Almanac Cricket: ‘How scoring made me political’ or ‘How cricket made me a socialist’

A ripper piece in The Cricket Monthly from Elizabeth Ammon.

Tom Wills: books, plays, references in works of history, art work

What do we know of Tom Wills? Here are a few books and other works where he is depicted. Please add others.

Tom Wills and the 1868 Tour of England

Settle in. Grab a cuppa. Sean Gorman produced this wonderful chapter for the book “Australia: A Cricket Country,” edited by Christian Ryan. On Tom Wills and the incredible 1868 cricket tour of England. [Magnificent – Ed].

UQCC Old Boys vs Antiquarians: A Very Greek Tragedy

On the 9th day of the 4th month, 2016 A.D, two combatants meet for the Siege of Henzell, one side would salute victory while the taste of defeat greets the vanquished. [A classic – Ed]

Matilda, Boyle, Ranieri, Murphy: On playing, criticising (when I grow up)

Some win, some lose. Some are injured, some are not. That’s life. You are now entering David Wilson’s rant-free zone. [Includes links to Matilda the musical, Timothy Boyle’s Sunday Age article, Claudio Ranieri’s Player’s Tribune piece and Bob Murphy’s AFL Life member speech.]

Cheater – Who Me?

Cheating. What is it and how do we police it? Robbo takes through a few of the issues and highlights the differences between some sports. This is a topic worthy of much discussion.

Almanac Cricket: Bait or Barb? Marlon Goes Fishing

In this story about the West Indies’ response to their own T20 victory, dantooms gives us an insight into the meanings the contemporary game contains.

Sheffield Shield Final Day 5- Easy Ride For Bushrangers

Bernard Whimpress is angry. Why would Redbacks captain and part time offie Travis Head open the bowling on Day 5 of the Sheffield Shield Final with the Bushrangers needing 98 runs? Surely you go with your best bowlers….

Almanac Cricket: It’s not A. Agar who should be taking the heat for a disappointing Australian tournament

Brendan McArdle is flabbergasted at the selection of Australia’s team at the World T20 Cup.

The Game of the Century

The 1965/66 District Cricket Grand Final is one of the best played, Mic Rees provides the colour and background to this classic game.

Almanac cricket: Sheffield Shield final preview

The Sheffield Shield final commences this Saturday in Glenelg. Smokie provides us with a run-down of both teams’ prospects.

Warren Deutrom – CEO of Cricket Ireland

Despite #WT20 losses Neil Drysdale found Ireland Cricket CEO in optimistic form this week.

Almanac Cricket: Cricket Tasmania Premier League 1st Grade Grand Final – South Hobart Sandy Bay v Kingborough: George

David Wilson goes exploring in Hobart Town and turns up a nugget: George Bailey.

Almanac Cricket – Sheffield Shield: where were you when?

Dave’s guide to South Australia, No. 389: every South Australian of a suitable age can tell you where they were during the final 10 overs of the 1995/96 Sheffield Shield final.   30 March – 3 April 1996 Much like this season, having made top spot with five wins in 10 matches, SA hosted the [Read more]

Underdog – 1: Favourite – egg-on-face

Yvette loves a good come uppance. Read on and find out why.

Almanac Cricket: UQCC – Interview with the Keepers (Part 2)

Tremendous. Ian Elks shares Part 2 of a cracking interview with three Uni of Queensland Cricket Club wicketkeepers to play for Queensland: Lew Cooper, Wade Seccombe and Chris Hartley. [With thanks to UQCC Old Boys Cricket News – Ed].

A ‘grizzled 69’ and the art of sports writing

Dave Brown finds some gems in the local Op-shop and marvels at the myriad ways in which an Allan Border innings can be described

Cricket’s Uniqueness can never be Dismissed

John Gascoigne, a 29-year veteran of cricket umpiring on Melbourne’s parks, decided to test his belief that every day of every match produces an event, a moment, of uniqueness.

Reducing Cricket World Cup Nations limits game development

Neil Drysdale questions the ICC decision in reducing the number of competing World Cup nations

Shanahan, Lawry and the breaking of the drought

First published here in 2011, this is Mic Rees’ piece on the famous 1965/66 Victorian District cricket Grand Final.