Round 6 – Melbourne v St Kilda: We’re back!

Yoshi enjoys his day off dancing, singing karoake and watching his Saints come marching in at the Coolabah Pub in Osaka. If every weekend could be this good.

Almanac Weekend Sports Results 2-5-2016

All the weekend’s sporting results worth knowing.

Almanac NRL: Five Metre Gap – NRL Round 9 2016

Round 9 of the NRL and Hamish Neal provides an insightful round up.

Almanac Boxing: Zac Dunn v Les Sherrington – A view from the fighters

Zac Dunn and Les Sherrington prepare for their fight Saturday night.

Justin Clarke and Concussion in the AFL

With Justin Clarke’s recent retirement from the game, Noel presents insight into the concussion issue in football.

UQCC Old Boys vs Antiquarians: A Very Greek Tragedy

On the 9th day of the 4th month, 2016 A.D, two combatants meet for the Siege of Henzell, one side would salute victory while the taste of defeat greets the vanquished. [A classic – Ed]

The gentleman of Australian Boxing: Scott Brouwer

In this profile of former boxer Scott Brouwer, David G sees him as a contradiction, out of place in the rough and tumble world that is professional boxing in Australia.

Almanac League: Five Metre Gap – NRL Round 8 2016

Hamish Neal sums up NRL Round 8. Cronulla seems to be able to score from anywhere.

Almanac Anzac Weekend Sport Results

All the sporting results worth knowing after the Long Weekend.

Middle Australia Supports Adam Scott

Middle Australia has spoken, Golf does not belong in the Olympics and Adam Scott’s patriotism is not defined by his no show.

Round 4 – Essendon v Geelong: 9 Darts in Belfast

Peter Flynn posts from Belfast, watching Geelong and attending a Premier League Darts night with the Old Muckers, clearly darts was the winner. He was part of something very special.

Almanac League: Five Metre Gap – NRL Round 7 2016

Hamish Neal’s observations on NRL Round 7. Is Manly’s new streak part of a developing trend in this game of football?

Almanac Weekend Sport Results 17-4-2016

All the sports results worth knowing

Almanac Cycling: Humble Australian Sporting Heroes

On sitting down to watch the Paris-Roubaix, Willow Wilson wasn’t expecting to discover a humble Aussie sporting champion. But that’s exactly what crossed the finish line first at the Roubaix velodrome

Fishing at Woodside surf beach.

Young Charlie lands a salmon!

A Masterful Display

Aussiegus provides a thought provoking summary of the US Masters.

Cheater – Who Me?

Cheating. What is it and how do we police it? Robbo takes through a few of the issues and highlights the differences between some sports. This is a topic worthy of much discussion.

Almanac League – Five Metre Gap: Round 5 2016

Hamish Neal brings us his review of NRL action from Round 5. Can the Dragons find a way to score?

Almanac Surfing – Bells Beach: Women’s Final

Paul Spinks shares his photos from the Women’s Finals at Bells. [Now with “click to enlarge” – Ed].

Nearly the perfect weekend, but near enough doesn’t pay out.

Melbourne Rebels ruin an almost perfect weekend for Wayne Ball