Round 23 – Sal’s Preview: The Goodbye Round

Sal provides value in his tips for Round 23, The Goodbye Round, time to say goodbye to 2016 for Carlton and a few others.

Round 22 – Sal’s Preview: Welcome all for the Penultimate Round of the Season.

Sal presents his Round 22 preview with some value.

Round 21 Preview – We have to talk about Brisbane!

Sal looks at what might be done up in Brisbane and, as always, lets us in on who will salute in round 21.

Round 20 – Preview: Have you had enough or do you want some more?

Sal looks at Round 20 in the AFL and the Friars in the Ammos.

Round 19 Preview: Congratulating Boomer

Sal says it how a lot of people see it: Boomer may not be a favourite but you have to acknowledge his remarkable achievement. [Spot on Sal – Ed]

Round 18 – Preview: What about the fans for the fixture?

Sal previews Round 18 of the AFL and expects the Friars Under 19s to do better against Parkdale than the Blues will in Sydney.

Round 17 Sal’s Preview – A lot of white noise, but we do have Buddy and Cyril!

Round 17 footy tips and Sal has the hot mail on which teams will bring home the points

Round 16 – Sal’s Preview: A view from the Tigertanic

Sal spills the beans on Round 16 selections, best tip after last week’s shockers, tread cautiously, slippery surface ahead.

Round 15 – Preview: Blues, Power and Swans in the three tight ones

Sal, who is still in fine tipping form, has a look at Round 15 and his Blue glasses won’t let him drift away from Carlton to beat The Old Foe.

Round 14: Sal’s Preview

Sal looks at Round 14, his take on eddiegaffe, will the chardy sippers come through and other tantalising tips for the round.

Round 13 Preview – It’s a Pie Sore

Sal Ciardulli picks the Pies apart at the bakery before picking you some winners from the first bye round for 2016

Round 12 – Preview: The First Semester Report Cards

Sal gives his half-yearly report and like his tipping all season, he’s on the money. [Perhaps it’s Sal who is on the wavelength this season – Ed]

Round 11 Preview – A Game Played above the Shoulders

Sal previews Round 11 and his take on the ‘head high’ free kick issue.

Round 10: Sal’s Preview

Sal on the Jonas- Gaff incident from Round 9 and his preview of Round 10.

Round 9 Preview – Another load of Bull

Sal has an eye for the bovine in his Round 9 preview

Round 8 Preview – The Man in White in Always Right

Sal previews Round 8, Friar time and the EPL. Also gives his view on the men in white.

Round 7: Sal’s Preview

Sal looks at Round 7, Friar time and the EPL. He thinks his Blues can sneak home. [He’s been round the money this season – Ed]

Round 6: Sal’s preview

Sal has a look at Round 6 of the AFL and gives us the latest on The Friars.

Round 5 Preview – A sad week for footy

Sal Ciardulli offers thoughts after the sad death of Patrick Cronin. [Condolences to family and friends – Ed]. And casts his eye over the form for Round 5 – check it out tipsters.

Round 3: Sal’s preview

Sal looks at Round 3 – and the Masters. Although a Carton fan he’s gearing up for the Sunday afternoon match between Hawthorn and the Bulldogs – but thinks the champs will hold on. [Sal’s Spieth prediction was made before Arnie, Jack and G. Player hit off eary this morning – Ed]