and all of them were crying. I [Read more]