Tips and Fantasies

Hello. My name is Smokie. And at this time of the year I suddenly become consumed by footy tipping comps and fantasy leagues.

Luxury: The Price of Pies at the Adelaide Oval

Letter to the editor taken from the Adelaide Advertiser. A true blue smack down on all those who moan about the cost of having a bite at the footy.

My First SANFL Match – Centrals v Woodville – 29/7/1967 (an Adelaide Time Capsule)

Some excerpts from a July 1967 “Football Budget”. Which just so happened to be the first match which “Swish” Schwerdt ever attended. The Adelaide of his childhood is revealed.

The NTFL Player-Points System Restricts Locals

Jackson Clark identifies some of the shortcomings in the NTFL’s player-points system, arguing the system needs to take better account of the unique circumstances for a lot of top end footballers.

2015 AFL Season Preview – Fremantle

Will the premier-ship finally dock in Fremantle in 2015? Or will the ageing Dockers begin to slide their way down the ladder? Zach Standish crystal-balls Fremantle’s chances of winning the 2015 flag.

The Mystery of the 1896 First XX

Calling the Almanac community: Can you help identify who is in this century old image?

Chinese Goldfields football (first published in the Guardian)

Patrick Skene tells the story of Chinese footy in the goldfields. [Excellent topic – Ed]

Opening lines of Loose Men Everywhere

People always say I have a deep prejudice against Hawthorn – even a deep hatred. That always makes me laugh. I have the deepest respect for the mighty Hawks, so much so that they are the very first club to be mentioned in Loose Men Everywhere (soon to be re-published). You can order your copy through our crowdfunding campaign.

An age-old debate: is dance a sport?

Bridget Schwerdt finds the parallels between sport (footy) and dance (ballet) in her entertaining debut piece and is rather persuasive in responding to an old question. [Bridget is our Grade 10 work experience student this week – JTH]

Footy Station

Almanackers – Footy’s on the Radio and 2SER is looking for volunteers to host a Sunday morning footy talk show with a distinct Sydney/NSW flavour.

Tom Bally has further details within.

You Just Can’t Beat a Wool Footy Jumper

The wool footy jumper is about to make a comeback, reports Craig Dodson, who can’t wait to add a new one to his Sydney Swans/Brad Seymour model from the 1980s.

Remember…Billy Nicholls

Adjusting to life after professional sport ends is a struggle for many former players. Rohan Cooper charts the trajectory of former Hawk and Tiger, Billy Nicholls.

Hometowns and Upside Down Frowns

Josh Pinn celebrates 25 years since deciding to follow the North Melbourne Kangaroos. Can one’s choice of team be rationalised? Josh makes a good fist of it; there’s been a lot to enjoy. Bring on 2015.

Wool Team: Riverina nominations

Here’s some noms for footballers who come from a wool background in New South Wales and especially the Riverina. We haven’t got a team yet. Please add local champions as well.

A Footy Almanac Yarn about Writing Footy Almanac Yarns

“Singapore’s only no repeat work day;” Words that could only be found in a Mickey Randall yarn for the Footy Almanac. From downtown Singapore, the day when Mickey heads back to the Adelaide Oval via Glenelg looms. Go Tiges!

WAFL kicks off for 2015

The WAFL season has begun with four pretty one-sided results. Les Everett wraps up week one of footy in the west.

Fitzroy and a New Girlfriend

As the streets and gutters fill with leaves, this time of the year is like getting a new girlfriend for Phil Hill. If the weekend’s practice match is any indication, things are looking good for their relationship.

Harmes and Harms: a story of golf, industrial relations, bacon and egg burgers and VFL premierships

John Harms remembers how an E Harmes and an E-less Harms spent the 1979 Grand Final. [Memorable – Ed]

Wool and footy in Burra: more noms for the SA team

John Harms has been to a wool sundowner at Burra in South Australia, where he met the local wool fraternity (nice hands). He gathered some new nominations for the South Australian team.

Ready Reckoner: Where Do the Western Bulldogs Fit Amongst Recent AFL ‘Scandals’?

Avoid knee-jerk reactions and mis-directed, energy sapping, screaming-banshee hysteria on social media or in refined company with Dave Brown’s handy guide to the appropriate level of outrage you should invoke when it comes to AFL ‘scandals’.