For Tweet’s Sake

Considered less than cerebral in some quarters, Taylor Walker is actually quite the renaissance man, argues Dave Brown.

Kick-to-Kick at Docklands Stadium

The [time-honoured – Ed] tradition of kick-to-kick on footy grounds after League matches is set to make a comeback at the MCG in this, the year of the fan. Yoshi makes an impassioned plea for Etihad Stadium management to reconsider the Saints request to introduce it at the Docklands for Sunday games.

The Forgotten Premierships

George Smith takes a stroll down memory lane, inviting us to recall the forgotten premierships.

Frankie’s Summer Training Program Revealed

Never one to deny his fans what they want, Frankie – the first dog taken in the 2012 Canine Draft shares his summer routine with the Almanac.

Taking stock: thinking about the Almanac and its future

The Almanac is taking a moment to consider its future direction. Your thoughts are most welcome.

Essendon and their Curiously Scheduled, Possibly Generous and Definitely Soft NAB Challenge Games

The Bombers have a very ‘interesting’ NAB Challenge schedule ahead of them, argues Sean Curtain. Have the undermanned Bombers (self-imposed, it must be pointed out) been spared the rod by AFL in being drawn to meet three of last season’s strugglers in the pre-season competition?

Is Footy Too Long?

Yoshi, like many fans, finds himself at odds with Mick Malthouse’s claim that AFL matches should be shortened. The length of a footy game compared to rugby or soccer is part of what makes our game unique, claims our resident Japanese Almanacker.

1998 – (the excluding WA, SA, Tas) All-Australian SSA Team – Humble Beginnings

More All-Australian Juniors brilliance from the Swishter. The 1998 All-Australian (less W.A, S.A and Tasmania) SSA line-up. Spot the future VISY Ambassador in all his hirsute glory.

From Colonial Stadium to Etihad: Fifteen Years of Future Shock

While stressfully cleaning up in preparation for a possible shift, Neil Anderson finds an old newspaper.

NTFL Finals Week One Wrap-Up

It’s the best footy you’re likely not to have seen (unless you live in the Northern Territory, of course). it’s week one of the NTFL finals and Jackson Clarke brings you the wrap-up on one of the most exciting competitions in the country.

Richo (yes, THE Richo) is at East Coburg CC Thursday night

Richmond-lovers and lovers of the great man, Richo is live at East Coburg. Will be huge.

All welcome.

Play On: an impetus to re-publish

John Harms’s omnibus Play On – made up of Confessions of a Thirteenth Man, Memoirs of a Mug Punter and Loose Men Everywhere – has been out of print for nearly a decade. Recent (unlikely) events have motivated him to right that situation, so that Play On will soon be available again. Here’s the story.

Too Few are Flipping Father Time the Finger

A fantastic and thought-provoking piece from Jeff Dowsing: Why do we instantly write-off sportspeople when they hit the big 3-0? If you’re good enough, play on, argues Jeff.

Beau Waters denouement

Beau Waters retired yesterday after 120 games over 12 seasons. Peter Baulderstone pays tribute to his favourite current day footballer. A good footballer but an off-field champ.

Almanac Weekend Reading : February 20-22

Another weekend, and another series of readings for your consideration from The Footy Almanac.

Northern Territory Football League Team Of The Year

Jackson Clark picks his Northern Territory team of the year. Some familiar and not so familiar names in this impressive line-up.

Everything Old is New Again: Sydney Swans Season Preview 2015

Not even the bloody sparrows will dampen Joe Moore’s hopes for Sydney in 2015. Some impressive additions to the Swans list and record pet memberships have hopes high for the Bloods.

Swans TV Unlimited

A Swans pre-season featuring Swans TV, Hip Hop, One Day and Marty Mattner. Mathilde de Hauteclocque at her pre-season best.

In Defeat We’ll Always Try

Inspired by Harry

2000 – (still not quite) All Australian SSA Team – Who Are The Mystery Boys?

Continuing his look at the travails of Aussie rules’ elite juniors of the past, Swish presents the 2000 SSA All-Australian line-up. Three obvious standouts in this line-up, but few who went on to make their mark at the elite level. Where are they now?