Crio’s Question: Why bother?

Is there honestly any need to stick by your poor-performing team? A controversial poser from Crio.

Crio’s Question : Hanging Yourself by the Tongue?

Crio considers Mick’s capacity for hubris, bravado and overstatement. Hoist by his own petard? What other examples can you recall of big statements coming back to haunt?

Crio’s Q: Plucked unknowns who haven’t made it

Crio’s thoughts turned to the high pick, plucked from relative obscurity, who hasn’t made it. (Any sport – Ed)

Crio’s Q(uandary): Is the footy fish rotting – head down or tail up?

Crio the Elder asks the citizens of Rome “has the rot gone to far?” Is Caesar Minor spending too much of the wealth on distant provinces in Asia Minor? “Friends, footy fans, countrymen lend Crio your wise counsel.”

Crio’s Q: what does Green mean?

Crio observes the recent prominence of the Green and asks, for the rest of the year, is Green best avoided? And how?

Crio’s Q?

Crio sets the Almanacker community another challenge. Who will be a soothsayer? [Great question, Crio. Interested in the response - Ed]

Crio’s Q: checking the screen

Two part question this week. Crio is looking for examples of sportspeople checking themselves out on the big screen. And of moments when screenshots would have been instructive (think ’79 Grand Final).

Crio’s Question : The good old bad old days?

Crio is trying hard to shake his ‘grumpy old man’ perspective. Can we all convince ourselves that modern sport is a glass ‘half full’ and not ‘half empty’?

Crio’s Question : Hidden Gems?

Crio reviews the last week’s crowded sporting landscape, and in the words of many racecallers in a blanket finish “you don’t know where to look”. Let us know what hidden gems you enjoyed.

Crio’s Question : Is Defence the best form of Attack?

Crio reviews Seattle and Chelsea’s impressive wins of the last week and wonders if a top defence will always triumph over a top attack?

Crio’s Question : Have the Olympics run their race?

Crio reckons the Olympic Games are farcical and corrupt. Is it time to call an end to the world’s biggest sporting carnival?

Crio’s Q? Book reviews please, or at least some recommendations.

Crio asks for recommendations of books you have read in recent times. Or any times really.

Crio’s Question : Unexpected Joys?

Crio shares some of the unexpected sporting classics he chanced upon. What are your memories of a great encounter you saw by accident?

Crio’s Question : What causes the mighty to fall?

Crio ponders what causes the elite performer to unexpectedly turn it up on the turn, and stagger home like a crippled crab? Unexpected ‘Barry Crockers’ and their causes? Dr Freud or Dr Turf?

Crio’s Question : Rating the Under-rated?

Crio thinks that Younis Khan (who?) is an under-rated cricketer. Name your under-rated competitors in any sport, and help us shed light on why they never get the attention of the ‘stars’.

Crio’s Question : The Grand Annual Purge?

Crio reckons its time for your annual purge of all the toxins, waste and blubber (should that be blabber?) in sport. Time to let it all out Knackers, so those wankers can be better people in 2014.

Crio’s Question: Who missed their moment?

Cricket critics are this morning dumbfounded by the draw played out between South Africa and India. What do others think of their decisions? And are there other moments when athletes, to their cost, failed to “seize the day”?

Crio’s Question: Helping Santa out – who’s been naughty not nice?

Crio is assembling a list for Santa of those who helped themselves to presents this year, and should be sent to the naughty room for the festive season. Help Santa out with your list of chimneys to avoid.

Crio’s Question: When is your number up?

Crio asks what numbers have a special significance for you in sport?

Crio’s Question: Will a team of a..holes beat an a..hole team?

Crio thinks ‘team bonding’ is over-rated. Does liking your team mates help performance? Let us know what you think.