Bye Bye Brownlow, Some News For Rory Sloane

Rory Sloane has recklessly punched Brad Ebert in the face and made his face bleed. It happened in the event of trying to spoil a mark that Ebert already had. It was defiantly an accident. Brad Ebert was fine and came on in the last quarter. The AFL tribunal gave him a one week ban. He took the choice to leave it be and not argue so he wouldn’t risk missing more weeks. Rory Sloane was in great form and was a chance at Brownlow. He will be disqualified.



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  1. I am just so angry with this idiotic decision it was a poor spoil granted but Sloane did not swing his arm round in the good old fashioned make him earn it action it was a football collision way 2 much is taken on the outcome and with,Brad Ebert a over whelming favorite for a gold medal if bleeding was a Olympic sport there for he was gone and the system is so wrong if he challenges he gets another week
    I I well and truly see the point re people saying it is still the VFL not AFL

  2. Wonder what would be the public outcry if Ebert had hit Sloan in the same way?

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