Bricks in the Back

Hands up who hasn’t felt the debilitating effects of a serious back injury? Matt Watson argues why Michael Clarke should do the right thing by his long-term health and Australia’s World Cup squad and rule himself out of the up-coming ICC World Cup.

Seasons in the Sun (Part Fourteen): Percentage on a postage stamp?

Runs flow at a little ground in the suburbs as The Leader calls for percentage and the Lower Plenty Thirds reach the Bradman score.

Jiminy’s Cricket

A wonderful and heart-felt meditation on how cricket has enhanced the bonding between mother and cygnet.

The novice

Cricket and snorkelling give you plenty of time to ponder the big questions. Can I actually bat? Can I bowl? Am I breathing?

Hurlingham Park

Braham Dabscheck recalls a childhood of shattering the Donath’s dining room windows with sweetly-timed leg-side pull shots in street cricket, competing against mates and neighbours at the hallowed grounds of Hurlingham Park in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs, which sorted the men out from the boys and creating lifelong friendships and memories in equal measure.

From the back patio – Dave’s Australia Day sporting honours

Dave Brown enlists a fine Barossa Shiraz and a fine intellect to list his Top 10 Australia Day Sporting Honours (even Phil the Greek gets a gong – and unfortunately its not Dimitriadis).

Sledging: Todd (Gleisner), Agnew, Jackson, Haigh, Lalor, Dahl, Arlott and Plato

Sledging is back in the sporting discourse once again, after Jonathan Agnew’s spirited opinion piece earlier this week. David Wilson injects a lil’ bit o’ Plato to the debate.

Seasons in the Sun (Part Thirteen): The Return of Statler and Waldorf

The mighty Lower Plenty Thirds edge closer to booking a finals spot amidst consternation from those who are, as The Benevolent Leader will undoubtedly agree, Muppets.

Brave Kate Sought the Higher Ground

Jeff Dowsing’s paean to one of Australia’s most talented, prolific, enduring but somehow under-appreciated songstresses; the highly accomplished Kate Ceberano.

Does the concept of the Test tour serve cricket’s best interests?

Peter Zitterschlager says it’s time to end anachronistic Test cricket tours and replace them with a World Cricket League.

Prime Minister’s XI match not all hit and giggle

Ian Bell and Glenn Maxwell might have smashed the ball through the Manuka skies, but the carnival of the Prime Minister’s match also had a very serious side.

A number of people have mentioned Brydon Coverdale’s fine piece from Cricinfo to me. It’s the story of PTSD among those who have seen active military service. Here it is.

It Used to Move

Matt Watson remembers when cricket pitches had grass and the ball used to move and seam and spin. Has cricket become a batsman’s game or a 5 day promoter’s benefit?

Baked Beans in the Garden of Eden

With the Aussies recording a comprehensive series win in the recent Border-Gavaskar Trophy series, Fitzroy Pete travels back in time to Australia’s disastrous tour to the sub-continent in 1998, when India ruled supreme, and preferring baked beans over local cuisine turned out to be a P.R nightmare for SK Warne.

Seasons in the Sun (Part Twelve): Striving for the finals

Callum O’Connor and his Lower Plenty Thirds are in a post-Christmas fight for a finals berth. New players may help prospects: “Jacob gives it a good crack – he plays some sublime pulls, cuts and drives. As soon as he stops missing the ball, we’ll have another handy bat in the Thirds…”

An open letter from the residents of Canberra to Kevin Pietersen

KP’s popularity rating should have him ideally suited to a stint in Canberra. The locals have their reservations however…

Morality Plays

Bernard Whimpress considers the manic appeal and its impact.

SCG Test: Australia v India – The Gift

It was the ball that he wanted to hold, cupped in his palms, either through skill or happenstance. Or both. But the ball is hard, even if a batsman has hit it many times. Even if a bowler has hurled it into the pitch many times.

A bunch of stuff about this summer’s cricket … kind of

Peter Zitterschlager with some advice for KFC ad makers, some advice for Mo Matthews, and a plug for his own fictional character Viv Tufnell. [If PZ feels the need to explain his own images, metaphors and similes, that’s up to him – Ed]

SCG Test, Australia v India – Day Five: Until We Meet Again..

From the solemnity of Adelaide to the grind of the SCG, Citrus Bob Utber has been there for every step of the 2014-2015 Indian tour of Australia. In his final report on the Test series, Bob settles in for what promises to be an exciting final day.

SCG Test, Australia v India, Day 5: India hang on for a tense draw

Viraj Deshpande reflects on a tightly fought Day 5 at the SCG and how his India are only a bowler or two short of a good side.