Meet Up Night With Yoshi (July 21 at the North Fitzroy Arms)

The Almanac’s Japanese scribe Yoshi is flying into Melbourne next week, he’d love to catch up at the Saints game or at the North Fitzroy Arms, click on the article for details of his visit.

Round 17 – St Kilda v Carlton: Great Win Beating Others

Yoshi is excited by the Saints victory over the Blues even though he missed the live broadcast!

Match Report – IMPACT Invitational Cup 2018

On Saturday, July 7th, the Osaka Dingoes created club history by hosting two international teams as well as 2 Tokyo based AFL clubs for their first ever IMPACT Invitational Cup Tournament held at the Canadian Academy in Kobe. Almanacker Yoshi presents his report of the Cup.

Round 15 – Melbourne v St Kilda: Saints defeat the Devils

Yoshi was on the edge of his seat following the Saints win over the Dees on the weekend while on his way to footy training. [We also wish Yoshi all the best in the IMPACT Invitational Cup in Kobe, Japan this weekend – Eds]

Am I Obsessed With Footy?

Yoshi Imagawa is putting in the hard yards on the training track to be the best player he can be for the Osaka Dingoes. Is there such a thing as training too much? Yoshi will be in Melbourne in July and is looking for a club to train at and to meet up with fellow Almanackers.

Round 14 – West Coast v Essendon: BJ in good form

Yoshi’s dislike of Brendon Goddard has mellowed of late as he watches BJ put in a good game for the Bombers in their win against the Eagles.

Almanac Football: Should Sam Gilbert be a Saint in 2019 or not?

Experience v kicking skills? Yoshi is torn on the future of Saint Sam Gilbert. He has been following the debate, and wants to know your thoughts on the matter.

Round 13 – Gold Coast v St Kilda: Changing roster, footy and scoring tides

Yoshi breaks a new work record and provides the details on following the Saints in amongst life’s other obligations and pleasures in Osaka. Joy replaces depression.

Round 12 – St Kilda v Sydney: Love and Pride

Yoshi is feeling like his lot is like the Saints’ lot.

The Osaka Dingoes to host the IMPACT Invitational Cup in July

The Australian Football IMPACT Invitational is being held in Kobe on 7th July, featuring teams from Indonesia, Singapore and Japan. Yoshi provides the details.

Round 11 – West Coast v St Kilda: Being Competitive is more important than coaching record for now

Yoshi’s work roster hasn’t done him any favours lately but nothing limits his passion for the Saints. He also takes notes to apply skills to his own game. There’s a chance you can catch up with him next month in Melbourne.

Almanac Other Sports – Roller Derby in New Zealand

Get outta the way – across the ditch Miss Jellyfish Stings and her Queenstown Roller Derby teammates have hit the track rolling

Round 10 – Richmond v St Kilda: My big hope fading easily but positives seen

Yoshi is staying positive in the face of difficult times: the Saints didn’t win, but positives were there to see

Round 9 – St Kilda v Collingwood: Royal Wedding v Footy

Yoshi is full of frustration, as are most Saints fans. Not only was he unable to watch the game live in Japan due to work, it was put on another channel because of the Royal Wedding and when he could catch up, he did not like what he saw.

Almanac Football: Yoshi implements new footy practices

International Almanacker Yoshi brings us up to date about his on-field exploits. He’s getting to understand the fundamentals!

Round 8 – Fremantle v St Kilda: Inexperienced to beat scandal

Yoshi is kind of glad that he missed seeing any of the Freo-Saints game live

Open Letter to Alan Richardson: My suggestions to you for better Saints

In a heartfelt letter from our resident Kyoto Almanacker, Yoshi lays it out for the coach of his beloved St Kilda on how he sees the path to improvement.

Round 7 – St Kilda v Melbourne: Enjoyed Sports Weekend despite the losses

Less than desirable result for the Saints, but their clash with Melbourne added to a big weekend of sport for Yoshi

Round 6 – Hawthorn v St Kilda: Where is the game plan?

There was no note taking for Yoshi this week, just some good old-fashioned watching of the footy. With a quarter of the season complete, the Saints haven’t yet adjusted to the departures of champions Riewoldt and Montagna; something that needs rectifying.

Round 5 – St Kilda v GWS Giants: Saints nearly go marching in with upset

The first draw of the season marked a rebound from several weeks of poor form for the Saints, of which Yoshi is grateful.