Missed opportunity with disjointed AFL-VFL fixtures

Jeff Dowsing sees an opening for the AFL, for the VFL, for clubs, for players and for fans. Bring on the change.

Finals Week 3 – Geelong v Sydney: Deja 2

What a disaster last Friday night was for Gary Caulfield and the Cats, somehow, it felt like he had seen it all before, Round 16, 2016.

Finals Week 3 – GWS Giants v Western Bulldogs: The Halted March of the Orange Army

Preston Towers reminds us that the GWS Giants are not an AFL entity but a club and a team with passionate supporters who were all marching together with pride. [Excellent perspective – Ed]

Tom Wills Grave Restoration: The Guardian’s Article

Russell Jackson from The Guardian writes about the Tom Wills Grave Restoration Restoration, after spending the morning with the Almanac’s own Phil Dimitriadis. [Another sensitive piece – JTH]

Almanac WAFL: Peel plunder WAFL premiership

Les Everett watches Peel Thunder win their first WAFL Grand Final after a tough game against Subiaco at Subiaco Oval on Sunday.

Dudley Street Doggies: Life of the Party

Quang and Han hosted Clem on Prelim Final day. It went off without a hitch. Almost.

Grand Final 2016: History is bunkum (sort of…)

bod has done the research and presents an analysis of the AFL finals system from 2000 to 2015.

Finals Week 3: Preliminary Finals – A Neutral Perspective

Taking the position of neutral observer, Peter Fuller provides an insightful analysis of the weekend’s Preliminary Finals.

Finals Week 3: A week of underdogs in both codes

Nick Kossatch on the incredible simultaneous stories of AFL Dogs and NRL Sharks.

Finals Week 3 – Geelong v Sydney: It’s Now Us Against the World! Carn the Mighty Bloods!

An excited and relieved Jan Courtin sees her Bloods into the Grand Final with a strong team performance against Geelong.

Can we now stop the whingeing?

Murray Bird responds to an observable Vic-centric state of footy affairs, offering comment on all the states and their competitions, and the running of the AFL (which he points out is the AUSTRALIA FL). Where does all the whingeing come from? [This should generate some interesting discussion – Ed]

Almanac Books: Champions All Extract – Ken Hunter on depression

Old Dog’s book, Champions All is finally out. 700 pages of punchy stories from 171 legends of the game over 8 decades of AFL/VFL footy. The honesty in it is often overwhelming. History often looks very different from the inside. Today, Ken Hunter on Depression.

The Final Wrap Report

The Wrap has assessed all of the protagonists from within the confines of the Wrapcave, presenting what you know to be true in The Final Wrap Report.

Almanac People – 28 John Francis Wynne: my first footy hero

Rulebook’s touching tribute to a great footballer and even better person – Two Eight – John Wynne

Talking and Discussing about Footy is more fun than Getting Money

Yoshi makes an excellent point about betting outlets and advertising on radio and TV when kids are listening and watching.

Finals Week 2 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: A Night To Remember

Alex Docherty relives the night the Bulldogs bought the reigning champs crashing back to earth. This victory will be remembered the Docherty household for some time.

State of the footy nation: time to address a few issues about good ordinary football at the second tier.

Terry Logozzo’s comment on Rulebook’s recent piece about second tier comps is worthy of being a post in its own right. So here it is.

50 Years On – The 1966 Footy Cards

Warwick Nolan discusses the 1966 Scanlen’s Footy Card series with a few interesting insights.

Almanac Laws of the Game: the best rule in the book

What’s the most obscure rule you’ve seen an umpire use? The weirdest thing on a footy field? Dave Brown has a couple of favourites

Tassie Footy: The Rainbows are the 2016 OSFA Premiers!

Another Tasmanian OSFA Grand Final match report, this time from Bill Eagle (or Bille Trethewie and friends) on how Tasmania University Football Club defeated Richmond in both seniors and reserves.

Finals Week 3 – Geelong v Sydney: Feline faith

There comes a time when your choice of Footy Club is questioned, Andrew Herscovitch shares the moment when his faith in Geelong was stretched.