Almanac Blind Tennis: Help locals to reach the inaugural Blind Tennis International Tournament – in Spain

Australians have been invited to compete at the inaugural Blind Tennis International Tournament, to be held in Spain, this May. A disability allowance only stretches so far – let’s get behind these everyday champs. [Link to a donations page appears in the article].

Rolling into Rod Laver Arena – #AusOpen Mens Quad Wheelchair Singles final

Anyone for tennis? Wheelchair tennis that is! Joseph Ryan relives his first encounter of wheelchair tennis as Dylan Alcott takes out the Australian Open Quad Wheelchair Final at Rod Laver Arena.

Tennis and Eternity

Under the glorious elms at Yarrawonga, Dips ponders the essentials of life; generational change and mortality, tennis, music, and realising, as Shakespeare wrote, that “life is but a walking shadow.”

Dear Mr. Federer,

Danni Eid never doubted Roger. She wants him to live forever – please!

Nadal v Federer – why we love an epic contest

Having given the game of tennis away after the indiscretions of Kyrgios and Tomic, Craig Dodson finds joy in an epic on Rod Laver between Federer and Nadal.

Ignorance can’t be ignored!

Jan Courtin comes down hard on a gaff in a presentation.

Anyone for Tennis?

A week at the tennis concluding with the tragedy in Bourke Street puts thing in perspective for the Robb family.

Bold sporting predictions… for 2037

Twenty years have passed, and the world of sport has undergone a semi-revolution. Luckily, Hamish Neal is here to guide us through 2037’s sporting landscape.

Tennis anyone?

Worried about the lack of interest at his local tennis club, Joeya shares his opinions and predictions for the upcoming Australian Open.

Our obsession with the best (sometimes) means poor behaviour is tolerated

dam asks; Should ultimate sports success excuse poor behaviour, If you were to shun a sports person for conduct and attitude in 2017, who would it be? A few other gems worth considering.

Maria got lucky. Why two years wasn’t enough.

Hamish Neal on why two years may have not been enough for Maria Sharapova.

Cheater – Who Me?

Cheating. What is it and how do we police it? Robbo takes through a few of the issues and highlights the differences between some sports. This is a topic worthy of much discussion.

Almanac Weekend Sports Rewind 7th March

All the Sporting results that matter.

Almanac Weekend Rewind – Leap Year edition

All the weekend scores and results you may have missed

Tennis Whispers

Evocative summer words and image from Kate Birrell.

Rod Laver is a great. But I’m not sold on the Laver Cup.

Hamish Neal serves up his thoughts on the Laver Cup

The Queen is Dead. Long Live the Queen.

The angst of a youthful loss is not lost on Dips

The Tent Hill Tennis Club

A beauty from Glen Natalier; memories of tennis in the Lockyer Valley [One of the kids in the photograph c1948 is Cecil Logan, my (late) uncle. He was as big a character as Uncle Stan. Glen Natalier, is a former teaching colleague of mine – he grew up on the farm just up the road from my grandparents’ spud and watermelon farm. You haven’t played tennis until you’ve played on antbed – JTH]

Almanac Book Review: Open (Andre Agassi)

I think he liked the book.

Almanac Weekend Wrap

Keep up to date with this weekend’s Alamanc Sporting Weekend Wrap