SURFING: Bells Beach Audio

Mick Fanning and Adriano de Souza created history in the 2015 Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach. In winning the tie-break to ring the Bell, Fanning took his fourth title and joins Mark Richards, Kelly Slater and Any Irons as the Kings of Bells.

Hawthorn is Latin for “Lucky”.

Not the greatest start to the footy season for Dips O’Donnell; his beloved Cats are humbled by an arch-rival and he backs the Stawell Gift winner at a severely shortened quote. As the Cats now focus on Sunday’s game against Freo, things can only get better.

Almanac Athletics: The dream is born

At first it was the pursuit of romance [why else do we men do ANYTHING, if not for love? – Ed] for Jake Stevens, but along the way, he’s fallen for an altogether more intoxicating and all-consuming passion; athletics and the hope of one day representing his country at the elite level.

The Stawell Gift: Should Auld Acquaintance be forgot – the glory days of the Stawell Gift

Congratulations go out to Murray Goodwin and Grace O’Dwyer for their wins at Stawell. Greg Tangey submitted this thought-provoking look at the clash of professional and amateur athletics and administrators who seemed more obsessed with power and control than the good of their sports

Stawell Gift: I won it for Dad

Chris Bracher, a regular visitor to the Stawell Gift, did not attend this year. He was a little underwhelmed generally – until 15 year old Grace O’Dwyer (from the famous O’Dwyer family) won the women’s Gift. Read why it was such a heartfelt moment for Chris.

Athletics: Stawell Gift Audio

Australia’s richest race is now equally as profitable for female athletes, as it is for the men. As if the athletics gods sought to mark this step-forward in sporting equality, the youngest athlete in the field won. 16-year-old Victorian, Grace O’Dwyer, ran through the famous gates first to take home $40k. Queenslander Murray Goodwin won the men’s event in 12.10 seconds. With 134-years of history, the race is daring you to listen without goose-bumps.

The Cokum Gift: a local sporting institution

Well, you learn something every day. Clearly, the Cokum Gift has not had the publicity it deserves. What a classis! A 200+ sprint around a dam, this is no event for the gentle souls of Olympic Park, or even Stawell. [We need a runner from the Almanac stable – Ed]

The Gift of Stawell

The on and off-track action at Stawell is well and truly underway for another Easter. In this unforgettable and moving memoir, Tess Pryor remembers Easter and Stawell Gifts past and her dad, George. Beautiful.

Little Local Larrikins Part Five: Strong numbers and a strong showing

Sean Mortell and his Eltham Junior Tennis Club battle Melbourne’s autumn chills and flu to stay on top of the competition ladder.

Running, Somewhere in Holland

Andy Fuller tells how he has become a committed distance runner in the Netherlands. The wind, rain and cold is stiffer competition than the journey.

Bec Lane Prepares to Take On the World

Scotland hosts the under 19 Women’s Lacrosse World Championships in July this year. One of Australia’s stars, Bec Lane, needs your help to get there. Andrew Fithall brings Bec’s story to the Almanac. [Hear Bec and others on 774 ABC Melbourne tonight – March 31]

Why Boxing and Cage Fighting Should Be Banned. But Won’t Be.

In the wake of the death of 23 year old Queensland boxer Braydon Smith comes this piece from Rick Sarre, Professor of Law at the University of South Australia, who calls for boxing and cage fighting to be banned. Very interesting reading.

Almanac Fishing: Great Hope

The transcendence of fishing should never be underrated. Steve Hodder’s brilliant words recall when Rabonzo met Trout

Stawell Gift: W.K. Trewick (Brisbane)

How Ken Trewick won the 1950 Stawell Gift.

The A to Y of Seldom Watched Sports (Part One: A-E)

Having survived another football off-season, Jamie Simmons recalls his search for something to replace the joy of football. Today he presents the A-E of his ‘couch-bound expedition to investigate the merits of other televised sports.”

Help! Boxing Doco on Peter Jackson

David Latham plans a documentary on 19th-century boxer Peter Jackson, who won the Australian heavyweight title in 1886, and seeks experts who might appear on camera.

Little Local Larrikins Part Four: New-Found Form in a Tight Finish

Sean Mortell overcomes both numbing cold and talented opponents with some of his best play of the season to keep Eltham in the tennis match against Eaglemont.

The Bloody Brutality of Boxing – Brayden Smith

Matt Watson’s passion for the sweet science comes to the fore in this considered piece on what the future holds for Boxing in the wake of Queensland boxer Brayden Smith’s untimely – and shocking – death earlier this month.

Forza Inala!

In this classic memoir, Patrick O’Brien gives us a glimpse of the current premier’s home territory. Annastacia Palasczcuk is from Inala. Pat explains what that means by recalling the time his middle-class rugby league team took on the street-hard boys from down that way.

Reality Check: Travels in the Australian Ice Hockey League – a new book by Almanacker Will Brodie

“Yes, there is ice hockey in Australia,” writes Almanac supporter Will Brodie. Will has written a fantastic book about the sport in ‘Reality Check: Travels in the Australian Ice Hockey League’, which is being launched on March 21st at the Icehouse, Docklands [this Saturday night]. Will has also been kind enough to provide an exclusive extract from the book for the Almanac.