Round 17 – Preview: It’s Game Time!

Sal Ciardulli gives his tips for Round 17 and continues his discussion on how the game may need to be reduced in length.

Round 16 Preview – A bit of Crowding Control please?

Sal Ciardulli offers his usual comprehensive tips for Round 16 and some thoughtful advice on how the game’s rules should be modified to reduce the scourge of congestion around the ball.

Round 15 Preview – Tackling a few issues?

Sal previews Round 15 of the AFL. While tackling a few issues that are currently in the AFL.

Round 13 Preview – What is the Point?

  Greetings all,   Wow, two in a row and the Blues are chirpy! Almost as much as the Demons – which has made this household a veritable birds nests for the last couple of weeks!   However all is not well for the AFL despite the glee in this house.  A fair bit was [Read more]

Round 13 – Preview: No News like No News

Sal previews Round 13. [Check out Ladbrokes prices for what could be a favourites’ round. They’re offering $2 on Sydney to beat Richmond at home].

Round 12 – Preview: Three’s a crowd

Sal Ciardulli with his preview of Round 12 and some thoughts on the third man up interpretations.

Round 11 – Preview: And now the end is here!

Sal Ciardulli and his take on what’s going to happen in Round 11. Go Friars.

Round 10 – Preview: The road from purgatory

Sal Ciardulli separates the contenders from the maybes and offers his selections for Round 10. Go Friars.

Round 9 – Preview: Head High Heaven

Sal Ciardulli, Carlton man, tries to concentrate on this week’s matches, a round which has some sitters and some tight ones.

Round 8 Preview – Juddy Kicks a few goals – but misses a point

Sal Ciardulli hits the bully pulpit with some strong and convincing words on AFL integrity. And his regular preview of the weekend’s games. Go Friars!

Round 7 Preview – Victoria, a state of disarray!

Sal with his take on the week in footy and his preview of the nine games in Round 7. He finds the value? And in the A-League final he thinks it will be a very tight and hence his cash is heading in the direction of the longer price of Sydney FC.

Farewell to a Great Friar

Sal Ciardulli pays tribute to Rev V N Kierce OCarm and reflects on his impact on the lives of many at Whitefriars College and beyond.

Round 6 Preview: A Bin for their Sins

Sal with some thoughts on sin-bins and send-offs and a preview of the Round 6 matches.

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Dear Mick

A letter to Mick Malthouse from Channel 7 (aka Sal Ciardulli).

Round 5 Preview – The Spots don’t Change

Sal Ciardulli offers his weekly insights into the winners, losers, certainties and maybes in Round 5. His heart (and money) is with his Blues (if not Mick) against the old enemy tonight.

Round 4 Preview – Statistics, Lies and R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Sal Ciardulli previews a ripper Round 4 in the AFL and celebrates his Whitefriars first win the ammos last week.

Round 3 – Preview: Winter is Coming for Carlton

Now is the winter of Sal Ciardulli’s discontent with his Blues and Friars disappointing last week. Sal previews Round 3 with his usual incisiveness.

Round 2 Preview – Fixing it for the Fans?

Sal Ciardulli’s tips for an interesting AFL Round 2. Sal writes off his Blues – which makes them certs. And its Round 1 of the Ammos for his Whitefriars.

It’s only the beginning – Opening Round Preview and Ladder Pontifications

Sal Ciardulli is back with not only his Round 1 tips, but also a forensic analysis of each team’s prospects for the season ahead. Will his Blues stand up for him this year?

Compliments of the Season – the Christmas Issue

Greetings of the season to all, Welcome to the bumper Christmas issue to guide you through the silly season and some pontification on the events of past year.  At this time last year the test series was all over, the Ashes safe and just the tidying up of proceedings to go.  We are effectively at [Read more]