Second Port of call: The Power’s best 22 from another club

Mike Hugo sits down at the selection table for Port Adelaide. How has he done?

Go back to where you came from: A best XXI celebrating 25 years of questionable recruiting at Carlton

For every Matt Clape, there’s a Cain Ackland and a Cloke. The People’s Elbow looks at Carlton’s recruiting over the past 25 years…

This Game of Ours

Thank whomever for the (Bentleigh) Salvos or else Swish may not have fossicked out this seldom-seen book of 90s footy fan writing.

Almanac Fiction: Back to school (a.k.a. Summer dreams Part 2)

David Wilson’s next instalment of Daz; the young fella we met having summer dreams. School is back.

Who’s versing? – Port Adelaide

Alex Darling continues a poetic look at the AFL sides with some Port observations

AFL Asian Championships – Match Report

Match Report on Lao Elephants Triumphant Div 2 Asian Championships [Great yarn, maybe worth a bucket list – ed]

The gift that kept on giving

Glen has a crack at a Bulldogs team that departed the Kennel

Collingwood’s best 22 Non-Victorians

Phil Dimitriadis’s latest piece on Collingwood’s best 22 Non-Victorian players

Why Tasmania’s never had an AFL Team – and why that won’t change anytime soon

Alex Darling provides a solid argument why a Tassie based AFL Team is unviable

The Foreign Legion

Pre-season is a time for hope, Wesley Hull shares his optimism for Essendon’s Season

Merging with footy by Les Everett

Les Everett stumbled upon a footy show at the Perth’s ‘Fringe World Festival’ of all places. He is now a premiership player.

Not to be forgotten: the 22 best Crows re-treads

No apology necessary, Lord Bogan. Anything Victorians can do, South Australians can do in reverse order. Including the best Crows team that started elsewhere.

Whatever Exclamation Glen can do for Geelong, Lord Bogan can do for Collingwood

Exclamation Glen! That mysterious man with no surname and a proclivity for unnecessary emphasis has inspired me this week. Glen! got me thinking about the best 22 to represent the Pies who started their careers at other VFL/AFL clubs. Indeed, there is a VFL/AFL bias in this team and my apologies go out to Ashwood, Baulderstone, Brown, Randall and Schwerdt in advance.

Speakola: Fabulous at the Lodge

A ripping speech from Alex Marcou detailing Carlton’s trips to the Lodge in the early ’80s.

Banner Matters

Alex Darling gives us a look at the behind-the-scenes world of the Carlton Cheer Squad as it prepares the banner for Mick Malthouse’s record breaker.

The Man From Maribyrnong River

Andrew Leonedas has a crack at the mob from Maribyrnong

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life 2016 – A Quick Follow-up

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life 2016 continues with Eddie Watch and injury updates

Console-ation – in loving memory of AFL video games

“The golden age of footy video games” is a phrase rarely heard in Almanac circles. Alex Darling has changed all that.

Geelong shows the benefit of recycling

Glen’s fourth Quaddy leg is this list of players whose careers kicked on once they moved to Sleepy Hollow. Give us yours.

Aussie Rules: Explaining footy to a foreigner

Growing up with Australian Football leads to certain understandings. Alex Darling remembers trying to explain the game to a international visitor. [Have you tried this? How did you go?]