Sal’s Grand Final formguide – A Buddy Big Time in The Big One!

Sal runs his eyes over the Grand Final form, plus tips for tonight’s races at Moonee Valley and Sunday’s at Caulfield.

Preliminary Final Preview – It’s People’s Round

Our Foreteller of fates, Sal Ciardulli, tips a Silent Achiever on the weekend (Kangaroos omen?) and Happy Trails for the Hawkers on their way to another Grand Final.

Sal’s Semi-Final Preview – and the foray at Flemington

From Fremantle to Flemington to the ‘G, Sal Ciardulli has the answers to all the weekend contests being played out on green turf.

Sal’s Week 1 Finals Preview – And so it begins

Sal Ciardulli has all bases covered as usual, with a comprehensive preview of the first week of AFL finals. The big races at Money Valley get sorted out, and his Whitefriars are in the Ammos finals. Go Friars!

Round 23 Preview – Almost done for some!

Sal Ciardulli casts his learned eye across the final round of AFL fixtures; the big races from Caulfield; and finals time in the ammos.

AFL Round 22: Sal’s Penultimate Preview

Sal chases a dollar at the footy and the races and prays for the good fortune of the Friars in their fight to stay in Div 1.

Round 21 Preview: A Blue News Week

Sal Ciardulli with his R.Williams-flavoured preview of Round 21, the Friars and the budding racing season.

Round 20 Preview – Take a whiff of this!

The top four looks increasingly settled so the logjam for positions 5-8 will be the main focus for Round 20… speaking of focus, what is going on with the Match Review Panellists implementing the system?

AFL Round 19 – Preview: Tribunal Raffle Time again

Sal Ciardulli on Ty Vickery, Round 19, and the Friars fight to keep clear of the drop zone.

Round 18 Part Deux Preview – It’s Academic

Sal Ciardulli offers his thoughts on the second part of Round 18.

AFL Round 18 Part 1 Preview – ’tis the time of the season.

Sal Ciardulli honours the retiring champs and ponders his Blues recruiting and trading follies. Likely winners, odds and value tips for the first half of Round 18 are contemplated.

Sal’s AFL Round 17 Preview

Sal Ciardulli is back from holidaying in ‘Nam and lets us in on this weekend’s AFL winners.

AFL Round 16 Preview: Sal, sun, song in Saigon

Sal Ciardulli is sipping cocktails on the verandah of the Hanoi Hilton, but he hasn’t forgotten to enlighten tipsters with his views on the likely winners and losers in Round 16.

AFL Round 15 Preview – Escaping Melbourne Winters

Sal Ciardulli sends his AFL Round 15 preview from the Hanoi Hilton, where he is sheltering from freezing Melbourne winters, incompetent AFL umpires and the Carlton Blues. He may be gone a little while.

AFL Round 14 Preview – Four Minutes of Fantasy

Sal Ciardulli previews AFL Round 14. He reckons that once Tim Cahill retires the Socceroos might be more in need of a key striker than his Carlton Blues.

AFL Round 13 Preview – Bring back the Giesch!

Sal Ciardulli has words of advice for the umpires and for tipsters. Lets hope Wayne Campbell is listening.

Round 12 Preview – Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad

Sal Ciardulli does the maths on AFL equalisation; Round 12 and the big races at Eagle Farm. His Blues take on the Cats on the rebound, and there is no Whitefriars consolation as the ammos take a well derserved break.

Round 11 Preview – The Gazza Football League

Sal Ciardulli looks ahead to the weekend, with some footy tips, racing tips, and hopes for the Friars.

Round 10 – Preview: The Sounds of Sirens

Mangy’s out of form? Hawks slow? Doomben 10,000 winner? Friars to bounce back? Sal has it all for you.

AFL Round 9 – Preview: I didn’t like last Monday

Greetings to all,   Not much time between games this week to put a preview together, but certainly time to reflect on a great life in footy.  A pall had already descended over Monday night’s game before the players put on that display with the announcement of Tom Hafey’s death.  Special people transcend the game [Read more]