The All Blacks pay tribute to Jonah Lomu

At Jonah Lomu’s funeral, the All Blacks gathered. They paid their respect.

Almanac Cycling: A Rio Pursuit

David Parker is filming a documentary on the Australian Cycling Men’s Team Pursuit squad as they prepare for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

January 1933 – The Empire Strikes Back

Sit back and make yourself comfortable. Peter Warrington has an idea to share. And he’s made a magnificent start, with an account of the cultural and sporting events of January 1933 as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald [A mighty effort – Ed].

Almanac Golf: The Masters’ Apprentice

Peter Senior wins the Masters. Great story but not the result Tony Robb had hoped for, or Australian golf needed.

US Sport, Cigars and New York City

David Griffin takes a waft of the New York sporting landscape and exhales with a unique experience.

Almanac Soccer: A-League 1,000: The Tactics Edition

Hamish Neal previews this week’s A-League action.

Almanac Mixed Martial Arts: Making sense of a disturbing weekend

John Harms describes the weight of a weekend when he is challenged to be honest about what goes on in the human heart. [Yes, it’s complex JTH – Ed]

Almanac softball: Ping it; fling it.

Peter Argent took some snaps of a Div 1 SA softball game.

Almanac Boxing: Boxing Observations and Andy Broome

David “Griffo” Griffin chats with Andy Broome and reflects on the state of Boxing.

Almanac Rugby: The Forgotten Story of Cecil Ramalli

Another fantastic read from Almanacker and writer with The Guardian; Patrick Skene. In his latest yarn, Patrick profiles the life of the first Asian Wallaby – Cecil Ramalli. A man who was hard enough to cop everything the All Blacks could throw at him, then cheated death on the dreaded Thai-Burma Railways and the atomic bombing of Nagasaki.

The SMD (Selfie of Mass Destruction)

Robbo with a thought-provoking and insightful piece on life and the roles of individual, collective and the individual within the collective. Within this, the selfie is “like nuclear power…”

49 questions on a Tuesday – part 3

What is an expert? Why do we do what we do? A few questions to ponder from E.regnans.

The NFL Beast

Dennis Gedling on what it was like to experience watching an NFL game live, when he went to see the San Francisco 49ers take on the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium.

2015 MLB World Series – Kansas City Royals v New York Mets: ‘I’m going to Kansas City, gonna get my baby one time…’

Paul Campbell reviews the 2015 MLB World Series and how it was won my the Kansas City Royals over the New York Mets.

New Zealand Wins! Run The Cutter – #RWC2015 Weekend 7

Hamish Neal tells how Dan Carter and 14 other men in black triumphed over a gallant Wallabies side in the Rugby World Cup final.

Emotion towards All Blacks

Yoshi’s sports moments for this week, here for your enjoyment.

Tales from the Green

Robbo asks “Can the age old sport of bowling provide valuable lessons to other mainstream sports that are trying to invigorate themselves and connect in contemporary and sustainable ways?”

Is “barefoot bowls” the answer?

The Merri Marathon

The Merri Marathon is one of the highlights of the school year. John Harms reports.

Almanac Interview: David Griffin has a Beer with Shane Kelly Part 2

David Griffin continues his chat and beer with World Champion and Olympic Cyclist Shane Kelly. Part 2 covers World Championships and Olympic pursuits, an honest discussion on his Atlanta moment and its aftermath.

It’s a long way to Twickenham

David Parker presents his reasoning to poach the Rugby World Cup and play the final in Melbourne.