Almanac Cricket: Phil Hughes inquest and side-on batting

Former Australian and Queensland opening bowler, Tony Dell, explains that the legacy of Phil Hughes’ tragic death can be to show batsmen the importance of good (side-on) technique.

Why this Ashes series was a disappointment (not just the result)

Jeremy Hill on why he believes that not just the result, but the whole Ashes series was a disappointment.

49 questions: Ashes 2015 conclusion

E. regnans asks 49 questions that he believes have arisen out of the recently finished men’s Ashes series.

The Ashes 2015 – Fifth Test, Day 4: Farewells and awkward celebrations

Sean Mortell delivers his take on Day 4 at The Oval; on what proved to be the final day of a topsy-turvy series. [Wonderful perseverance, Sean – Ed].

The Ashes 2015 – Fifth Test Day Three: Siddling into action

Sean Mortell watched day three of the final Ashes test, with Peter Siddle’s unerring accuracy proving a highlight.

On Clarke, Sport and Family.

Tonight, Michael Clarke plays his final Test Match. In this touching reflection on family, Josh Pinn reflects on how sporting events can be markers in one’s life, and of how a discussion about Clarke helped he and his brother in a difficult time.

The Ashes 2015 – Fifth Test, Day Two: Mirror Image

Sean Mortell reckons we have seen this all before, except this time it’s the English middle order that’s collapsing.

The Ashes 2015 – Fifth Test, Day 1: Too Little Too Late

Australia perform well on Day 1 of the 5th Test but, as Sean Mortell explains, it’s a little too late as The Urn is safely in England’s hands.

The Ashes 2015 – Fifth Test, Day 1: Wish you were here

There is something so very English about the Oval and its neighbouring gasometers. Like HP Sauce, the Royal Albert Hall, Vauxhalls, Blur and Pink Floyd.

Almanac Cricket – Rolled for 60: What’s the Problem?

In the aftermath of being all out for 60, Cricket Froth unloads on cricket’s domestic schedule after an Ashes series where only 12 days of a possible 20 have been utilised.

The Ashes 2015 – Fifth Test, The Oval: Call for Writers

The Fifth Test of the 2015 Ashes series between England and Australia is set to begin Thursday night. Coming to the end. We’d love to publish your thoughts. Let’s get this game well covered. Please nominate a day (or a session!).

49 questions on a Tuesday

How many cabs in New York city? How many questions can a Tuesday carry? Footy, cricket, life… Got any answers?

The Women’s Ashes 2015 – Only Test: Australia set it up; knock it down

The Australian Women’s cricket team is presently in England, playing for the Ashes. Their only Test match ended last night, with a big win to the Aussies and David Wilson summaries the match, with links to audio and visual snippets from Canterbury.

Who shot Mr Burns?

In the wake of the Ashes disaster, it is time to lay the blame on somebody or something. Selectors? Batsmen? Or both?

The future of cricket (what’s that smell?)

Strange happenings in international cricket governance. How did the “Big Three” (India, England and Australia) land in such a profitable position? What does it mean for the future? Check out Monday’s excellent Four Corners story.

The Quandary of Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke has gone. Matt Watson reviews Clarke’s career and his time in the public gaze.

Crio’s Q? – What to expect from a Captain

A captain’s game. A captain’s knock. Rhetoric or reality? What is it and how does it alter across the sporting landscape?

My Friend Flicka

Citrus Bob Utber tries valiantly to keep across three big sporting events from the weekend just past: the Wallabies in their quest for the Bledisloe Cup, Adam Goodes’ return to footy at Geelong and the demise of the Australians at Trent Bridge.

The Ashes 2015 – Fourth Test Review: How important is a home advantage?

Sean Mortell dons the forensic gloves for a look back at that Fourth Test. [Still hard to believe that Day 1 actually occurred – Ed].

Shaun Marsh? Really? (An old yarn, re-visited)

Brendan McArdle questions the selectors’ dalliance with Shaun Marsh. [This is BMcA’s analysis in early 2014 – JTH]