The World Cup Alphabet: F is for…

FINALS!!: No game quite stops (and then let’s down) a world audience quite like the World Cup Final. Letter F from Dennis as he continues with his World Cup review.

Almanac (Fly) Fishing: ‘The Zone’ and other diversions

What a delightful Sunday afternoon meditation on ‘divertimento’ which may be a divertimento in itself. Some thoughts on fly fishing and the zone from Robbo. [Terrific – JTH]

Almanac Rugby League: State of Origin selection time (give us your thoughts)

The pinnacle of this year’s rugby league calendar, State of Origin 2018, looms on the horizon. Almanac rugby league editor Ian Hauser tries to second guess the selectors in the lead-up to the first clash early in June. Will he be even close to the mark?

Almanac Rugby League: Sorting out the Cronks

A phrase that stuck in a schoolboy’s mind for fifty years; a post on the Almanac site five years ago; an email pops up on a screen earlier this month. The dots connect for Almanac rugby league editor Ian Hauser and he’s off for coffee tomorrow.

Almanac Rugby League: Cameron Smith calls it quits

Rugby league’s 2018 State of Origin series has been blown wide open by Cameron Smith’s retirement from rep footy. What does it mean for this year’s series? Where does Smith fit into the pantheon of rugby league greats? Have a say.

Vale Ivan Mauger – New Zealand Sport’s Literal Golden Boy

Dennis Gedling on his father’s hero, speedway rider the late Ivan Mauger.

Almanac Book Review: Kieran Modra: the way I see it

We all know the qualities we most admire in our best sportspeople – skill, determination, resilience, commitment, courage, sportsmanship, humility and so on. That’s what you get and a lot more with Kieran Modra, blind Paraplympic cyclist. Now his story had been told for us to appreciate and value. Almanac editor Ian Hauser reviews this grounded and inspirational addition to our national sporting library and comes with a chaser recommendation by the great Anna Meares!

‘Balancing Acts: Women in Sport’ book launch speech – ‘My Favourite Moment in Sport’

As part of the Melbourne launch of the book, Balancing Acts: Women in Sport, at Readings on Friday night, Kasey was honoured to be invited along with four other of the book’s contributors to share a story relating to the theme, ‘My favourite moment in sport’ to celebrate the book as well all of our general love of sports. This is her story.

AFL’s state of the game: A couple of easy changes will make all the difference

Amidst a cacophony of soundbites about the “state of the game”, student Max Hatzoglou breaks down the intricate challenges and opportunities afforded by adjusting the game, in his first piece featured on The Footy Almanac

Remembering J. Neville Turner

John Harms went to J Neville Turner’s funeral on Thursday, prompting a few memories and this tribute (which includes a description of Neville’s tennis serve).

Almanac Rugby League: The longest minute – one epic Grand Final, one family’s story, one perfect piece of storytelling

Sport imitates life imitates sport! The nail-biting 2015 NRL Grand Final between the North Queensland Cowboys and the Brisbane Broncos has spawned a theatrical production, The Longest Minute. The on-field rollercoaster performances of the Cows over two decades meets the off-field carousel of the Wright family.

Almanac Golf – Golf Capital: Comebacks

The golfing comebacks continue as Hamish Neal looks at some news, thoughts and notes from the last week.

Almanac Golf – Golf Capital: New PGA winners plus new golf formats

Hamish Neal’s golf wrap is back after a short break. He hasn’t missed a beat.

Almanac Baseball: Sox Soar

Love ’em or hate ’em (Brian the Ruminator loves ’em) the Boston Red Sox are in the midst of arguably their best ever start to a season. He breaks down why this year has been a red-letter one for the red-socked ones.

Raving Rulebook 17

AFL, Commonwealth Games, SANFL, Cricket – nobody is spared in Malcolm “Rulebook” Ashwood’s latest ravings.

Sports Day

School sports days offer camaraderie and competition, whilst gifting parents a window into the simple joys egg and spoon races and obstacle courses never fail to provide. Mickey Randall’s all-too-brief window is captured here.

Reconciliation as a 400m Event

The choice of Sydney as the host for the Olympics in 2000, was related to the perception of Australia being a positive example of the good life and of Reconciliation. The Games presented a range of opportunities for Indigenous participation and cultural representation says Andy Fuller as he discusses the lead up to that event.

Book Extract – “As the Twig is Bent” by Norman Weaver. Part 2: Woosang

Another great extract from Norman Weaver’s book on growing up in Northern Victoria during the inter- and post-War years, “As the Twig is Bent”. Part 2

Book Extract – “As the Twig is Bent” by Norman Weaver. Part 1: Footy and Nine Ounce Gloves

Brett Weaver has been kind enough to share this from his father’s recently released book, “As the Twig is Bent” on childhood and adolescence in post-war country Victoria. This is an absolute cracker, Almanackers – do yourself a favour

Almanac Hurling (and Travel): An Australian on Tour (in search of kulcha)

Matt O’Hanlon and G-Squared are on tour in Ireland. Matt is having trouble with the language but he’s loving the kulcha. [Classic O’Hanlon and a great travel yarn – JTH]