Almanac Racing – Manfred Man

The quality’s improving, the options are wonderful and, for Crio, the weekend

Almanac Racing – take heed

Real racing fans will have noted the hectic start to the week and the usual packed calendar awaiting. They know that, for all the negativity peddled, there are exciting times ahead and more wonderful memories to be banked for dotage reminiscences.

Almanac Racing: The 2016 Yea Cup

What rhymes with Yarck? While nothing beats a Frisky Cruiser and Sister Olive wasn’t a Josephite as Glen brings all the colour from the Yea Cup

Almanac Racing

Crio reviews the status of this weekend’s racing

Almanac Racing – Chester Manifold Saturday

Always plenty on offer in the racing game (and none of that tawdry AFL scandal!). Enjoy some horse racing before getting back on the work merry-go-round.

2016 Autumn Racing in Australia

Trevor Leighy gives racing fans the dates that need circling for the imminent Autumn carnivals, happening across three states no less.

Almanac Racing – Magic Millions weekend

“Fool’s Gold”? Magic Millions weekend. Any tips?

Almanac Racing – good luck for 2016

There are meetings everywhere this weekend. Good luck if you get to one of them.

Sports highlight of 2015: Joe Moreira’s dexterity

JTH nominates Joe Moreira’s interdisciplinary skill as a highlight of 2015 (not his best though).

Nominate your highlight(s).

Almanac Racing – you believe in Santa? must believe we can stab a winner!

Zillions of meetings but lots of distractions means that punters tend to attack myriad Boxing Day options with furry tongues and unprepared for the opportunities to bounce back from the Xmas spree – how can the punt be a waste of money after crackers and crap presents? Have a crack!

Almanac Racing – no ho ho as racing hits a low

Crio promises that next week everything (OK,maybe some things) will be much better but, for now, it is hard to be positive casting an eye over racing’s landscape and the prospects for Saturday.

Almanac Racing – here, there and everywhere

Plenty to keep racing fans absorbed this weekend, despite the humdrum local offerings. Crio looks further afield and gets excited by Sunday’s feast.

Almanac Racing – look away now!

For once, crio suggests, racing authorities in Victoria are hoping the media will look elsewhere. That’s not likely as the drama unfolds. A G1 in Perth isn’t going to be enough distraction this week. Victorian Racing’s jumped off the bridge and we can only hope like hell that the bungee cord is secured. Meanwhile, of course, there are winners to find to fund the festive excesses.

Almanac Racing – head for the hills

It takes quite some adjusting from the glut of Group glory, so getting out of town is a good strategy. Wth no atmosphere and few drawcards in the metro offerings, the point of difference of country/picnic meets is attractive. But wherever you go, backing winners makes it more fun. Tips please!

Talking trots and Trotsky and the distribution of dog tracks

Crankypete needs your help. It’s to do with the spatial distribution of trotting tracks in south eastern Australia…

January 1933 – The Empire Strikes Back

Sit back and make yourself comfortable. Peter Warrington has an idea to share. And he’s made a magnificent start, with an account of the cultural and sporting events of January 1933 as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald [A mighty effort – Ed].

Almanac Racing – Weiry and Michelle’s celebratory tour heads to the Forest.

Their banner meeting has come just at the right time – Ballarat gets to pay homage to Cup champs Weiry and Michelle and punters will be loading up on them all day. It’s the local highlight on a weekend of many options, including Group One glory in Perth. Tips please!

Almanac Racing – we’re still here…

Sandown or Dunkeld or Yea…that’s just the choices here from Melbourne.
Racing rolls on and the options are terrific. Tips please!

49 questions on a Tuesday – part 3

What is an expert? Why do we do what we do? A few questions to ponder from E.regnans.

Almanac Racing – Stakes Day Get Out

Crio lets us in on his golden rule for Stakes Day – eliminate the ones that can’t win and the rest is easy.