Seasons in the Sun (Part 15) : Let’s Be Serious, That’s Just S–thouse Batting

“The Kane household thrives on a level of competition that makes ‘The Hunger Games’ look like ‘The Brady Bunch’”. Callum O’Connor continues his Lower Plenty Third XI season diary, where our heroes need a big kill over North Eltham.

2015 ICC World Cup – Australia vs. New Zealand : Audio Review

Missed the action on Saturday between New Zealand and Australia at Eden Park on Saturday? Kieran Deck summarises proceedings in this neat 2min, 14 second audio package for you.

ICC World Cup 2015 – New Zealand v Australia : “You’re Worse than England!”

It was a pretty special day at Eden Park, Auckland on Saturday… if you’re a Black Caps fan, that is. The ICC World Cup match between New Zealand and Australia had a classic finish. Peter Cresswell provides a much-needed Kiwi perspective of the match.

Seasons in the Sun (Part Nineteen): And the winner is………….

Did you think that the Kiwis and the Australians at Eden Park was the low scoring thriller of the weekend? Callum O’Connor advises you to think again as the Lower Plenty Thirds stagger to a finals slot. Or do they?

ICC World Cup 2015 – New Zealand v Australia: One For the Ages

Almanacker Wayne Ball was at Eden Park for Saturday’s brilliant ICC 2015 World Cup Pool game between New Zealand and Australia, where the home side almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

ICC World Cup – New Zealand v Australia: Woodface

ERegnans has had enough of MJ Clarke with his moaning and bully boy tactics. Has he got a Woodface as well as a tin ear? A game with four seasons in one day but in the end it’s only natural for BB McCullum’s kiwis.

Lou: Under-prepared Australians?

Lou has been stirred into action by the Australians’ performance at Eden Park.

Cricket Returns to S.A as Weekly Heat Cycle Breaks

Extreme heat has played havoc with competition cricket throughout South Australia in February. Top shelf Almanac supporter Brett Dutschke is a senior meteorologist at climate service Weatherzone and has some outstanding news for cricket-loving Croweaters.

2015 ICC World Cup : When Greatbatch Went Gonzo

As Australia and New Zealand get set to clash at Eden Park in the Cricket World Cup pool matches this weekend, ESPN’s Cricinfo takes us on a trip down memory lane and profiles a big hitting Kiwi who gave the Aussies no shortage of headaches in trans-Tasman cricket: Mark Greatbatch.

Seasons in the Sun (Part Eighteen) : Discipline, Patience and Nurofen – In That Order

It’s the Benevolent Leader’s birthday as the Lower Plenty Thirds clash with Eltham in the hopes of securing a finals spot. Preparations for a time honoured tradition – Old Man Cafè – begin, and does the ‘Vets bus’ give the opposition some unwanted ammunition?

ICC World Cup 2015 – South Africa v India: Betty Wilson honoured as the Pirates of India rise again

It was a special moment for the Wilson family as David’s great aunt Betty Wilson was inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame (posthumously) along with Anil Kumble (very much alive) on a day when India took possession of the MCG. [Absolutely cracking yarn from E. Regnans, and congratulations to the Wilson family at this time of recognition – JTH]

Cricket-Nomics – the Economics of Cricket World Cup

Tim Harcourt looks at the economic impact of the ICC World Cup. [An important academic discipline, from the Airport Economist – JTH]

ICC World Cup 2015 – New Zealand v England: Who is Partying after the Match?

For all of the words you’ll read about England’s humiliating defeat at the hands of the New Zealand Black Caps in their World Cup match in Wellington yesterday, none will highlight their capitulation as starkly as this rookie cricket fan’s view of the match. “From the mouth of [cricketing] babes…”

Kayne Calls for DRS at the Grammys

Imagine if Awards ceremonies allowed DRS. Peter Zitterschlager pictures Kanye West taking issue with Beck at this year’s Grammy Awards recently and plays third umpire on the referral. [Harsh, but fair. – Ed]

The Boy Who Dodged Bullets and Bombs So He Could Come to Canberra to Have a Bat and Bowl – and Captain His Country at the Cricket World Cup

As Bangladesh and Afghanistan square off in Canberra for their ICC World Cup Group A pool match today, Archie Butterfly profiles the Afghani skipper, Mohammed Nabi.

Seasons in the Sun (Part 17): Patience v Patience, Discipline v Discipline.

It’s time. One last bridge to cross to make the finals. Can our heroes get the job done against Riverside?

The Things We Do For Love – It’s Business Time – the All Black First Five

Fresh from straightening up non-Queenslanders in yesterday’s dispatch, Archie Butterfly returns with some cultural insights into New Zealand. Chilly bins, jandals and a quick trip to the dairy – all from the comfort of your own little Lower Hutt batch, eh!

ICC World Cup 2015 – New Zealand v Scotland: Thinking of My ‘Home Country’

Yoshi reports on todays ICC World Cup pool match between New Zealand v Scotland from the Shaky Isles. [Having a crack. Lovely to see – Ed]

Brendon’s Black Capped Imposter’s Set to Get Smashed by a Bunch of Sporran-Wearing South African Scots in Downtown Dunedin Before Dark

Archie delivers a magnificent overview of the Scottish side who are in the process of smashing the Black Caps at home…. possibly.

ICC World Cup 2015 – Ireland v West Indies: The arrival

E.Regnans relays the World Cup description from a Derry front bar as the Irish chase down a big target set by the Windies.

2015 ICC World Cup: Ireland v West Indies – Nelson (Haaa Haaa!)

The worst-case scenario for West Indian cricket became a reality earlier today when they were defeated by Ireland in Nelson, New Zealand. Having being bitten by the Test cricket bug, Yoshi delves into the limited overs form of the game. Bemusement abounds for someone from a baseball background.