AFLM Round 2 – West Coast v St Kilda: Missed by thaaaat much

For three quarters of the West Coast v St Kilda game, the Saints were in it up to their eye balls. Yvette Wroby anxiously awaited the inevitable comeback. She is proud that the Saints were thaaaat close up til then. She’s also making a stand and calling the AFLM games what they are. The AFL is now made up of two competitions.

AFLW Grand Final – Brisbane v Adelaide: Magic Fingers and Magic Skills

Yvette Wroby is still in awe of the Inaugural season of the AFLW and the terrific Premiership win by the Adelaide Crows. Bring on AFLW 2018 and a St Kilda team too please AFL, she asks. She is now referring to the AFL games as either AFLM or AFLW and isn’t the only one.

Round 1 – St Kilda v Melbourne: Happy and Sad

Yvette Wroby is happy (she also caught most of the AFLW Grand Final) and Yvette is sad (will Nick be OK?), but when she thought of Alison Lester’s children’s board book, she knew she could write her first season report.

Women’s Footy Almanac: Michelle Brisbane and The Houndlings – Supporting those who support the Almanac

Michelle Brisbane and Ethical Investment Services have supported the inaugural Women’s Footy Almanac. Yvette got along to see her band The Houndlings play last Sunday, and recommends the band to other Almanackers.

AFLW Round 7 – Melbourne v Fremantle: Way out east, a flood of a different kind

Yvette Wroby takes her mob to the last round of footy to fulfill a promise to show her ‘grandson’ women playing footy. Turns out Melbourne decided to put on a display.

Almanac Women’s Footy Lunch: Ange Pippos and Breaking the Mould (April 21)

This Women’s Footy Almanac Lunch features writer, thinker and broadcaster Ange Pippos and her new book Breaking the Mould.

Women’s Footy News

Women’s Footy News will bring you any interesting bits and pieces about the game, links to articles by some of our writers or events that may interest Almanac.

AFLW Round 2 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: “It’s tough being a woman” takes on a whole new meaning.

Yvette Wroby is loving the AFLW season, and here is the report of the first of the three games to be attended over the weekend. As usual, she meets a few people along the way and shares their stories too.

AFLW Round 1 – Melbourne v Brisbane Lions: Drowned on and off the field

Yvette Wroby got her friends together for a possible Melbourne win in the rain-effected match against Brisbane.

Women’s Footy: Angela Pippos and “A League of their Own”

  Almanacker Bring Back the Torp has alerted us to a national TV documentary on the recent growth of female footy. Channel 7  has scheduled it directly after the Collingwood v Carlton game telecast, at approximately 9.45pm on Friday (Feb 3) night.  It is researched and narrated by journalist (and occasional Almanac contributor) Angela Pippos, [Read more]

AFL Women’s (Practice Match) – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: When a practice match feels like a party.

Yvette Wroby is full of excitement as she finds new footy friends in the glow of the emergence of the AFL Women’s comp. [Trademark Yvette – JTH]

Almanac Women’s Footy: Call for writers

Yvette Wroby is the energy behind the Almanac’s women’s footy coverage. As the season is about to get underway, Yvette invites writers to get involved.

Almanac Women’s Footy: A journey continues

Yvette Wroby is feeling emotional and uplifted and so enthusiastic about the imminent AFL Women’s competition which begins on February 3. She feels this is a really significant moment. In this wonderful short essay she explains why. [Wonderful thanks Yvette – JTH]

Almanac Women’s AFL: Call for writers

If you would like to write about women’s footy, please let Yvette know. [I think this is going to be big – JTH]

Sports Writers Festival: The Flanagan Oration

Yvette Wroby happily met and heard from sports-writing elder Martin Flanagan, at last night’s Sports Writers Festival Oration. [Includes link to the full transcript of M Flanagan’s speech, “Sport and politics: the Adam Goodes case reconsidered, one year on.”]

VWFL Semi Final – St Kilda Sharks v Melbourne Uni: Onwards and Upwards

Yvette Wroby enjoyed a day watching St Kilda Sharks in the VFL Women’s semi, she felt part of a community, a part of the red, black and white football tribe.

Round 23 – St Kilda v Brisbane: Guiding Lights

St Kilda has missed the finals and Yvette Wroby is signing off for the year after the Saints Round 23 win. [A few more posts please Yvette -Ed]

Round 22 – Richmond v St. Kilda: Kalyekeh versus Kalyekeh

Yvette Wroby enjoyed watching the Saints defeat Richmond, a great day out almost ruined by Football and saved by a Red White and Black Pokemon.

Round 21 – St Kilda v Sydney: Pride in Pride Game and Japan calling

Yvette watched her Saints with pride from Japan in their match against Sydney and discovered Pokemon, do they come in red white and black?

Round 20 – Carlton v St Kilda: From Tokyo-Kobe-Tokyo with love.

Yvette has sent through a sensational report from Japan full of food, family, friends and of course a Saints game with Yoshi.