Round 9 – St Kilda v Collingwood: Royal Wedding v Footy

Yoshi is full of frustration, as are most Saints fans. Not only was he unable to watch the game live in Japan due to work, it was put on another channel because of the Royal Wedding and when he could catch up, he did not like what he saw.

Almanac Football: Yoshi implements new footy practices

International Almanacker Yoshi brings us up to date about his on-field exploits. He’s getting to understand the fundamentals!

Round 8 – Fremantle v St Kilda: Inexperienced to beat scandal

Yoshi is kind of glad that he missed seeing any of the Freo-Saints game live

Open Letter to Alan Richardson: My suggestions to you for better Saints

In a heartfelt letter from our resident Kyoto Almanacker, Yoshi lays it out for the coach of his beloved St Kilda on how he sees the path to improvement.

Round 7 – St Kilda v Melbourne: Enjoyed Sports Weekend despite the losses

Less than desirable result for the Saints, but their clash with Melbourne added to a big weekend of sport for Yoshi

Round 6 – Hawthorn v St Kilda: Where is the game plan?

There was no note taking for Yoshi this week, just some good old-fashioned watching of the footy. With a quarter of the season complete, the Saints haven’t yet adjusted to the departures of champions Riewoldt and Montagna; something that needs rectifying.

Round 5 – St Kilda v GWS Giants: Saints nearly go marching in with upset

The first draw of the season marked a rebound from several weeks of poor form for the Saints, of which Yoshi is grateful.

Almanac Football: IMPACT Anzac Day Cup Tournament 2018

Yoshi got a guernsey for the Osaka Dingoes in the IMPACT Anzac Day tournament – a round robin affair with every team winning at least one game.

Round 4 – Geelong v St Kilda: Coincidence or Contagiousness?

Yoshi’s Saints haven’t performed as well as hoped and Dingoes training ramps up. Despite the trials footy has thrown his way, Yoshi is staying positive

Football and Passion: The inspiring story of Barry Anderson

Passion and footy go hand in hand for Yoshi – and for all of us really, but the story of AFL Indonesia’s Development Director, Barry Anderson, got him thinking about chasing your football dreams.

Round 3 – St Kilda v Adelaide: Crows too good for Matt’s Birthday

Yoshi has a great time at his mate’s 40th birthday, but received no joy from the performance by his beloved Saints against the Crows.

Round 2 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: St Kilda boys unlikely to add my footy audiobook

Yoshi’s Saints disappoint him against the Roos on Good Friday. He is hoping for a better showing next week, and forever the optimist, Yoshi believes the Saints can win the flag in2018!

Almanac Football: IMPACT Anzac Day Cup Tournament

Yoshi reports the Osaka Dingoes are hosting their IMPACT Anzac Day Cup Tournament on Saturday, 21 April at the Izumi Sports Village in the wider Osaka Region, Japan. He is hoping to be a goal kicker like Stephen Milne!

Round 1 – St Kilda v Brisbane: Jacks’ Day and Acres’ Breakout

Yoshi had a long football weekend. The Jacks, Steven and Billings, impress our Japanese correspondent as the Saints bank the 4 points.

AFLW Grand Final – Western Bulldogs v Brisbane Lions: Lions fighting hard in wet then Dogs coming out snarling in dry

While technical difficulties made it hard for Yoshi to watch the AFLW Grand Final, watch it he did. Emotions were high & recent lessons from his time with the Dingoes made this classic encounter all the more significant

AFLW Round 7 – Western Bulldogs v Melbourne: Letting emotion out

Yoshi lets his emotions out reporting on the AFLW Bulldogs thrilling win over the Dees.

AFLW Round 6 – GWS Giants v Western Bulldogs: Where are the Bulldogs snarls?

Yoshi watches the replay of the weekend’s big clash between the Giants and the Bulldogs and while disappointed in his Dogs’ loss, acknowledges that GWS are looking very impressive going into the final round of the AFLW season.

AFL Preseason – Melbourne v St Kilda: Saints must improve on ball efficiency

Yoshi catches up on the preseason action to see how his Saints will fare for 2018. While some of the kids showed promise, he was disappointed with the ball use by his boys and hopes they improve for the season proper.

AFLW Round 5 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: Positive News All Round

As Yoshi continues his training with the Osaka Dingoes, he is looking for inspiration from small forwards to model his game on and he’s finding plenty in AFLW, especially in his top-of-the-ladder Bulldogs.

AFL Pre-season – Carlton v St Kilda: Importance of getting ball and backing up

Yoshi watches his Sainters from Japan and is working out what number he should wear when playing for the Osaka Dingoes.