The Eye of the Tiger

Tess Pryor makes her Almanac debut with a beaut story of not being tooted by the great man: Richo. [Welcome Tess – Ed]

The Footy Almanac 2014 Launch in Melbourne (it was a beauty)

The Melbourne launch of The Footy Almanac 2014 lived up to expectations. A lively crowd loved hearing Enzo Spangher’s stories as he gave the book his blessing.

The Almanackery (taken at the Melbourne launch)

The Almanackery gathers for the traditional launch photo.

Summer Fields

Bert Spinks shares his love of abandoned Tassie footy grounds in majestic surroundings – ” in remembering what has passed, my gratitude is renewed for what there is now”. (Sheer poetry -Ed.)

NTFL Round 7 Wrapup

Jackson Clark reviews Round 7 in the NTFL and tells how AFL great Andrew McLeod has returned to Darwin at 38 years of age, to go round for his original club Buffaloes in a farewell (?) game.

Simon Black and the things that count

In writing his book, Old Dog spends some time with Simon Black. The conversation reminds him of an old footy story.

The medal that never was

Who deserves a premiership medal? In the third part of his Grand Final trilogy, Rick Kane shows how the 2014 Hawthorn squad shines a light on this issue. [You just can’t stop thinking about the 2014 flag can you Trucker Slim? – Ed]

Why Footy is Attractive for a Japanese Bloke

Yoshi Imagawa strives to explain what he finds attractive and unique about Australian Rules footy.

AFL Fans Association kicked goals despite itself

Jeff Dowsing gives us a ‘before, during and after’ view of his AFL Fans Association experience and its efforts taking on the AFL. “Not so much playing Goliath versus David as we were David’s kid sister”. Salient points about the growth, maintenance and renewal of any organised movement.

A media release from the Fans’ Association. Your thoughts?

The AFL Fans Association is keen to have a voice at the (match day) summit which starts tomorrow. Your thoughts? Should they have an invited representative? What’s your view of the AFLFA?

The golden age of indigenous Australian footy in Victoria (Patrick Skene in the Guardian)

Patrick Skene has had a fantastic debut year as a feature writer both with us here at the Almanac and now he has been picked up by the Guardian. Here’s his latest.

The 2014 Jack Miller Cup

A little off-season update from Earl O’Neill. Cricket’s stuffed; NFL’s great but bikes and music are better. Oh, and there have been a few changes on the home front (did my invite get lost in the mail – Ed?)

AFL Coaches and Technology

Yoshi Imagawa is interested in the different technologies that coaches deploy to communicate or capture match stats. Phone or headset? Paper or tablet? Boomer or Gen X?

Killing the Mockingbird: Recollections of the 1997 Bulldogs and Crows Preliminary Final

Sensational dreamlike memoir from Mickey Randall as he naps during the 1997 Prelim. Sadly for the Doggies, the nightmare was theirs on this day.

Hird et al: some observations

James Hird is back in court again. E.Regnans reckons he’s a gift that keeps on giving (for QC’s and outraged writers).

Who is the mystery kicker in this photo?

Who is this mystery man? [Thebarton Oval, early 1980s]


All the weekend’s matches from the Top End as young dynamos and some old AFL stars make starring performances [Includes an appearance from arguably the silkiest Aboriginal player to pull on a pair of boots – Ed.]

Hobart footy, late 1800s

E. Regnans shares some historical research he found in a history of the North Hobart Football Club. How the twig was bent in the 19th century shapes the bough of today’s monolithic AFL oak.

Potential NZ Blockbuster between Saints and Blues

Yoshi Imagawa thinks that taking on the Blues in New Zealand will be good for his Saints, and good for football.

Great Loyalty, Motivation and Striving for a Flag

Inspired by his Saints’ positive outlook, Yoshi is confident that things are looking up for him also.