1986 – A Year With The Blacks Round 14: Barrietown Revisited

In 2016, we take you back to AUFC’s Round 14 1986, which finds Gordon Agars revisiting some of his finest 1971 work. Starring West Croydon, Kilburn and Rosewater. Try to keep up.

Junior Footy – Banyule Colts v Whitehorse. Snags and Bags: Glass Half Full

Sean Mortell lost an all-important toss on a breezy day at Beverley Road, but that meant his Banyule Colts had the wind at their backs in the final quarter. Were they good enough to fight back?

Round 18 – Western Bulldogs v St Kilda: Analyze this

Our American Sainter, Glenn Brownstein, hopes to solve some Aussie mysteries, much as St Kilda solved the Bulldogs on Saturday night.

Round 18 Review: Transparency in the trade market? Bradley Hill goes home perhaps.

In Fearless’s analysis of Round 18, both Cousin Itt and Idina Menzel make appearances.

Footy. The game of heartache.

Kerrie, AKA “the Bulldog Tragician”, ruminates on the Dogs’ recent bad fortune.

Now you can play Australian Football in Iceland

There is an Australian football competition in Iceland. Two teams, playing nine-a-side. “It’s not overly complicated. There’s not too many rules. It’s very scruffy, a bit like Icelandic culture,” says Jacob Robertson, a half-Icelandic, half-Australian from Reykjavik.

In praise of Wally Junior

Neil Anderson, like most Bulldog supporters, was deeply affected by Mitch Wallis’ injury. “Thank God for the Almanac to be able to share thoughts when things are grim”, he writes.

Junior Footy: Fitzroy Youth Girls v Beverley Hills

Fitzroy Youth Girls were beaten at Victoria Park, but nevertheless remain in unchartered waters – a finals place is already booked.

Fitzroy Rotary Pick One Round 19 – only 103 left to beat

At the completion of Round 18, only 104 entrants remain in the running. Get the lowdown for your Round 19 “pick one” here.

Umpiring: the consolations of mythology

Dave Brown wonders, then thoroughly understands, why they need to point out umpires are human.

Round 18 – Sydney v Carlton: Ready the paddles…

Where’s that defibrillator? The Swans get the wobbles at the SCG, and so does Tom Bally.

The Final Stretch I: Casting Out into the Unknown

Cold hands, potato cakes and muddy grounds. Nick the Stats Guy reflects on his career as a junior footballer.

1986 – A Year With The Blacks Round 13: Give Me Park Terrace

Round 13 1986 was a quiet one for Gordon Agars. He barely made time to toss off this flimsy report, giving far too much prominence to fringe A8 player Darren ‘The Jerk’ Graetz.

AFL Fans Association (AFLFA) Press Release: Fans should be consulted on the 2017 fixture

As the AFL prepare the fixture for the 2017 season, fans are looking to have their say. Cheryl Critchley has sent us the AFL Fans’ Association press release.

Almanac Local Footy: Mullewa v Railways

Peter Sweeney, in his first piece for the Almanac, tells the story of small-town WA footy in an even smaller world. [Welcome Peter – JTH]

Round 17 Review: Fearless on the Kangas and other footy matters

Fearless recounts a round that had the Roos ruing and the Demons overcome by Saints.

Fitzroy Rotary Tip One Update

The latest on the Fitzroy Rotary Tip One.

Junior Almanac – Banyule Colts v Surrey Park: Snags and bag, back to the drawing board

The Banyule boys took on Surrey Park and one muddy cricket pitch.

Legendairy Farmers’ Day To Bring Fierce Rivals Together (on Aug 20)

Stanhope to play Girgarre to celebrate Legendairy Farmers’ Day.

Local Footy: Adelaide Lutheran, premiers 1986.

This was first published a few years ago for the 25th anniversary of the 1986 Adelaide Lutheran premiership. Well, five years have rolled on. The 1986 players are getting together with the 1991 premiership players (how many played in both?) this Saturday. Here’s the story of the first quarter. [Forget Gordon Agars – Ed]