Australia v New Zealand – Adelaide Test: The New is Old is New again

New, old, new, new, old, old, new, new, old, new, new, old and new. Sharp observations from Joseph Ryan who visited Adelaide for the Test.

Answers to the Aus v NZ 3rd Test Quiz

Wondering what to do with the spare couple of days now that the Pink Ball Test is over? Here’s Jeff Dowsing’s quiz answers.

Australia v New Zealand – Adelaide Test, Day 3: It’s getting dark

David Wilson with less of a match report; more of a despairing fist-shake. “The scientific method is out. Groupthink is in.”

Australia v New Zealand: Adelaide Test Day 3 – Kiwis grounded again

Citrus Bob’s wrap up a highly entertaining Adelaide test

Australia v New Zealand – Adelaide Test Day 2: When the going gets tough, Australia gets lucky

John Butler suggests that indiscreet batting was the major contributor to the fall of wickets on Day 2 of the Adelaide Test.

Australia v New Zealand – Adelaide Test Day 2: Fritzy’s honoured

Citrus Bob and his wallet attended both Eric Freeman’s book launch and day two of the test.

Australia v New Zealand – Adelaide Test Day 1: What’s the fuss?

Dave Brown sees most of the first day of the first day/night test. He fails to see what all the fuss was about. What is the collective noun for a group of Almanackers?

Australia v New Zealand – Adelaide Test Day 1: Pink

A walletless Citrus Bob files from day one at the Adelaide Oval.

Adelaide’s Proud Night Cricket Heritage – Watching This Electrical Storm*

Adelaide hosts the first day/night Test. As predicted in the pages of the Almanac many years ago. Sort of. Daniel Keane of the ABC did the heavy lifting with his piece on Electric Light Cricket.

Australia v New Zealand – Adelaide Test: Call for writers

Let’s organise a rough schedule of contributors to ensure Almanac coverage of the Adelaide Test. All welcome.

January 1933 – The Empire Strikes Back

Sit back and make yourself comfortable. Peter Warrington has an idea to share. And he’s made a magnificent start, with an account of the cultural and sporting events of January 1933 as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald [A mighty effort – Ed].

Australia v New Zealand – WACA Test, Days 4 and 5: Hmmm (it’s only the beginning)

David Wilson tidies up Days 4 and 5 from the WACA last week with seven key learnings.

The Ballad of Shaun Marsh

James S & the Jolimont Street Band have released their latest single. But it’s a 33 not a 45, just like the subject’s average.


Paddy Grindlay gets to play with a Richmond legend, Trout (from Woodend). [Batting against Paddy is no picnic either-Ed]

My Greg Chappell Hat

Mickey Randall salutes his Greg Chappell hat. [Classic recollection of an amateur cricketer and golfer and his hat. Brill – JTH]

Answers to the Aus v NZ 2nd Test Quiz

The WACA Test was a puzzling affair. But Jeff Dowsing has found all the answers.

Almanac Cricket: Sean O’Dwyer’s debut

Sean O’Dwyer, the son of former Melbourne, Woodville and Eagles footballer Des, makes his Adelaide district cricket debut for West Torrens. Pics and words from Peter Argent.

WACA thoughts (it’s the economy, stupid: crowds, stadiums and why cricket must play (foot)ball)

Shannon Gill looks towards the imminent loss of the WACA, seeing it as further evidence of the AFL propping up cricket grounds in Australia.

Retirement of Mitchell Johnson

Share your thoughts and impressions of Mitchell Johnson, who has announced his retirement from all forms of international cricket.

Almanac Cricket: Views from outside the clique welcome

Shannon Gill is impressed with the new direction taken by ABC radio this summer. The game has been crying out for fresh voices, prepared to speak up.