At Easter-time Stawell Giveth and Stawell Taketh Away

I’m moving up the track in the wrong direction. I start at the finish. At the end rather than the beginning. As I begin my slow jog, the white strings that line the full length of each lane rise gradually from ground level to their eventual height of almost a metre. They are fed through [Read more]

Stawell Gift: W.K. Trewick (Brisbane)

How Ken Trewick won the 1950 Stawell Gift.

The Universe says that it’s more than a game.

Yvette Wroby is at it again, having stories to tell about sports supporters even when in difficult circumstances. Finding another Sainter will always make the world a better place, and finding other sports nuts is an added benefit.

Doing Boxing

Andy Fuller discusses Loic Wacquant’s book, Body and Soul: notebooks of an apprentice boxer and considers the place of boxing in footy and the broader community.

Cycling (and other disciplines): Ten rule changes to fix the Tour de France, as demanded by Mr A Bolt of Melbourne

Patrick O’Brien shakes up the Tour. Or, he has Andrew Bolt shake it up.

The Big Show Comes To Old Sydney Town

Braham Dabscheck has been going to the SCG since 1959. On the weekend he saw Major League baseball there. These are his observations. [Nicely paced - Ed]

AFL Round 1 – Hawthorn v Brisbane: Head of the River (and football or something)

Jonathan Sloan has been off the junk food for six months preparing for the Head of the River. His crew goes well and he feels his day will be capped off beautifully by a Lions win in Launceston.

Run, jump or throw your way to Lakeside Stadium this Saturday

Steve Fahey is a fair dinkum tack and field fan. Here, he previews the international athletics meet in Melbourne this weekend. And encourages you to get along.

Sporting Bars: Where are the best, especially in Melbourne?

Yvette Wroby, after many adventures, challenges the Almanac community to help her find a good bar in which to hang. Are there any? Are there many? What have the Knackers to say about all this?

Very Excellent Adventures Remembered.

Yvette Wroby is back from six months travel in the USA. Here she covers the four major sports and everything else in her excellent adventure, which she shares with her Almanac family.

Rebels mark two opt for substance over stardust

Tim Ladhams thinks the Melbourne Rebels rugby union franchise have chosen substance over style this season, and will be all the better for it.

Plus Ça Change

Mathilde de Hauteclocque has some news about the Cygnet and his new sporting direction.

The Ice Man

Nicko fills us in on a young Australian who represented us at the World Junior Curling Championships in Denmark. Get your fix of Winter Olympics dreams.

Middle Australia Comments on Cricket and the Winter Olympics

Middle Australia questions the cricket and casts a stern eye over subjective sports. Who needs style?

Last supper of the spin doctors

Rob Bath remembers his table tennis partner Peter White: a brilliant, intuitive fix-anything mechanic, generous barbecue host, prodigious beer drinker, school bus driver and owner of useful tractors and other heavy machinery

Crio’s Question : Hidden Gems?

Crio reviews the last week’s crowded sporting landscape, and in the words of many racecallers in a blanket finish “you don’t know where to look”. Let us know what hidden gems you enjoyed.

Yvette does the Celtics and meets the Aussie Brigade

Yvette Wroby’s Excellent American Adventure continues. This time it’s beer and pies with Boston’s Aussie Brigade, and taking in the Celtics and the Spurs at the Gardens.

Yvette Does Cooperstown

Yvette Wroby visits the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York and meets a Springbok champion battling adversity. “We have to take every opportunity in life, life is way too short to store it away for tomorrow.”

Super Bowl Snooze Fest

Seattle leaves the best till last, writes long-time NFL fan Tony Reed, but in the end the Superbowl is a flop.

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