AFL Round 5- Collingwood v North Melbourne: Easter Back at the ‘Bool

An Easter trip back to his hometown of Warrnambool sees Andrew Starkie reminiscing about past Old Collegian glory whilst watching North Melbourne go down to the Pies at Mac’s Hotel. He still loves home and the smell of the hot cross buns.

Local Ground

Kate Birrell is part of a dob in the park which the kids turn into far more than kick to kick. And a red moon for the walk home. [What Haiku Bob would give for a red moon - Ed]

Re-writing the laws of Maths: The bare-faced cheek and bulldust spin doctoring about names on jumpers

Maths is an exact science, says Sean Curtain. He’s not fussed either way by player names on the back of jumpers, but doesn’t like being bulldusted to by the AFL.

Mascot Masquerading

The AFL has become all about process. Even insofar as the employment of club mascots is concerned. This is mind-boggling, and very funny. Ged McMahon is in the running to be the Bombers’ mascot. [Love the encore with your beloved - Ed]

The 2014 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Five

Earl uses all technology at hand to help predict the final 8.

Footys4all footprint across the world

The children’s sporting foundation Footys4all, which delivers hope and a sporting opportunity to children in need across Australia and around the world, has delivered its 8,000th new ball in only 2 years of operation. Be inspired by some good news stories locally and globally.

Melbourne trades?

Melbourne traded selection number two (Josh Kelly) to Greater Western Sydney in exchange for selection number nine (Christian Salem) and talented, yet injury prone youngster Dom Tyson. Right decision? Too early to call? Jackson Clark considers the situation.

AFL Fans’ Association Petition

The AFL Fans’ Association is gaining a lot of traction. They gathered over 900 signatures outside the MCG yesterday as fans (especially Geelong members) were frustrated by the ticketing situation. Check out the petition here.

Even Carlton Greats

This is the most important piece Old Dog has ever written for the Footy Almanac. Everybody should read it.

WAFL Round 5: Not a good Friday for aligned teams

Les Everett reports on Round 5 of the WAFL.

Surely we have paid for our sins

The case for; the case against. Tony Robb remembers Good Fridays past and wonders what to do with the day. He concludes that the AFL will probably have a crack at Good Friday footy by giving Collingwood a trial – for 30 years.

Success through excess

Ironmike reacts to the “Poor Us” cry from the Sydney Swans.

The First Wonder of the 2014 Season

Step right up. Easter Monday’s clash between the Hawks and the Cats under the big top promises all the fun of the fair. [slightly bizarre and other worldly but I think I get it - Ed]

No sore losers here

Catherine Durkin saw a couple of games last weekend – and can hardly believe the contrast. They set her thinking.

Round 4 – Richmond v Collingwood: Haiku Bob – among the flotsam

Haiku Bob on Friday night’s rain-soaked game

AFL Round 4: It’s official! The Tigers have a finals hangover.

Fearless reports on a round that saw 7000 vulcans attend StarTrek Oval and a win-less Melbourne finally sort out their structural issues – but Jumping Jack was once again nowhere to be found.

Round 4: The 2014 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup

In this weeks wrap-up, Earl O’Neill introduces you to your new favourite band and ponders why so many good players have forgotten how to play.

Malthouse feelings and car park lessons

A Latrobe seminar involving Mick Malthouse and a chance conversation with Mark Stevens have Danni Eid thinking. [Thoughtful piece - Ed]

Names on jumpers: no need

Call him a rusted on, Bartlettesque barnacle on the traditions of the game, but the addition of names to the back of players’ jumpers is a bad idea, says Ged McMahon.

Sydney Swans: Inhaling too much?

Stuart Hunter has a theory (or ten) for why his Sydney Swans have started poorly. Has too much inside knowledge about the Swans been traded to other clubs? Or has Stuart been inhaling dangerous chemicals?