Haiku Bob – Round 1 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: familiar scent

You can hear the sigh in Haiku Bob as he reflects on the lingering summer, one of his in another jumper and the familiar feeling of defeat.

Haiku Bob is in town from Sweden to launch his two books of haiku (Dec 16)

Come and celebrate the launch of Rob Scott’s (aka Haiku Bob) first major collections of haiku. TONIGHT.

The 5th Annual AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai

Haikui Bob invites you to participate in real-time haikui kukai (haiku gathering) by calling the game in haiku. Are you up to the challenge?

Haiku Bob – Round 22 – the far corners (A Dane Swan Tribute)

Instead of his weekly match report, and in the wake of Dane Swan’s sad and slightly premature retirement, Haiku Bob has waded through his haiku match reports over the years and come across a highlights reel of his own. Thanks for the memories, Swanny.

Haiku Bob – Round 21 – plus or minus

Haiku Bob reflects on the Pies tight loss to the Bulldogs.

Haiku Bob – Round 19 – in a patch of sunlight

Haiku Bob’s has his unique perspective on the Pies win on Saturday afternoon against the Eagles.

Haiku Bob – Round 17 – all the spaces

Haiku Bob’s latest Collingwood installment. Watching the last quarter on auto pilot….

Haiku Bob – Round 16 – moment not believing

Collingwood and Giants, Haiku Bob reflects on the unbelievable.

Haiku Bob – Round 15 – Down to the Last

Haiku Bob’s take on the Pies scrappy win against the Blues.

Haiku Bob – Round 14: The Ties That Bind

Inspired by his travels to Gothenburg Haiku Bob juxtaposes Bruce Springsteen and Collingwood

Round 11 – Collingwood v Port Adelaide – Haiku Bob: Anchored in the backline

Haiku Bob. His words say it all.

Haiku Bob – Round 10 – Same old moon

Haiku Bob unique take on the Pies loss to the Bulldogs.

Haiku Bob – Round 9 – What light there is

Haiku Bob and his unique take on the Pies win against the Cats in Round 9.

Haiku Bob – Round 8 – Light at one end

Haiku Bob and his unique take on the Pies round 8 win.

Haiku Bob – Round 6 – Still clings slowly

Haiku Bob his take on the Pies loss against the Eagles.

Haiku Bob – Round 5: A Different Pitch

Haiku Bob sums up Anzac Day.

Round 3 – Haiku Bob – At Least the Moon

Haiku Bob summarises Round 3 in his inimitable way.

Haiku Bob – Round 1 – On holiday

Haiku Bob interrupts his family holiday in Bali to watch the Pies continue theirs.

Parades and Brightly Coloured Men – The 2015 AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai

Haiku Bob convened the fourth annual Grand Final haiku kukai which brought contributions from around the world. Here are some of the 200 poems that were written.

Haiku Bob – Round 23 – gone too soon

Haiku Bob on the Pies loss in the Final round of 2015.