The past week in world sport has presented leading players, coaches and teams in a fascinating array of lights and reminds us of why we react to the sporting performances with such emotion and passion.  Of particular interest has been the way a number of champions have handled the limelight, adversity and pressure and what [Read more]

Golf: Mastering Augusta

by Peter Flynn The second weekend of April is always a special (I’d even go as far as to say a delicious) time for golf fans. It’s US Masters time. It’s like Christmas when you were a kid. The challenging Augusta National layout in conjunction with the tournament’s mystique and quirky traditions present a thorough [Read more]

Stawell: The Gift that keeps on giving

by Damian O’Donnell A boy, perhaps sixteen years old, works the pedals of his bicycle as he struggles with the blustery wind that is blowing across his right shoulder. It threatens on several occasions to blow him off the bitumen. The undulating road carves its way through the tough dry country of north western Victoria. [Read more]

Stawell Gift: The Call of Stawell

by Rod Oaten As it turned out I was very happy I didn’t go to the Fish Bowl behind Spencer Street  railway station for the Don’s game against a team called Fremantle. I even had a free ticket but  no one in their right mind would want to see a game against  a corporate team [Read more]

Extreme Sports: Common newspaper puzzle injuries

by Andrew Gigacz In recent weeks there have been some vicious rumours, spread mainly by some of our young whippersnapper Almanackers, that I once broke my nose whilst completing a Sudoku puzzle. I would like to use this forum to set the record straight about such unfounded, malicious allegations. These charges have been extremely hurtful [Read more]

Baseball: Fanatical Phillies fans to rejoice in 2010

by Tim Ivins 10am Monday morning, Eastern Standard Time, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox will step out, not onto the turf of the SCG as was suggested by the Daily Telegraph to the shock and chagrin of American baseball fans everywhere but rather the history steeped Fenway Park. Over the coming 6 [Read more]

On the sidelines, in the outer

By Patrick O’Keeffe I am frustrated. The immediate source of my frustration is an injury that is preventing me from running. For me, running is like addiction. Let’s be frank, running is my life. I haven’t run for 6 days and I’m experiencing major withdrawals. Running keeps me balanced. I need to run. I am [Read more]

Two Kings

by Andrew Starkie Down the phone from his home in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, Jack Rennie has a softly scoured, Brando like voice.  He is welcoming, patient and as he speaks, his memory opens and he joyously recounts one of our great sporting moments. ‘He was king of Australia at the time,’ recalls Jack, former trainer [Read more]

Speech: D.J. Carey and the ‘craic’

This is an edited version of a speech given by Paul Daffey to Melbourne’s Irish History Circle at the Celtic Club in February 2010. I stand before you in the GAA jersey of Kilkenny, one of the combined 32 counties of the Republic and the North, all of whom contest the annual All-Ireland Championship in [Read more]

Obituary: An untimely end to a Sporting Life

by Andrew Gigacz Visitors to these pages who are regular readers of the Age will be saddened to hear of the passing of the stalwart of that paper’s Sporting Life column, Geoff McClure. Geoff died yesterday, aged just 59, after a long struggle with cancer. For those of you out there looking to find someone [Read more]

Motor Racing: Getting in touch with one’s inner bogan

by Anne Fedorowytsch Once a year for three days I let my inner Bogan out to play. The occasion, you ask? It’s the Adelaide Clipsal 500. Hundreds of thousands of rev-heads pack into the eastern outskirts of the CBD to witness motor racing at its finest. The event offers the best from Australia’s racing scene [Read more]

Easter at Stawell

Some things just ARE. There is no preamble, no surge of anticipation. It’s a bit like sitting around the dinner table with your family. You just do it. You do it because that’s what happens at night when the day’s activities and tasks are mostly done. You sit, eat and talk. You also do it [Read more]

The House that Jack…Is Building

By Stephen George Whilst the incidence of Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees merchandise appears to increase each year, I often wonder how many of those stem from the generosity of relatives or friends that visit the north east of the United States in the northern summer leading up to our Christmas.

Major League Baseball – NL West Preview: Bring on Rocktober

by Tim Ivins With spring training underway it is time to turn our minds to the upcoming MLB season. Over the coming weeks I will preview each division for the coming season. We start with the division the National League West.

Crio’s Question: Got any wild weather sports memories?

EXTREME SPORTS (fans) by Chris Riordan As recounted in the “Soppy Saturday” review for this site, Flemington’s incredible hailstorm provoked widespread discussion on other awful conditions we’ve endured at the races. Sports goers often recall extreme conditions as a badge of honour. I’ll never forget the numbing rain and wind that seemed appropriate on the [Read more]

Team-mates who are the best of enemies

Andrew McLeod and Tyson Edwards are team-mates who have managed to play in the same side despite a public fall-out many years ago. The Guradian’s Lex Sim recalls some infamous soccer “friendships” in his article below. Have a read and then return here to regale us with tales of your favourite sporting “enemy” team-mates.

Motor Racing: Build it and they will come

The expression build it and they will come has been an affirmation for many grand projects throughout time. The vision of an entrepreneur, the courage of an architect, has resulted in buildings and monuments that have thrilled people for centuries. The Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House and that great shrine of sporting worship, the [Read more]

Film Review: Bullock’s Blind Side is well-meaning but misses mark

Film: The Blind Side Release: 2010 Director: John Lee Hancock Starring: Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron, Kathy Bates Reviewer: John Butler Anyone with an interest in the USA – and largely thanks to Hollywood, that would be many of us – would probably agree that part of the fascination lies in the many paradoxes and contradictions [Read more]

Tennis: The Garden and the Brat

My first visit inside the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club’s iconic centre court was indeed memorable. Instead of paying close attention to the  action, I found myself reminiscing over famous Wimbledon centre court battles of yore. A catalyst for this was the presence in the BBC commentary box of a certain brash New [Read more]

Winter Olympics: The buzz around Whistler

by Brad Carr I had an amazing few days at the Olympics. I’m now continuing my ski-trip up in Alaska, but tinged with a little bit of regret that I didn’t schedule myself a longer stint at the Games. The main thing about the Olympics is the excited, euphoric mood that engulfs it. Forget the [Read more]