Geelong’s Best Side in 2016 : Discuss

With the recent signings of Dangerfield and Selwood, Cats supporter Dips O’Donnell names his best 22 for the Cats next year, thoughts Cats fans?

A certain captain: is Tex what the Crows need?

From January 2015 [interesting given the year Tex and the Crows had – Ed]: Dave Brown recalls a young Tex Walker and his journey to self-belief and captaincy of the Crows

A New Season

In the week before Round 1, we published this: “Braham Dabschek reflects on the start of another season; autumnal optimism and the comforting familiarity of the footy world cranking back into gear.” What are your thoughts in the wash up? Expectations met? Surprises?

AFL, fair competition and thought: the Bondi Effect

Explaining something to another can be the best way of finding holes in you understanding. Imagine trying to explain the AFL competition to an international visitor. [Have you done it? How did you go?].

Footy history: Hawthorn (and Footscray) – Bobbin’ up and down like this

John Harms stumbled across the old Hawthorn song (which will be of interest to Scrays fans as well).

1961 – Before it all started

Bruce Kennedy [any relation to John?] goes back to 1961 and the start of The Hawthorn Era. [Which has gone on for too long – Ed]

Era, era on the wall: 1939 – 1948

Jeff Dowsing’s look back at VFL Grand Final eras continues. Today: The World War Two years. Bluey Truscott, The Bloodbath of ’45, ‘King’ Dick and Captain Blood.

A Tribute to Fred ‘Chocka’ Bloch

Fred ‘Chocka’ Bloch (OAM) is an Adelaide University Football Club institution. In fact, some would argue that he IS the Adelaide University Footy Club. Rulebook Ashwood pays tribute to a man who’s had a considerable influence in his life.

This is a dead-set Almanac Classic. Well-played Rulebook – Ed]

Grand Final Entertainment

John Harms elaborates on his suggestion (on ABCTV’s Offsiders) to include Paul Kelly and Mick Thomas in the Grand Final pre-match – every year. [Who else would you include? Ed]

Almanac poetry: Season’s over

The changing of the seasons moves Vin Maskell to verse.

The Coodabeen Champions – Kicking Against The Wind on Grand Final Day

After 35 years on radio The Coodabeens Champions are as much a part of the fabric of footy in Melbourne as pies, beer and sauce. Though their national profile might have diminished with the passing of their weekend shows, Champs, Covey, Richo, Billy and Torch have fans right around the country. A serial contributor to the Coodabeens – Swish Schwerdt – made the trek to light tower number two at the MCG for the time honoured Grand Final O/B.

2015 AFL Grand Final – No ticket, no worries – part two

In the second part of his Grand Final ticket odyssey, Matt Watson heads from Brisbane to Melbourne for work, but without a ticket to the game. When all seems lost, however, Matt becomes involved in a ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ style race to Melbourne’s outer west in search of the gold. [SPOILER ALERT: Matt’s available to help with your Lotto and Quaddie numbers for Caulfield this weekend. – Ed]

The Footy Almanac Grand Final Eve Lunch gets the final weekend of the 2015 AFL Season off to a great start!

The very creative Jennifer Muirden was in the best at last Friday’s Grand Final lunch. She was in such good spirits she was moved to the pen, and her inspiration was rather grand. [Very kind words from you Jen. Thanks. – JTH]

How the AFL Can Get Back Our Newly Rugby-Leagued Continent

One funny kick and Rugby League finds itself at the top of the Australian sports entertainment industry. The AFL needs to act. Patrick O’Brien has the answer. It all starts with Gillon buying his daughter a Chisel CD….

Footy Almanac Melbourne launch speech (remember this?)

Remember this? Anson Cameron may have shot the Cisco Kid last Friday but he knocked everyone over with this classic speech to launch The Footy Almanac in 2009 (A Geelong year).

From the Almanac Archives – Is Brian Lake an Alien?

Brian Lake yesterday announced his retirement from AFL footy. To mark the occasion, we looked back through our archives and found this beauty from Westcoast Dave (David Bruce). It might be a bit painful for Doggies fans to enjoy reading, but if you’ve ever watched the way Brian Lake played his footy, then you’ll agree David nails the way he got to contests you didn’t think he could, or take the marks that you didn’t think he would and why there’ll be a few key forwards relieved that he won’t be standing them in 2016.

Ultimate Victorian Wool Team – Shane Heard: The farm lad who developed tagging

Nick Weidmann profiles Victorian sheep farmer Shane Heard who was recruited to Essendon and became one of Kevin Sheedy’s favourites. [Interesting footy and sheep detail Nick – Ed]

Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: A few days later, at the Espy

Three in a row? Thirteen flags in 54 years? E.regnans imagines a meeting between a talking Hawk and a talking Magpie this week at the Espy…

The Sydney Swans Speculative Soundtrack: A Season In Revue

Joe Moore has got his playlist sorted; check out the soundtrack of the Sydney Swans’ 2015. [Now with link to the music – Ed].

The Nathan Fyfe Appreciation Day holiday

A wonderful reflection on the career (to date) of one Fyfe, N. A skinny kid from Lake Grace who has blossomed into a bona-fide great of the game from a Dockers fan embedded behind enemy lines in Victoria.