Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 12 – The Year of the Pie

It’s not hard for the Pies faithful these days – all’s going well and they’re none too shy about letting us know. Is it the Year of the Pie? Cam Hooke tells us about Round 12.

Almanac Teams: The Mighty Emma-Kates

Jackie Lynch selects a team comprising only Emmas and Kates (and derivatives). [Love it – Ed].

Proof: Why Living in the `70s was the best

Michael Sexton looks at some comparative studies around the game of the last 50 years thanks to James Coventry and friends – and the results so far are very interesting.

SANFL Round 10 – West Adelaide v Norwood: Norwood bolt in by a point

A jubilant Rulebook reports in from another massive Redlegs comeback at Richmond Oval.

The Father of the Giants

Former Comms manager at the Giants, Nick Johnston got to see what a great people person Kevin Sheedy is. On the occasion of Sheeds’ elevation to Legend status, Nick remembers those early days at the Giants.

The Osaka Dingoes to host the IMPACT Invitational Cup in July

The Australian Football IMPACT Invitational is being held in Kobe on 7th July, featuring teams from Indonesia, Singapore and Japan. Yoshi provides the details.

Michael Gleeson Article on Justin Westhoff’s Business

Michael Gleeson has written an interesting article in today’s Age on Justin Westhoff’s business based in the Barossa Valley. Let us know your thoughts about post-footy transitions and sustainability.

Alex Docherty’s 2018 Mid-Year All Australian Team

As we hit the bye rounds, it’s time to think about All Australian contenders. Who would you have in your team?

The Rotary Club of Fitzroy ‘Pick One Winner Competition’ – Round 12 Rules

Latest from the Fitzroy Rotary Tip One comp.

From World Cups and FIFA bans to the Socceroos and Bertie: the Dutch & Australian football

With orange coloured glasses Adam Muyt (jointly written with Roberto Pennino) looks back on the wonderful contribution of Dutch migrants and their descendants on the round ball game in Australia since the late 1940’s. Includes the tale of when Australia were banned by FIFA for four years.

Saint Rick Abdicates by KB Hill

KB Hill takes a slight diversion from the O&M this week (only slight, Wang does get a mention) to look at son of a gun and Territory footy champ, Rick Nolan

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – 2018 Round 11: A great-ish weekend

Not quite a perfect week for the Pies, but not much to really complain about for Cam Hooke in Round 11

Almanac Rugby League: One hell of a nice bloke

Fifty years after a phrase in a newspaper photo caption stuck in a boy’s mind, he meets the man in the photo – and he’s a hell of a nice bloke. And that original photo is here, too.

Mines Rovers and Me

Les Everett takes us on a trip through the history of Mines Rovers, powerhouse of the Goldfields League, as they celebrate their 120th birthday.

Originally included in Footy Town by Malarkey Publications.

Almanac Teams – Most Disliked

Controversy corner here from Phil Dimitriadis; in a deviation from his recent numerical-based sides here is a team of disliked (to some) players.

Field, Ground, Oval, Stadium.

A contemplative piece from Andy Fuller on ground, ovals, history and culture amid the backdrop of a Darebin Falcons game at Bill Lawry Oval.

VAFA – Fitzroy v Ajax: ANZAC Day at Brunswick Street Oval, then, and now.

John Harms spent ANZAC Day at the Brunswick Street Oval helping with Auskick, having lunch (and speaking at lunch) and then watching an exciting match between the Roys and the visiting Ajax side.

Almanac Footy Teams: I’ve been everywhere

Noel McPhee continues our series of footy teams with a team based on Australian towns. Others?

The Women’s Footy Almanac Pie Night Wrap: A night I will remember forever

Kasey Symons hosted the first Women’s Footy Almanac Pie Night. This is how she saw the night.

Ten Years On: Who Would Represent Victoria and The Dream Team Today?

Ten years ago there was a special one-off match to celebrate 150 years of footy – between Victoria and The Dream team. Alex Docherty wonders what would happen if the match were played today. Who’d get selected? [Interesting idea Alex – Ed]