Crio: Are you Racing Ready?

Crio reports that the Spring Carnival attractions are already in full view – the drunk dressed as a nun; the mascaraed socialite tottering tipsily on high heels – oh, and lots of good horses. The big races at Caulfield are timed as an intro to the Prelim Final at the MCG. Tips please.

The Footy Almanac Podcast: Episode 17 – Trevor Marmalade, Part Three

It’s semi-final weekend and six teams remain in the race for the 2014 AFL premiership. Start your weekend off with part three of our special extended podcast chats with ‘The Man Behind The Bar’, Trevor Marmalade.

Sal’s Semi-Final Preview – and the foray at Flemington

From Fremantle to Flemington to the ‘G, Sal Ciardulli has the answers to all the weekend contests being played out on green turf.

The Footy Almanac Podcast: Episode 17 – Trevor Marmalade, Part Two

Our extended chat with Trevor Marmalade continues with part two of the podcast… Trev recalls some of the fun working on Hey Hey It’s Saturday and relates a cracking story involving Plucka Duck and the Australian Cricket team.

Sal’s Week 1 Finals Preview – And so it begins

Sal Ciardulli has all bases covered as usual, with a comprehensive preview of the first week of AFL finals. The big races at Money Valley get sorted out, and his Whitefriars are in the Ammos finals. Go Friars!

Crio’s Racing: Feehan Stakes day

Is our resident racing expert Chris Riordan just a “grumpy old man” with a glass half-empty view of the fields on offer at the Valley this Saturday? No matter. He still finds time to give us some handy hints as we gallop into the Spring racing season.

Round 23 Preview – Almost done for some!

Sal Ciardulli casts his learned eye across the final round of AFL fixtures; the big races from Caulfield; and finals time in the ammos.

Crio’s Racing: The Memsie

Crio takes a look at the returnof big racing in Melbourne where the Memsie will be contested on a day which looks like it will be more Spring than Winter,

Crio’s Racing: Looking to the Old Dart

Crio thinks the best racing this week is in the UK, with leadup races for the Cup invaders. Moonee Valley has the last vestiges of winter, while the class resumes in Sydney but the big wet intervenes. Tips please.

Crio’s Racing: The Winter of our Discontent

Crio laments the lack of spectators, punters and atmosphere on racetracks today. Still there are winners on Sky for the multitude in pubs, clubs, TABs and in their lounge rooms with the on-line corporate bookies.

“I’d be backin’ da Derm’t Weld horse, m’self”

JTH’s association with the great Vintage Crop began in a pub in Dingle in 1993.

Crio’s Racing: Mid Winter opportunities for winners

Crio hopes for a fair track at HQ on Saturday with the big Winter Series finals providing an attractive card. Sunday its the big jumps racing at Sandown.

Crio’s Racing

Things are far from rosy at the grass-roots level. Crio is concerned about various aspects of racing…but still the band plays on…..

The neuroscience of problem gambling

Neuroscientist Olivia Carter responds to the recent Crio’s Question on problem gambling with an outline of what the current research suggests about addiction. She explains that there has been an emphasis on drug addiction in the studies – because it’s easier to inject a mouse with heroin than teach it to read a form guide.

Olivia also offers an opportunity to be involved in a confidential study on the neuroscience of gambling.

Crio’s Racing: Under the pump and looking for some mail

Crio is as busy as a one-legged man in an arse-kicking competition at the moment, so is looking for a a push.

The Sporting Web: Piccies, Pundits and Passings

This week Peter Baulderstone gets all nostalgic for the passing of 70’s rock singers, dramatic images of beautiful horses with stupid owners, and old woollen footy jumpers where the owners think the Socceroos can win the World Cup. Check out these romantic yarns from the sporting web.

Crio’s Racing

It’s the racing season’s nadir, but the eternally hopeful Crio is still open to winning suggestions.

They are racing at Heathcote

A world record at Heathcote? Read it in the Sporting Globe.

The Sporting Web: Vulture Capitalism; Spurs Culture; Dodgy Vets and Legendary Schmoozers

Peter Baulderstone is suddenly uninterested in the AFL for inexplicable reasons. He introduces some articles from US sports websites about greed, strategy, gambling and beer. Always an interesting combination.

Stradbroke Handicap Preview

The time-honoured Stradbroke Handicap will be run on Saturday. Here’s the TattsBet preview: