Almanac Soccer: The Magic of the Cup – Round 7 (Stirling Lions)

Dennis Gedling has been following the FFA Cup from the WA side and continues the journey wherever it may go

Almanac Footy History: Footage of the great grudge match of 1950

This is one story from the history of Australian football in Queensland. Murray Bird and his team are finalising the history with a view to publish the book in this the sesquicentennial year. More information to come. And more footage to come as well. [Brilliant – JTH]

Almanac League: Five Metre Gap – NRL Round 16 2016

Wests fullback James Tedesco’s form screams origin call up, according to Hamish Neal in his NRL round 16 review.

Round 14 – Greater Western Sydney v Carlton: Giants on my mind

With Carlton’s defeat by GWS, Ben Slattery’ s thoughts turned to other Giant moments by LeBron and Jezza.

Almanac Weekend Sports Results 26-6-16

All the sporting results from this weekend that are fit to print

Almanac League: Five Metre Gap – Origin II 2016

Origin II and the series went to Qld and Hamish Neal identifies the moments that mattered.

Almanac People: Jokes that Kill

Matt Q provides some insight into the craft of footy humour and when it falls into the hands of the wrong people it can be dangerous.

Almanac Connection: “Titles and tears” by Joe Posnanski

Highest class sportswriting from NBC Sports National columnist Joe Posnanski, on Cleveland, on place and on meaning. It is basketball, it is LeBron James, it is connection and it is a sense of connection.

Almanac Boxing: Et tu, Brute?

Harold Peacock reveals an historical perspective on Peter Jackson, The World’s Greatest boxer, buried in Roma Qld.

Almanac Weekend Sports Results 19-6-16

All the weekend sporting results worth knowing and some others as well.

Fishy Regulations

Robbo comments on the unintended consequences of regulation and how it might effect recreational fishing.

Almanac Weekend Reading: ‘Hamilton,’ by Joe Posnanski

“Have you ever been the parent of a 14 year old girl?” Wonderful writing of shared experience here from NBC sports writer Joe Posnanski.

Almanac Cricket: Have you met your Heroes?

Neil Drysdale tells us about his five favourite Australian sporting identities, all with a Scottish connection of course.

NRL Round 14 – Cronulla v Nth Qld: Goodwin St – Cronulla make it ten against the Premiers

Cronulla makes it 10 wins in a row and Paul Macadam rides the tension of a grinding home game win against the Cowboys.

Almanac Weekend Sports Results 12-06-16

All the weekend sporting results fit to print

Brutal Blues merely playing catch-up: Pedagogy of the oppressed

E.regnans responds to The Elbow’s piece, with the help of Brazilian educator Paolo Freire. B Bolton is merely doing what any enlightened teacher or parent of young ones would be doing in his place.

Maria got lucky. Why two years wasn’t enough.

Hamish Neal on why two years may have not been enough for Maria Sharapova.

Almanac Soccer: Let’s Look Back at the Euros – Euro 2004 (Portugal)

Euro 2016 starts this week and Dennis Gedling continues his excellent build up with his review of Greece’s win in Euro 2004. [Includes links to all previous articles in this cracking series, back to Euro ’60 – Ed].

Irish bareknuckle Paddy Monaghan, the petition and Muhammad Ali

Neil Drysdale with a heartening story of the relationship between Dublin’s bareknuckle boxing champion Paddy Monaghan and Muhammad Ali, which lasted well beyond the Vietnam petition that forged it. “He said ‘Paddy, you don’t realise how much you’ve helped me, but can you help me one more time? I’m over here for Ovaltine: what the hell is Ovaltine?’ “

Billy Crystal’s ‘Fifteen Rounds’

Billy Crystal’s tribute to Muhammad Ali [Thanks to Peter Baulderstone for alerting us to this – JTH]