GWS and NRL Converts- The Bigger Picture

I am by no means surprised by the negative reaction to Folau’s signing.  Not too long ago I completed a Master’s thesis about the commercialisation of sport and the impact this has had on the sporting community.  I wrote about how games were once an expression of the people, where citizens gathered for a common [Read more]

Can he make the step?

It’s been a contrasting week for Israel. One has had a shocker while the other has landed a nice earner with GWS. I leave debate about the former as one should never talk about politics and sport in the same thread, FINA and IOC corruption withstanding. Instead, I invite discussion on the latter as the [Read more]

Tennis: The more things change…

by Andrew Gigacz It’s just over four months since Sam Stosur bowed out of the Australian Open. You might remember Stosur’s brave but ultimately unsuccessful effort against Serena Williams. But you could hardly be blamed for not being able to recall it. Why? Because as that exciting match was unfolding, the Seven Network, in their [Read more]

Killing the goose that laid the golden egg?

In light of the future expansion of sporting teams in Melbourne I was wondering if the “sports capital of the world” may be starting to spread itself a little thinly and start to test the capital’s reputation for turning up to anything including the opening of an envelope. Mondays night’s attendance of 55,000 to what [Read more]

LINK: Mascot Hall of Shame

The Alamanac editors once knew of a St Kilda Ruckle who got into a fully fledged punch-on while still in uniform (although the head fell off during proceedings). But this pales when compared to some mascot misadventures overseas. The Independent has compiled a photo gallery of the Mascot’s Hall of Shame.

LINK: The True Cost of Sporting Festivals

As governments around the world clamour to host the world’s great sporting events, do we ever stop to consider who really wins from these deals? The Guardian Sportblog takes a disturbing look at the social dislocation resulting from New Delhi’s hosting of the Commonwealth Games.


The Best of Van Halen has a quote on the liner notes: “what is understood need not be discussed”. I can’t remember the attribution, but it makes a certain amount of sense. In sport, there are a few things that are known. A week is a long time. The boys on the winning team really [Read more]

Regional Communities and Sport: A Comment

by Bill Walker One only has to only look via any of the plethora of mediums for sourcing, processing and transferring news to see that the basic values and foundations of sport today have been swept up and pummelled by fast and diversely evolving business tsunami. Either through design or chance the status quo has [Read more]

Urban Legends: Flynny’s out!

 by Chris Riordan High-profile Almanacker, Peter Flynn, was humbled by “security” last Thursday night in Warrnambool and refused entry to fabled “Whalers” bar and nightspot. Under intense questioning, the uniformed bear (No.15) defied Peter’s logic with “I’ve already made my decision!” and made it clear that no further correspondence would be considered. It seems that [Read more]


by Damian O’Donnell I hate winter. It’s cold and dark and depressing. Everyone goes a little bit pale and adults get a little bit fatter. To make things worse, the fat bits that accumulate around your midriff in winter look whiter than your summer skin so there is no doubt that its winter fat. Winter [Read more]


The national anthem brings the dawn service at the Reservoir cenotaph to a close and a greying man wrapped in black and white trumpets, Carna Pies! Some giggle into their winter coats while a few women puff on heartstarters.  Children hang from parents’ arms.  A craggy digger approaches another standing at the rear of the [Read more]

Real Storm surprise is that people are surprised

It has been a most tumultuous week in Australian sport. Well, in Australian professional sport. You have to be specific because I reckon professional sport and normal, everyday, garden-variety sport are actually quite different. One is about commerce, the other is about the game. The tumult comes from the exposure of the flagrant salary cap [Read more]

Storm fans need another Lazarus moment

Rugby league isn’t my game of choice. In fact, I can honestly say I’ve never been to one solitary game in any of my 33 years. My first real sense of association with it was at an unlikely event on a glorious spring day in 1999. North Melbourne had won the flag the day before, [Read more]

Question: The Storm over The Storm

What does the Almanac community think of the Melbourne Storm drama? Just deserts or overly harsh? Is this the end of NRL in Melbourne? If so, do we care? Are there any AFL implications? Fire away folks.

Why should the salary cap strangle homegrown stars?

Melbourne Storm’s hanging has concentrated my mind. Try this proposal on for size: To preserve a competitive AFL, drafted players should be subject to their club’s salary cap for their first three seasons, as should established players acquired from other AFL clubs. To preserve club loyalties, I don’t see why clubs should be restricted from [Read more]


The past week in world sport has presented leading players, coaches and teams in a fascinating array of lights and reminds us of why we react to the sporting performances with such emotion and passion.  Of particular interest has been the way a number of champions have handled the limelight, adversity and pressure and what [Read more]

Golf: Mastering Augusta

by Peter Flynn The second weekend of April is always a special (I’d even go as far as to say a delicious) time for golf fans. It’s US Masters time. It’s like Christmas when you were a kid. The challenging Augusta National layout in conjunction with the tournament’s mystique and quirky traditions present a thorough [Read more]

Stawell: The Gift that keeps on giving

by Damian O’Donnell A boy, perhaps sixteen years old, works the pedals of his bicycle as he struggles with the blustery wind that is blowing across his right shoulder. It threatens on several occasions to blow him off the bitumen. The undulating road carves its way through the tough dry country of north western Victoria. [Read more]

Stawell Gift: The Call of Stawell

by Rod Oaten As it turned out I was very happy I didn’t go to the Fish Bowl behind Spencer Street  railway station for the Don’s game against a team called Fremantle. I even had a free ticket but  no one in their right mind would want to see a game against  a corporate team [Read more]

Extreme Sports: Common newspaper puzzle injuries

by Andrew Gigacz In recent weeks there have been some vicious rumours, spread mainly by some of our young whippersnapper Almanackers, that I once broke my nose whilst completing a Sudoku puzzle. I would like to use this forum to set the record straight about such unfounded, malicious allegations. These charges have been extremely hurtful [Read more]