The Almanac (Manning Clark) Cricket Dinner – Thursday July 16 at the RMH

The Lord’s test is one of the special sporting occasions. If you are stuck in Melbourne, but want to mark the event in style then come along to the annual Almanac cricket dinner, on Thursday, July 16 at 6.30pm at the Royal Melbourne Hotel. The night will feature a chat with one of the grand elder statesmen of Australian cricket, Colin McDonald.

Almanac Cricket: Tony Dell Standing Tall

Tony Dell is an Almanac supporter living in Brisbane. He played two Tests for Australia. His charity was the matchday charity for last year’s PM XI match in Canberra. It’s important work. Tony features in an article on PTSD – or as he prefers, simply PTS – in the Queensland RSL News sharing his experiences on coping with PTS after his return from Vietnam. A timely and important read in regards to Mens’ health

Almanac Cricket – Fractious Divisions: Selecting the First Ashes Test XI

The 2015 Ashes series kicks off in Cardiff in just under three weeks time. Following a rout of the Windies in the Caribbean, the make up of our Ashes side presents selectors with some healthy dilemmas. Our good friend Cricket Froth selects his test XI.

Australia in West Indies 2015 and what to do about England: Wonderland

So many stories… with the Australians conquering the Windies, we look on towards the looming Ashes series – but who of the current squad will only look on?

Sabina Park Test – West Indies v Australia, Day 1: The continuing story of SPD Smith

A confused and doubtful E.regnans brings this story of Sabina Park Day 1, thanks to his ever-optimistic (and imaginary) horse called Clarrie Grimmett. Of course, yet again, the day belonged to Steve Smith.

Australia in West Indies: Roseau recap and on to Kingston

Ahead of the Second Test in Jamaica, David Wilson provides us with a re-cap of the too-brief First Test.

Almanac Poetry – Cricket doggerel: Hill; Midwinter

Crankypete with some cricket poetry.

The Day of the Giants

Last night at the North Fitzroy Arms I met a bloke who was talking about Johnny ‘Mulga’ Shelton who played a few games for Fitzroy and has been a legendary figure around the bush for donkey’s years. I was reminded of Citrus Bob Utber’s mention of him a few years back.

Almanac Cricket: Ashes promo from Skysports

This is worth a look. Bumble: on fire.

Roseau Test, West Indies v Australia – Day 1: Impatience

It was a very very ordinary day of Test cricket in the West Indies. You couldn’t help but notice. And E Regnans certainly did.

Adam Voges – A Baggy Green hard earned and well deserved

Adam Voges made his Test debut overnight and Reggie couldn’t be more thrilled, as he explains what he has done to get there.

Test cricket: tonight a series ends, tomorrow a series starts

Test cricket tonight – England v New Zealand at Headingley; tomorrow into West Indies v Australia at Roseau. If you’re watching (there, or anywhere) add your thoughts here, and pen us a report.

Big Bash 2014-15 – Stars v Renegades: Who will rule Melbourne?

Ben Myatt writes about last summer’s BBL Melbourne derby which was decided on the last ball of the night.

England cricket, May 2015: the tying of oneself in knots

E Regnans tries to make sense of the recent goings on in English cricket. As he’s tapping, away the Poms fall to 4/30 at Lord’s against New Zealand. To what topics have the conversations turned in the hallowed halls of the egg and bacon brigade. What of this man Pietersen?

Stories from Prison – ICC World Cup Semi-Final: New Zealand v South Africa

A unique perspective from a new correspondent “The Inside Man” who graphically describes the experience of four Kiwi prisoners watching the gripping ICC World Cup semi final at Eden Park from an Australian Jail. We all meet as equals on the sporting field.

From The Economist’s Intelligent Life: Richie Benaud’s Sounds of Silence

Tim de Lisle – former editor at Wisden – penned a touching tribute to Richie Benaud in The Economist’s ‘Intelligent Life’.

A 10 Year Old’s Trip to The Commentary Box

A gentle reflection about the day a 10 year old Wayne Ball made it into the Channel 9 commentary box at the SCG, and met his heroes. The time and generousity that Richie Benaud offered was the mark of the man.

Vale’ Richie: Memories and Imagination

True heroes like Pele, Senna and Gough need only one name. Most remember the commentary doyen, but Peter Baulderstone reflects on Richie the cricketer and the power of imagination.

Richie Benaud

Richie Benaud was Colin Ritchie’s hero as a boy, then something earth-shattering occurred.

[This piece was first published in 2012 – it is timely we reprise it. Vale Richie. – Ed]

An unusual Richie Benaud memory from the Sydney Cricket Ground

It’s funny how you bump into people. On this sad day for Australians, leave your memory of the grand commentator. Vale Richie Benaud.