2018 will be The Year of…

Yoshi has much to look forward to in 2018, and high hopes.

Osaka Dingoes President Matt Gale interviewed by Rohan Connolly

The future of footy in Asia is bright, none more so than at the Osaka Dingoes (Yoshi’s hitting the gym)

Yoshi Joining Osaka Dingoes AFL Club

Yoshi to don the boots in his native Japan.

How people pick and change footy clubs

Yoshi ponders why we select our chosen team to support.

Facts about St Kilda and Melbourne

After a visit to the Sports Museum at the MCG Yoshi presents some historical facts and figures of matches played between St Kilda and Melbourne.

Missing the Ox’s Legends

Like many, Yoshi was angry with SEN’s decision to get ride of Ox and Marko. He lets loose here.

Almanac Book Review – Bomber the Whole Story: Hardworking and Rewards with Honesty

Yoshi gives an excellent overview and summary of Mark Thompson’s autobiography Bomber: the whole story. And he thanks Francis Leach who gave Yoshi the book at the Sports Writers’ Festival. Yosho had travelled from Japan to Melbourne especially for the event.

Importance of open communication

Yoshi discusses the value of open and frank communication.

The Ashes – First Test, Day 4 & 5: Cricketholic and too Early

Now that Yoshi is addicted to cricket, he wishes that the live streams were more reliable.

Almanac Book Review – The Footy Lady: Determining and Positive Influences

Yoshi gives us the rundown on Susan Alberti’s book, The Footy Lady. He can’t help but admire her hard work and her never-give-up attitude.

Yoshi in Melbourne: All-in-One City Tour organised by Freddy’s Bike Tour

Yoshi certainly kept busy while in Melbourne. Here he tells the story of the historical tour he did on Freddy’s Tour.

Almanac Book Review: “Here it is” by Paul Roos

Here it is, Yoshi reviews the thoughts of Paul Roos from the premiership coach’s recent book.

Yoshi in Melbourne – MCG Tour: The sports icon and identity of Melbourne

More from Yoshi on his trip to Australia. Here he visits the MCG and does the tour with his mate Rob.

Yoshi in Melbourne – Visiting St Kilda’s training grounds at Seaford and Moorabbin

Yoshi enjoyed a trip to both St Kilda training facilities during his time in Melbourne, with fellow Almanacker and Saint Yvette Wroby playing tour guide for the day.

How the Sports Writers Festival gave Yoshi some ideas

Japanese Correspondent Yoshi is in Melbourne for a short break and he enjoyed the Sports Writers Festival with a few of the Almanackers. He found some inspiration to keep pushing himself as a writer.

Yoshi on requesting trades because of homesickness

Yoshi presents some thoughts for discussion about players from interstate clubs wanting to be traded back to their home states.

Danny Frawley’s Bravery

When Danny Frawley sat down to chat with Hamish McLachlan he may not have been thinking about how far and wide their SEN conversation would go. Or who it may effect – for good. It reached Yoshi in Japan. This is Yoshi’s response. [English is Yoshi’s second language. Thanks Yoshi, for this piece – JTH]

EPL – Liverpool v Manchester United: Reds unable to break winless record against United

Now the AFL season is over, our Japanese correspondent, Yoshi, reports on a big English Premier League match.

The Right Decision on Alan Richardson

Yoshi explains why he is pleased with St Kilda’s decision to give Alan Richardson two more years.

Kicking accurate goals

Not long before his Melbourne visit, Yoshi contemplates the connection between good kicking and good football