Silly, childish and pointless. Yes, but I’ll ‘boo’ if I want to.

In Praise of Booing: Sean Curtain mounts a spirited defence of the much-maligned art. Don’t tell him he can’t boo. It’s the crowd’s right to have a crack.

Tennis: The Big Four

Bernard Whimpress sums up the Big Four in contemporary world tennis. [Rather concisely and neatly - Ed]

Kokky in the Back Yard

Another beauty from Kate Birrell. What’s better? The painting or the story? The story or the painting? You decide.

Australian Open: Oh Bernie

MIddle Australia speaks on behalf of Middle Australia regarding the disappointing end to Bernie’s Open.

Australian Open : Frank Dancevic v Bernard Tomic

Our Australian Open Tennis correspondent braved his heated imagination to bring you this pictorial report on yesterday’s epic Centre Court battle between Frank Dancevic and Bernard Tomic (or Snoopy as he is affectionately known around the Almanac locker room).

Who do I send the invoice to?

Saint66 has REALLY had it with the cross-promotional advertising on televised sport. Who knew that My Restaurant Rules is now an Olympic sport?

Australian Open: Taking no prisoners

Rod Oaten braved the heat so that you didn’t have to. Here’s his report from day 1 of the Australian Open. Some old-fashioned women’s tennis, and an injury for Hass – or was it?

Lazy media days of Summer

Tony Robb reckons media coverage of summer sport is as predictable as “night follows day”. Let us know your favourite media beat-up staple: “best ever pre-season”??

Australian Open: DNQ

Swish Schwerdt asks: What was Spaniard Oscar Hernandez doing trying to qualify for the Grand Slam of the Asia-Pacific?

Tennis: Follow a Stranger

After his first visit to the Australian Open last year, Swish Schwerdt hit on a method of keeping the interest up all year long.

Sam Stosur: Is she not pretty enough?

Phil Dimitriadis is perplexed. Why doesn’t Sam Stosur get the recognition she deserves?

Tennis is big business

Jake “Cobba” Stevens looks at sponsorship in men’s tennis and finds some surprising results.

Australian Open Tennis: Head v Heart

John Harms is letting his heart rule when looking for the winners at the tennis. He’s followed a few out of loyalty over the years – and not just tennis players.

Tennis: Grunting

Cheryl Critchley just doesn’t get tennis grunting.

Understanding the decline of Australian tennis

John Harms explains the root cause of the decline of Australian tennis.

Australian Open: The contenders

Jake “Cobba” Stevens brings you all you need to know about the main contenders in this year’s men’s singles of the Australian Open with an infographic.

Middle Australia Report: Tomic the Tank Engine II

Enough is enough. Bernard Tomic should no longer be allowed to play for Australia in Davis Cup or even be supported by Tennis Australia after his appalling display in last weekend’s Davis Cup tie against Germany. We commented on what a dud he was at the US Open when he didn’t try in his match [Read more]

So where should I go this week?

by Joey Agerholm As a kid I expected to grow up and play sport for a living, now I’d be happy enough just being able to watch it full time. This morning I lay on the couch and imagined myself as a fairly successful sportswriter who gets to pick and choose events to visit and [Read more]

Come on Jimmy, come on!

    by Steve Alomes I had been on what might have been a busman’s holiday. You can now travel the world by sporting big events, or even as a casual participant player (have golf clubs, will travel). My journey was a little different. It involved different cities, other activities, a little dutiful art gallery [Read more]

Sports of All Sorts

                                                              Sports of all sorts                                                      By Anastasia Dimitriadis                                                                   Grade 6   As a little child, sport has always and still [Read more]