VAFA Premier C- Williamstown CYMS v Fitzroy: Smokie’s preview of the big match been

Boorish spectators and the wind across the Fearon can at times get to Smokie but like his beloved Willy boys, he soldiers on. Here are his thoughts for this week.

Round 21 – North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: Home Truths

Let not some unexpected wins paper over the cracks. Smokie delivers some home truths for Brad Scott and co.

VAFA Premier C – Williamstown CYMS v Old Camberwell: Conspiracy theories?

Smokie is a bit partial to a conspiracy theory as he explains in his report.

VAFA: Williamstown CYMS AFC – Smokie reminisces about times past

Smokie reminisces about times past as a player, administrator, and supporter at Williamstown CYs.

“Our Game”

This piece has been taken down following a reader’s request.

Almanac Teams: The True Believers

Count your blessings, for Smokie has selected a team with a decidedly religious flavour.

The Blue & The Gold: A Win for the Ages

Smokie revisits the memorable Williamstown CYMS Grand Final victory of 2009 against Peninsula.

VAFA Premier C – Willy CYs v Ivanhoe: A Multiplicity of Smokies

Smokie works out how he can be in two places at once – down at the old Fearon and on duty at home.

Flying North For The Winter (The CYs Preview)

The annual migration to warmer climes has commenced. The CY’s are not alone in dealing with this issue, but will be particularly hard hit in the next few weeks

VAFA – Smokie’s CYs preview: House Parties

Smokie Dawson is sniffing the social glue that has held Willy CYs together over the years.

VAFA: Winners’ beer! Smokie brings the latest from Williamstown CYMS AFC

Smokie previews Williamstown CYMS AFC’s VAFA clash against Fitzroy this week.

Almanac Teams: Vocations & Occupations

“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation.” Aristotle.
There are many and varied lost trades lurking within the names of footballers and Smokie has found a few to create another Almanac Team.

Williamstown CYMS AFC: Into The Ammos!

Smokie Dawson reviews this week’s games for the Williamstown CYMS AFC, and also provides a history of the club’s inception into the VAFA.

VAFA Premier C – The CYs Preview: Uni Daze

In this week’s preview, Smokie reminisces about his tumultuous time at Melbourne Uni

VAFA Premier C – the CYs Preview: Road Hog

As usual, it took only days for Smokie to break his New Year’s resolution

VAFA Premier C – The CY’s Preview (Rd 3): The E.H. Holden

When he played in the Under-19’s, Smokie’s mode of transport was an old E.H. Holden.

VAFA Premier C – The CYs Preview: Round 2

In Ammos C Grade, Williamstown CYMS travel to Old Ivanhoe in an important test. Meantime, Smokie reminisces about an old boss.

VAFA Premier C – The CYs’ Preview: Round 1

Amateur footy kicks off in Melbourne today. And Smokie will be at the Fearon to watch his old club play. This is the first of his weekly Williamstown CYMS previews.

AFL Round 1 – Gold Coast v North Melbourne: Wet Season

What were they thinking when they scheduled a game in Cairns during the wet season?

Missing Red Symons

You don’t know what you’ve got til you lose it. In AFLW Grand Final week, Smokie recalls Red’s ways, Red’s traits and Red’s strident ambivalence to footy.