Round 8: The Wrap

The Wrap’s sage observations re this great game of ours, sorting out employment relations in public and the impact of the Friday night Bluebagger schedule on the bottom line of Video Easy. [He’s struck the same vein of form as The Tigers of Old – Ed]

VAFA – Fitzroy v St Bede’s: derrinalphil comes home

A classic match deserves a classicists’ report. Here is the report of I, derrinalphil, just back from Rome, where, from what he reports, he conquered Europe. He brought such hope to Brunswick Street Oval where, feeling at home, he watched the mighty Roys’ victory over the vanquished St Bede’s. [Very entertaining – as the match was – Ed]

The Gas, the `62 flag and ‘Marbuck’

Many stories came out of the Mick Nolan Memorial Day clash between the Mayne Tigers and Maroochydore Roos but none bigger than the 1962 Premiership flag returning to the Tigers after a 50+ year absence.

The Pre Wrap – Round VIII

Mr Wrap shares his Mortgage Busting; Investment Opportunity; Western Wonder and Wrap Roughy tips for Round VIII. Caveat emptor punters.

North Melbourne free zone

Matt Watson finds the inner (footy mad) child within all of us? What women couldn’t approve of home decorating by team colours?

Pick One update – Status Quo

There are still 20 tipsters in the Fitzroy Rotary Tip One comp. Click through for details

There’s a Place in the World for an Angry Young Man….

Tom Greenaway used to be an angry young man at the footy – fist in the air, head in the sand, you know the type. So why has his player abuse dimmed over the years?

Analysis: why has the Power’s run and carry stopped and dropped?

Dave Brown (somewhat gleefully) analyses the reasons behind the rise and fall of the Port Adelaide empire.

An Initiative that Has Everyone Happy with the Umpires

In one of the AFL’s great unsung initiatives, the Fiona McBurney Match Day Experience allows a child with Down syndrome to be the assistant for the umpires – or, as Bradley’s daughter Isabel calls them, “the quiet team.”

AFLPA Legends Series: Russell Greene

Recently I caught up with 300 game player (St Kilda and Hawthorn) Russell Greene to talk about footy, family, education, social inclusion, social attitudes and whatever else came up.

Country footy: Leitchville-Gunbower put on a premiership reunion weekend

The Leitchville-Gunbower Football Netball Club reunion went off with a bang. The footy team knocked over Elmore, the lamb was cooked perfectly, the jumpers were auctioned, the piano accordion came out, a sheep was sheared and many stories were told. All in all a great weekend.

Confessions of an MCG Pie-girl

After feeling the pressure to find a job, Bridget Schwerdt is employed at the MCG as a Pie-Girl. Here’s the story of the process and of her first sessions on the job when, possibly because of her mathematical skills, she is sent to become a Wiener Girl. [Very funny Bridget. We’ll be looking for you – Ed]

Footy History: On finding a holy (South Melbourne) relic

Jan Courtin has discovered a letter she wrote after some Geelong comments in an article in Footy Week stirred her up (terribly). Her Swans had enjoyed a brilliant victory over the fancied Geelong side. It’s actually the 50th anniversary of that letter! [Kids, check out how we used to send letters: typed out – Ed]

Footy History: The tragic tale of Alf Dear

A story from deep in the early days of VFL, when there were no lines between family tragedy and footballing career. John Donegan writes the story that needed to be told of Alf Dear.

2006 – The (Almost) All-Australian SSA Team: Top End Talent

Santa never made it into Darwin, but these kids did. Bastinac, Duncan, Ziebell, B Jacobs, Scully plus more, take us back to the good old days of bad haircuts and no tatts.

Freophile Corner: Dave Warner’s East Freo team of 2015

Each year, muso, footy fan, Freophile and lover of the good things in life, Dave Warner, picks a team made up of east Frementle players. It’s always pretty handy. Check the 2015 team.

The 2015 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round 7

And this week’s winner for most ground-breaking, speculative piece… Earl O’Neill puts in his two cents on, well, everything from Neale Daniher to the proposed new fixture system.

SANFL – Norwood v South Adelaide: Rulebook’s Redleg Report

Malcolm ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood offers his predictably sound footy and umpiring advice on the SANFL. He steps into more dangerous territory with some fashion and music advice.


Help us out with this amazing mark.

Supporters The Lifeblood Of Footy Clubs

Build it and they will come. If they don’t come the foundations will crumble. A thoughtful piece by Wes on why football clubs need supporters more than supporters need football clubs.