Round 13 – Haiku Bob: through the lines

Haiku Bob’s response to a tight contest in Perth.

Haiku Bob – Round 11 – fifty the sky

The moments when silence says it all: Haiku Bob on the lengthening winter shadows that oversee a Collingwood victory.

Round 9 – Haiku Bob: sun in the clouds

Weather. Pies. Dane Swan. Victory.

Haiku Bob – Round 8 – wherever you look

What a difference a week makes: “10 goals up/We start talking again/About the future.”

Round 7 – Richmond v Collingwood: Haiku Bob – So We Tell Ourselves

That Confucius of Concision is at it again, this time from international Krakow.

Haiku Bob – Round 6 – cracking boughs

Haiku Bob muses on Collingwood’s fall from grace against the Cats.

Haiku Bob – Round 5 – evenly spaced

Haiku Bob tells the story of Carlton’s loss to Collingwood in – not surprisingly – Haiku.

Round 4 – Essendon v Collingwood: As Far As The Sky

“Drop punt goes as far/As the sky”. The Master of Concision, Haiku Bob, makes a welcome return with his unique take on the big ANZAC Day clash.

Round 2 – Haiku Bob: Rooted in the square

Haiku Bob is back with his poetic take on Collingwood’s loss to the Crows. The ghost of Daicos would have been handy roaming the half forward flank….

Hamstrings and Bedsprings – AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai

When too much haiku is never enough, its the Grand Final haiku-athon. When haikusters (haikuers?-Ed) from around the globe gather to celebrate the power of big meanings in small verses.

Round 23 – Haiku Bob – down to earth

Rob Scott writes in from the Last Haiku Saloon where spring refuses to bloom for his Magpies this season.

Round 22 – Haiku Bob – filling holes

Haiku Bob is (pleasantly) surprised to find himself penning a winning Haiku for his Magpies in the wet in Sydney.

Round 21 – Haiku Bob – all the clocks

Clocks, petals, a door. Haiku Bob tries to make sense of another Collingwood loss.

Round 20 – Haiku Bob – cusp of spring

Haiku Bob gazes upon a Super Moon, and a Magpie loss.

Round 19 – Haiku Bob – in two minds

Haiku Bob finds some late winter sun as his Magpies eke out a hard fought win.

Round 18 – Haiku Bob – thin ice

Dead branches, ice, clouds – Haiku Bob knows a slump when he sees one.

Round 17 – Haiku Bob – players faintly

Haiku Bob finally brings himself to write about the Magpies’ decline and Maxwell’s departure.

Round 16 – Haiku Bob – tripping on waves

News has arrived in Lapland of Collingwood’s loss and the Little Master’s season demise. Haiku Bob reports from the Land of the Midnight Suns.

Round 15 – Haiku Bob – where the moon is

It’s all about the moon, the cold and beating the Blues in Haiku Bob’s take on the Collingwood v Carlton game

AFL Round 14 – Haiku Bob – Darkness Spills

Haiku Bob laments what might have been as darkness spills over his Magpies.