Almanac History: A Tom Wills doco, two articles and some news on the gravesite restoration.

See the Tom Wills doco now – it’s 45 minutes well worth spending. Read a couple of articles about the doco. And see where the gravesite restoration is up to.

Almanac Cricket: The reverse sweep and other phenomena

With the Aussie cricketers battling on the sub-continent, Peter Crossing makes a few salient points in relation to Australian Cricket’s health.

Sri Lanka v Australia – 3rd Test, Colombo, Day 3: Sri Lankan Dead Rubber Factory

Honours even after Day 3, but David Wilson reminds us that all is not as it seems in a dead rubber.

Sri Lanka v Australia – 2nd Test, Galle: A full time batting assistant coach?

So the Australian cricket team is looking for a “full time batting assistant coach.” David Wilson’s satire has a tourist in Galle meeting an existing member of the Australian coaching staff…

Sri Lanka v Australia – Day 1: What about cut

Bernard Whimpress hears some ludicrous commentary and responds. Reverse swing? Are you kidding?

Almanac Nudity: “We’ve Got a Freaker!” (from The Guardian)

Tomorrow will mark 41 years since English Test cricket’s first streaker, an incident remembered John Ashdown in The Guardian.

First Test, Sri Lanka v Australia: Mendis Masterclass

All credit to the re-building Sri Lanka. But Australia showed a lack of patience and application.

Sri Lanka v Australia, 1st Test, Pallekele – Day 1: Frontier psychiatrist

A couple of onlookers take in Day 1 in Sri Lanka. Test cricket has rarely looked so flakey (in the contexts of the match; and of the wider future of the game).

Irvine Club Lunch – Guest Speaker Kim Hughes

Join the Irvine Club for lunch to raise funds for the Lords Taverners.

Almanac Cricket: Afghanistan pitch for ICC Test Status

Neil Drysdale writes of Afghanistan Cricket’s opportunity as they press for ICC Test status.

Almanac Cricket: Gary Sobers at 80

Sir Gary Sobers turns 80 and Neil Drysdale shares his experience in meeting the great man.

Almanac Cricket: ICC Conference – Have your say

The ICC Conference is to be held next week and Neil Drysdale needs your help, what are the key issues the ICC need to address?

Almanac Cricket: Have you met your Heroes?

Neil Drysdale tells us about his five favourite Australian sporting identities, all with a Scottish connection of course.

Almanac Weekend Sports Results 12-06-16

All the weekend sporting results fit to print

Almanac Cricket- The Day the West Indies Were Bowled Out For 25. By Ireland.

Neil Drysdale ran into an Irishman in Aberdeen who was at the famous game 47 years ago, when Ireland bowled the West Indies out for 25.

Almanac Cricket: Player Spotlight – Ireland’s Captain William Porterfield

Neil Drysdale talks to Ireland cricket captain William Porterfield ahead of the upcoming ODI series in Dublin against Sri Lanka, and in wake of the ICC’s announcement of a possible two division Test league featuring extra teams such as the Irish.

Cricket At Dog Poo Park

John Gascoigne is an umpire in the Mid Year Cricket Association. Elbows bent further than 15 degrees, bogan dressware and landmines left by dog walkers are plenty.

Almanac Cricket: ‘How scoring made me political’ or ‘How cricket made me a socialist’

A ripper piece in The Cricket Monthly from Elizabeth Ammon.

Tom Wills: books, plays, references in works of history, art work

What do we know of Tom Wills? Here are a few books and other works where he is depicted. Please add others.

Tom Wills and the 1868 Tour of England

Settle in. Grab a cuppa. Sean Gorman produced this wonderful chapter for the book “Australia: A Cricket Country,” edited by Christian Ryan. On Tom Wills and the incredible 1868 cricket tour of England. [Magnificent – Ed].