Seasons in the Sun (Part 7): That Pompeii feeling

Callum O’Connor and the Lower Plenty Thirds are defending 9/247. Would it be enough? Is cricket a batsman’s or a bowler’s game? What happens if the Lalor Stars read Callum’s match report midweek? Would Vesuvius erupt?

Lou: they have no idea (about juniors, about scheduling, about ticket pricing, about anything)

Well, what do you expect, asks Lou? It seems so obvious.

Cricket’s a (hat) tricky game

Gigs has a day out.

Bowled (Canna) Lily – Park Cricket in 1970s Elizabeth

Mark ‘Swish’ Schwerdt revisits the battlefields of childhood, and the characters that made those informal test matches forever memorable.

A Gunn & Moore for all seasons

Craig Dodson beautifully shares the triumphs and tribulations of life alongside his trusty Gunn & Moore. It’s a special relationship between man and cricket bat.

Cricket: Killed by the ICC, with the dagger, in the cellar

Dips O’Donnell is picking up clues; sifting the evidence. Cricket is dead.

Seasons in the Sun (Part 6): Fine times and $2 fines

The Stars (“Are you blokes Lalor or the Lalor Stars?” “No, we’re the Stars”) are up and about against the Lower Plenty Thirds. Their $2 fine regime should see them a tidy end-of-season trip.

Lou: Cricket and potatoes

Lou’s limped often enough to know a bad back when he sees one, and has some advice [surprise, surprise] for the Australian selectors on the captaincy.

The 2014 Jack Miller Cup

A little off-season update from Earl O’Neill. Cricket’s stuffed; NFL’s great but bikes and music are better. Oh, and there have been a few changes on the home front (did my invite get lost in the mail – Ed?)

Lou: 264 off 173?

Would this bloke Sharma made those runs in such time off DK Lillee or Jeffery Robert Thomson, Gus Gilmour or even Tangles?

Lou’s Latest

Lou has a crack at high performance coaches and sends a fruiterer’s warning to Sachin.

The White Noise of T20

Jill Scanlon went to watch the T20 “cricket” at the MCG on a Friday night. She found that the firewalker, hoop twirler, DJ, bmx rider, neon lights and fireworks obscured the view.

Cricket, Skin Cancer and Women

Anne Cahill Lambert makes a telling case for cricket commentary to include the better half of the Australian population. (Surely no woman could improve on Slats and Heals? – Ed.)

Dean Jones @ East Coburg Cricket Club Sports Night

Great night to be had at the East Coburg Cricket Club on 2nd December with Test legend Dean Jones as guest speaker. Contact George Georgiou and let him know you’ll be coming along.

Footys4all Behind Bars Freedom Cricket Match

Michael Gallus takes us behind prison walls to share the great work Footys4all is doing to bring sport and hope to prisoners. Is ‘over the fence and out’ strictly enforced behind razor wire?

Seasons in the Sun (Part 6): Doing it on the bit

Callum O’Connor’s Lower Plenty Thirds win in a canter with some helpful batting tips from Peppa Pig that that set up a match winning opening stand.

The agony of the off-spin bowler

John Harms celebrates Nathan Lyon’s wonderful summer by looking at the things all off-spinners deal with every waking moment.

Seasons in the Sun (Part 5): Late scratchings and run outs

Late scratchings, a heavy track and a testing head wind don’t deter the Lower Plenty Thirds. Callum O’Connor says that if you can’t bowl them out, you can always run them out. (Should we pass this on to Boof? – Ed.)

Jack Russell, Wicket-Keeping Genius

Luke Reynolds profiles a cricketer of unassuming skill and grace, who somehow never had the flair to be labelled ‘great’. England’s ‘Jack’ Russell is one of the greatest wicket keepers of all time. Who else was an ‘almost great’ that deserved to be?

Pakistan v Australia , Second Test: Coaching?

Lou says that the Australian performance reeks of poor coaching.