Round 17 – GWS v Sydney: Gobbling up the action

The defensive resolve of the Swans kept their rivals at bay. For Tom Bally, this game was a flashback to the Swans of old.

Round 14 – Sydney v Essendon: It’s not over until the redhead sings

Sydney pulled off an impressive come from behind win at the siren. Tom Bally and fellow Swans supporters soaked up the moment for all it was worth.

Round 12 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Revenge against the Enemy

Sydney got some measure of revenge with a win over last year’s Grand Final nemesis. Thursday night footy might be a regular favourite for Tom Bally if Sydney keep playing like that.

Round 7 – Sydney v Brisbane: A sight for sore eyes

  Time, it seems, has caught up with me. Years of peering at computer screens has finally stuffed my vision. After getting my eyes checked I spend most of Saturday morning trying on frames. It’s somewhat depressing this getting old thing.   But not as depressing as getting beaten by Carlton. And nowhere near as [Read more]

Round 5 – Sydney v GWS: Onwards to Round 6 please

Tom’s becoming increasingly frustrated with the Swans after expecting a better effort from them this week. Like all true supporters, he’s hoping things will improve for Round 6.

Round 1 – Sydney v Port Adelaide: Power bill due

The Swans may have some tough times ahead in 2017 according to Sydney supporter Tom Bally.

Finals Week 3 – Geelong v Sydney: In search of a summer of thunder-shaking

Tom Bally doesn’t know if he wants time to pass quickly so the prelim final starts or slowly so he can savour the build-up, but he does know he wants a victory – and a premiership.

Finals Week 1 – Sydney v GWS: Final pulse

Last night Almanac HQ took possession of this script for Tom Bally’s TV miniseries “Final Pulse.” It’s a ripping hospital drama, featuring a cast you might recognise.

Round 23 – Sydney v Richmond: Keeping a lid on things

Swans supporters were nervous going into the match against Richmond, the Tigers held an advantage and as Tom Bally writes, there was no need for concern.

Round 18 – Sydney v Carlton: Ready the paddles…

Where’s that defibrillator? The Swans get the wobbles at the SCG, and so does Tom Bally.

Round 10 – Sydney v North Melbourne: Winter descends on the SCG but the Swans heat up the O’Reilly shiverers

Tom Bally doesn’t quite pick the weather, but who cares, the Swans heat up the SCG and cement their place at the top of the ladder. [I reckon it was colder at Fitzroy on Saturday – Ed]

Round 7 – Sydney v Essendon: Dynamic Duo

History and entertainment are littered with partnerships that just work, Tom Bally suggests the Swans have added the Buddy and Heeney Show.

Round 4 – Adelaide v Sydney: Gone in sixty seconds

Tom Bally takes his measure of responsibility for the Swans’ loss.

Round 23 – Sydney Swans v Gold Coast: Predictable in their unpredictability

Tom Bally loves that the Swans’ unpredictability is about the only things that their fans can safely predict.

Round 16 – Sydney v Hawthorn: ‘Sooner of later one of us must know.’

With a little help from Bob Dylan, Tom Bally vents his frustration at Sydney’s effort against the Hawks on Saturday night. With the Eagles looming, questions are being asked of the Swans.

Round 9 – Sydney v Carlton: Missed it

Tom Bally is not sure what the fuss is about – because he missed the Goodes dance altogether.

Round 1 – Sydney v Essendon: Hard work in the Sydney rain

Talk about doing things the hard way. Tom Bally rides the roller-coaster out at the showgrounds.

Footy Station

Almanackers – Footy’s on the Radio and 2SER is looking for volunteers to host a Sunday morning footy talk show with a distinct Sydney/NSW flavour.

Tom Bally has further details within.

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Tom Bally’s Sydney season was bookended by stunning, inexplicable losses. Replay watching is not on his mind anytime soon. He’ll be back, but he may not be the same.

AFL Qualifying Final-Sydney v Fremantle: Buffer Zone

Tom Bally was worried how the rain would affect his Swans in their Qualifying Final against Fremantle. Turns out his biggest worry on the day was being seated next to a tinnitus inducing fellow Swan fan.