Round 10 – Carlton v Geelong: If Shakespeare were a Cats fan.

The Bard is back! Dips eyesight must either be the one sense that’s not working, or else it’s the only one that’s working right.

Round 10 – Carlton v Geelong: Thanks Bolts

djlitsa is enjoying his footy again, partly because Carlton is winning more. Big thanks to Bolts for his refreshing outlook.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 10 Review

For Cam Hooke’s Collingwood believers, hard to be too critical of that performance; disappointed yes, but not too critical.

Round 10 – Melbourne v Port Adelaide: Port’s Indigenous Stars Prove the Backbone to a Solid Victory

Chrism76 sees Port Adelaide’s AFL season continue to swing with fragility after a solid if not spectacular win over Melbourne in Alice Springs.

Round 10 – Collingwood v W Bulldogs: A Comedy of Errors

In family tradition, Nickthestatsguy and his grandad venture to the MCG to watch their respective teams

Round 5 – Collingwood v Essendon: A Kyneton Perspective

P J Branagan provides a unique insight into Collingwood’s Anzac Day game with help from his Kyneton drinking mates.

The Dongguan Blues

This is a remarkable story of the establishment of the Dongguan Blues in China. They are looking for a sponsor too!

Does Leadership Matter?

Stainless questions the role of Leadership in an AFL team and the language used by the Media in defining a team’s performance.

Almanac Weekend Sports Results -29-5-16

The latest football results from around Australia and sporting results from around the world.

Round 10 – St. Kilda v Fremantle: A Game Of Two Halves; Or Really Bits And Pieces Of One Quarter, A Half And Another Quarter

Braham Dabscheck writes about the Saints win over Fremantle, a game with more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie murder mystery.

WAFL Round 11 – Roll of Thunder heard by Sharks

Peel were always in control at East Fremantle, Subiaco thrashed co-tenant East Perth, West Perth shook off a gallant Perth and Claremont didn’t take long to shake off Swans, WAFL Round 11.

VAFA B Section – Fitzroy v Monash Blues: Second Preference, Lots of Love and Ang’s Penis

Saturday home game for Fitzroy and Phil Hill enjoys the lunch, laughs, lovin and leaves with a Men’s Health Check up.

Round 9 – St Kilda v Essendon: Welcoming visitors with a magnificent win

Guaranteeing an enjoyable weekend of footy for her American mates was foremost on Yvette Wroby’s to-do list. A Saints victory made it that much sweeter.

Fitzroy Rotary Pick – Round 10

Peter Hille updates us with the latest selections for Fitzroy Rotary Club. Get your tips in.

Indigenous Round

Phil Hill has a couple of questions regarding Indigenous Round.

The Pollie XVIII – when politics and sport do mix

Football has a proud history of providing politicians for the parliaments of Australia. But we need a full forward – can you help?

About Sir Doug Nicholls (from the Australian Dictionary of Biography)

Who is Sir Doug Nicholls after whom this round is named.

Find out from his entry in The Australian Dictionary of Biography (written by Richard Broome, published by MUP).

An open letter to Tom Wills

With just a few days to go in the crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary cash to repair Tom Wills grave, Marius Cuming has penned this letter to Tom.

Backing my Nick

Yoshi supports Nick Riewoldt in this latest ‘selfie’ controversy.

Flags in my lifetime

Earl’s about to hit the 50 milestone and evaluates the premierships won in his lifetime.