The Aussies: Fast, Brilliant, Creative, Daring and in the Final. (So why can’t I like them?)

Sean Curtain respects – but doesn’t like – the way the Australian cricket team go about their work on the field. Moreso after moments in Thursday evening’s Australia v India ICC World Cup semi-final.

The hoick, the dismissal or just taking part: What will he remember from our weekend of cricket?

This week’s episode of Boys and Balls stars Sean and Ben Curtain, exploring the fine line between the gaining and losing of your child’s respect.

Essendon and their Curiously Scheduled, Possibly Generous and Definitely Soft NAB Challenge Games

The Bombers have a very ‘interesting’ NAB Challenge schedule ahead of them, argues Sean Curtain. Have the undermanned Bombers (self-imposed, it must be pointed out) been spared the rod by AFL in being drawn to meet three of last season’s strugglers in the pre-season competition?

The First Ever Almanac Psychological Profile and Questionnaire: 100 Quick Questions (No fence sitting allowed)

“Take a seat on ze couch pliss. Dr Curtain vil be vis you shortly… “[really liking this one! – Ed]

The past is another country: A change is gonna come. (Who said that?)

Sean Curtain’s trusty Blackberry carked it. It got him thinking about change. And Spidercam.

Dear Almanac: Thanks for the gift that’s kept on giving

Sean Curtain, as honest and self-effacing as ever, pays tribute to the writing and reading community that is the Almanac.

[Thanks for these words Sean, and especially for all the words you have penned over the last three years – Ed]

Gabba Test, Australia v India – Day Two: The Old and the New – A Mixed Media Day of Cricket Updates

Sean Curtain charts both the progress of both live cricket media coverage and day two’s play at the Gabba.

Overheard at Essendon: Part 3. This is a win for us?

Channeling Monty Python, John Clarke and Brian Dawe, Sean Curtain reflects on the latest chapter of the Essendon versus ASADA stoush.

The Results Are In: a review of the 2014 Best and Fairest winners and Top 10 placings per club

Sean Curtain analyses this year’s AFL club best and fairest award results.

To all the Almanackers: RU OK?

Sean Curtain reflects on RU OK? Day, and the value of men sometimes getting beneath the beer and footy talk to share what is really going on inside.

The Boomers and the “insult” of tanking accusations: Spare me

The Boomers didn’t try to win, contrived to lose, could have won if they needed to or wanted to enough, and now have egg on their face and funding out of their pockets as a result. There’s no tanking by Sean Curtain in his analysis of tanking claims against the Boomers.

Overheard at Essendon again: A post Cronulla deal chat between a worried player and EFC official

Sean Curtain has been hanging around Melrose Drive again, which is nothing like Cronulla.

Essendon and Hird v ASADA and AFL – Day 1: James Hird channels Macbeth in a staggering display of selfishness

Sean Curtain sees parallels between the Hird/Essendon/ASADA Federal Court case and the selfishness of Macbeth. He also sees that the court actioon is a bit like saying that whatever evidence you found when you searched my house that could convict me is inadmissible because your search warrant was wrong.

AFL Round 19 – Richmond v GWS Giants: Fifty shades of Greige (Lights, Conca, Action!)

You’ve got to worry when the most memorable events of a game don’t involve kicking the ball, taking a mark, or a decent bit of play. Sean Curtain tolerates a 27 point Tiger win.

The Bananarama Brownlow: It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it. Keeping the Fairest in the B&F.

The perennial debate about eligibility for the Brownlow medal is gathering momentum, as Gary Ablett’s injury meets Nate Fyfe’s stellar form. The ghosts of McKernan and Grant are being revived and pundits are bellowing out the for-and-against arguments.

Walking a mile in their shoes: The case in favour of James Hird

Should a person who has given so much be hung by so little? Sean Curtain has a crack at an impartial view of the return of James Hird.

What do they know of football, who only football know? Questions asked of retiring footballers (“So, coaching or the media?”)

Three decorated players have retired in the last 24 hours. We assume coaching or the media careers await. But what if they want to do something else?

The Biggest Losers: The full cast list of the EFC drugs issue and who has lost the most (and least) throughout

Sean Curtain surveys the “winners and losers” from the Essendon Drugs Scandal. Cast your own votes for “Heroes and Villains”.

Glancing at the World Cup: 5 questions from my once-in-every-four-year soujorn to the beautiful game

Sean Curtain wants to be able to follow soccer with a bit more authority, but he needs some answers.

The Great Uruguayan Bite: How Luis would be judged in other sports

Suarez’s ‘reflex’ bite leads Sean Curtain to consider possible outcomes in other sporting codes. Anyone else thinking Hannibal Lecter’s facemask might come in handy?