Crio’s Question: Jobs that aren’t all they’re cracked up to be?

You’ll find them in the Classifieds. “Get paid to go to sports events.” How could you possibly go wrong?
Crio reminds us that “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is”.
Nominations please.

Crio’s Question: What brainstorms have been short-lived?

Crio notes that last week the AFL gave a quiet burial to the ‘numbers on jumpers’ idea. What other brainwaves have been quietly shelved by sporting administrators?

Crio’s Question: Unheralded sports?

At a time when we are lost for choice with top line sport around the globe, Crio asks about the low profile participation sports that are flowering unheralded. Bicycle polo? Ultimate Frisbee? What are you seeing or playing?

Crio’s Question: Incongruous endorsements?

Crio has heard the ad for the Diamond Guys, and their endorsement from the AFLPA, and it has reminded him of some unlikely associations including Popes, politicians and sports stars.

Crio’s Question: Who else gets both barrels?

Which players do you notice always being referred to by both their given name and surname? Crio offers a couple. What about you?

Crio’s Question: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em?

Cricket Australia, Murali, spin-coach, laws of cricket…? Your thoughts…?

Crio’s Question: Has life gotten in the way of a big sporting event?

The magnificent World Cup is clashing with magnificent Year 12 obligations in the Crio household. Timing; the importance of timing. How do you prioritise in these situations? Are you successful? Or are you not?

Crio’s Question: “What windsock?”

Air-conditioning? Windsocks? Watering/drying the pitch? Crio asks: what scams have been used to gain an edge?

Crio’s Question: Can a flutter become a disease?

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week challenged us to check ourselves and our mates for any signs of danger – Crio’s timely reminder

Crio’s Question: “Protected species”

An open-ended poser from Crio.

Crio’s Question: Unique actions – who did you mimic?

Ripper question from Crio this week. Who had a unique action that you couldn’t help mimicking in the backyard? The Kennedy stutter; McEnroe’s service action; Tangles chest on bowling action………

Crio’s Q?

Crio is on the lookout for your cross-code gurus. He’s happy for you to remember some. We think he’s happy for you to make some up as well.

Crio’s Question: The responsibility of coaches?

To win? To look after the game?

Crio’s Question: Forget the national anthem

There are concert halls for concerts and Moomba for parades. At footy, Crio expects footy.

Crio’s Question: Why bother?

Is there honestly any need to stick by your poor-performing team? A controversial poser from Crio.

Crio’s Question : Hanging Yourself by the Tongue?

Crio considers Mick’s capacity for hubris, bravado and overstatement. Hoist by his own petard? What other examples can you recall of big statements coming back to haunt?

Crio’s Q: Plucked unknowns who haven’t made it

Crio’s thoughts turned to the high pick, plucked from relative obscurity, who hasn’t made it. (Any sport – Ed)

Crio’s Q(uandary): Is the footy fish rotting – head down or tail up?

Crio the Elder asks the citizens of Rome “has the rot gone to far?” Is Caesar Minor spending too much of the wealth on distant provinces in Asia Minor? “Friends, footy fans, countrymen lend Crio your wise counsel.”

Crio’s Q: what does Green mean?

Crio observes the recent prominence of the Green and asks, for the rest of the year, is Green best avoided? And how?

Crio’s Q?

Crio sets the Almanacker community another challenge. Who will be a soothsayer? [Great question, Crio. Interested in the response - Ed]