Enough is Enough (yes, the Goodes saga)

Saint66 calls for the “Chill Pill” in this whole “Goodes saga”. Here he explains his position.

Adam Goodes: His Legacy

Braham Dabscheck argues that Adam Goodes has forced Australia to confront the “ugly” side of itself.

Almanac Wheelchair Tennis: Competition half a world away from tragedy

Henry de Cure plays Wheelchair Tennis on the world tour (with a world ranking of 69). And he’s a Crows man. This is Henry’s story of how a tournament in South Africa coincided with news of Phil Walsh, and the ongoing search for meaning.

Goodes, AFLPA, Fans, Media – where to from here?

Geordie McMillan takes aim at some of his Hawks’ actions regarding the “Goodes Issue”.

Don’t Like Banging Your Head On A Table?

As the Goodes issue rolls on, Damien Little and The People’s Elbow find a practical way of directing support towards Adam (and his former teammate, Michael O’Loughlin), if you’re so inclined, of course.

A guide to busting the Adam Goodes excuses

Lachie Gaylard weighs in on the Adam Goodes debate with his deconstruction of the “I’m not racist, I boo Goodesy because…” arguments.

Please fill me in on what has happened today in the Goodes booing issue?

I have been flat out all day. Can you please help me by recounting the direction of public discussion in the Goodes booing issue today?

Mob Mentality

Josh Pinn states his case against the booing of the 2014 Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes.

Stop and Listen, AFL: The Goodes Debate

David Zita dwells on the Adam Goodes crowd reaction debate. Simply put, it’s a complex issue with, as is often the case in life, far too much grey for reductive black and white posturing – on both sides of the argument.

AFL Multicultural Round – An AFL Umpire’s Journey…via Cambodia

With the AFL Multicultural Round just around the corner from 7-9 August, Wesley Hull takes the opportunity to look at some lesser-known examples of how people with vastly diverse ethnic and multicultural backgrounds have contributed to the great game of Australian Rules Football. Meet Sampho from Cambodia.

VAFA – St Bedes Mentone v Fitzroy: Roys faint hopes Tyquinated in feint battle at Brindisi

The Roys found it mighty tough away to St Bedes but the warmth of the North Fitzroy Arms helped get things back on track. King George III was there.

WAFL Round 18: A Royal announcement

Les Everett reviews Round 18 of the WAFL, as East Perth gives the rest of the competition clear message after thrashing South Fremantle on the weekend.

Fitzroy Rotary Pick One Winner Update: Round 16

Peter Hille updates us with the latest Fitzroy Pick One info.

Almanac Unicycling: On the National Championships, Davis Cup, NEAFL and Phil Walsh

Unicycle hockey? Anne Cahill-Lambert heads to Darwin to watch this unique sport, and also catches a game of footy in which her niece is involved as an assistant coach. And, in this general sports chat, ACL comments on the grief of the Phil Walsh tragedy.

Round 16 – Adelaide v Port Adelaide: Two codes, one city and over 107,000 people.

Chris Michaels reflects on a couple of days that saw the Adelaide Oval packed for an emotional Showdown between the Crows and Power, as well as EPL giants Liverpool taking on Adelaide United in the world game.

The (Renovated) Statistical Premiership Window

The time-honoured Damien Little Premiership Window. So, who wins the flag? This is quite remarkable.

The 2015 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Sixteen

Earl O’Neill with his thoughts on Round 16. Includes the Dalai Lama, General William Slim and the Barassi Line. (But sadly, no Perky Girl references-Ed)

People and memoir: Jan Courtin and her long-standing love affair with the Swans

Jan Courtin shares more of her treasure trove of South Melbourne Football Club history with us: A night at a Players’ Ball in 1964.

Brisbane Lions a cinch to win

Iron Mike reports on a 20 year old sporting curse that threatens to ruin Boomer’s 400th this weekend.

Portrait of the Tiger as an Old Man

He might even stand you a pint.