Second Test, Pakistan v Australia (Abu Dhabi) – Day 2: Recent commentary from Lou (and the emails keep coming)

Lou is not happy with the Australian skipper.

Second Test, Pakistan v Australia (Abu Dhabi) – Day 2: Younis Piles on the Aussie Pain

Raj reports on a difficult Day 2 as Younis (Younus?) Khan again puts on a clinic of slow pitch batting and concentration. Where are the wrist-spinners?

Second Test, Pakistan v Australia (Abu Dhabi) – Day 1: Younis, Younis, Younus?

Luke Reynolds tells the story of Sheikh Zayed Stadium (“more Football Park than Adelaide Oval”) on Day 1. Ideas and attempts were many, but so were Pakistan’s runs.

Second Test, Pakistan v Australia (Abu Dhabi) – Day 1: Same old, same old

Rulebook reports on a bleak Day 1 from Abu Dhabi (and takes the chance to get a few things off his chest).

Loneliness of the Long Distance Cricket Umpire

John Gascoigne debuts with a ripper yarn about the dramas, oddities and nuances of local cricket told from a unique perspective. He’s been an umpire for 25 years – so he’s seen it all (hearing it all was a different matter).

Lou on swing bowling

Lou on swing bowling. Has Boof been reading? Boof has gone to town on missing straight ones today.

Calling all cricket thinkers: Second Test writers step up

E.Regnans has a call to arms for Australian cricket followers. Nominate to write a match report on one day’s play in the Second Test against Pakistan starting Thursday. Lou – are you up for it? Your Almanac need you.

Two day turnaround!

As the Australians lick their wounds and prepare for the Second test against Pakistan, who look hungry, Lou reckons you can’t change 20 years of false learning in two days.

Seasons in the Sun (Part 4): Slogging, slagging and sledging

Calllum O’Connor continues the season of the Lower Plenty 3rd XI with a bit of niggle helping the team get home for a win on the weekend.

First Test, Pakistan v Australia (Dubai) – Day 5: Adrift, disoriented

E.Regnans fifth day meditation on fortune, chance, patience, technique and all the other vagaries of Test Cricket in the desert.

Russell Jackson: Every domestic one-day uniform ever

For those old enough to know better. A link to Russell Jackson’s brilliant ‘Wasted Afternoons’ blog with all the coloured uniforms in domestic one-day cricket. Read it and go and clean out your wardrobe (including the one in the garage).

First Test – Pakistan v Australia: And how do you play spin bowling?

We thought Lou might go hard. Here he starts with some views on the art of batting, the art of bowling, and on the organisation of the summer fixture. Just a few to kick him off.

Introducing Lou (a reluctant cricket correspondent)

Introducing Lou who has recently discovered the Almanac and, having thought about it for a while, has decided to become a contributor.

Cricket and the Country Member

Mickey Randall reminisces about the times, names and places of growing up with cricket as a constant summer companion.

First Test, Pakistan v Australia (Dubai) – Day 1: Daal biryani

E. Regnans conversational report on Day1 of the First Test.

Seasons in the Sun (Part 3): The Charms of Cricket

Callum O’Connor’s series on the charms and travails of local cricket continues. (Worth reading for the nicknames and vernacular alone. Dry, laconic Australian humour is alive and well – Ed.)

Cricket: Gaunt and Leigh’s campaign of carnage

Mic Rees profiles the 1964/65 district cricket season in Melbourne, and his Footscray team’s search for elusive success.

Shock News: Pakistan lose the unloseable

Peter Baulderstone holds his nose after Australia’s “miracle” last over ODI win against Pakistan at the home of cricket in Abu Dhabi. The ICC must think we are all mugs. World Cup – who cares?

Seasons in the Sun (Part 2) – Leg Theory

Callum O’Connor’s cricketing travails continue as his opening spell is Harmisonesque. What to do when the skipper offers redemption via an over at the death?

The Boys of Summer are Back

It was the first day of a new cricket season for Callum O’Connor. Plenty of time for inventing new player nicknames and contemplating whether sibling rivalry trumps team success.