Round 17 – West Coast v Sydney: Icing on the Cake

Peter Baulderstone closed his eyes and blew out all the candles. When he opened them after the fire brigade had left, his Eagles were 9 goal winners over a listless (and Buddyless) Sydney. No prizes for guessing his birthday wish.

Where is the Sporting Capital of Australia?

Peter Baulderstone has spent the last week in Brisbane. Made him ask where is the sporting capital of Australia? His answer may not surprise. Let us know your thoughts.

Round 11 – West Coast v Essendon: Just Desserts

Peter Baulderstone’s Eagles played poorly and won by eight goals. The lack of interest of the Essendon players and the humiliation of its arrogant coach is more fitting punishment than a WADA suspension.

Who was Adam Goodes talking to on Friday night?

Peter Baulderstone gives his take on Adam Goodes and the Friday night war dance.

Round 9 – West Coast v Geelong: No Country for Old Footballers

Peter Baulderstone has tickets to Paris in September. The Avenging Eagle has other ideas. The Cats are looking for a porch and rocking chairs.

FIFA Scandal: Sepp Blatter speaks

Our western correspondent shares exclusive footage from inside FIFA headquarters.

Round 7 – West Coast v Gold Coast: Eagles Start to Fire

Peter Baulderstone leaps into song and channels Billy Joel to celebrate his Eagles immolation of Gold Coast. Eagle porn warning.

Round 6 – Port Adelaide v West Coast: Welcome Strangers

Peter Baulderstone has had a patriotic thought – name our footy teams after Australian explorers. He saw his Edward John Eyres strike gold on Sunday. And the Ludwig Leichardt Lions beat the Burke and Wills Blues. The Sydney Rum Corps; the unsociable Hawthorn Blighs – any other suggestions?

Round 5 – West Coast v Greater Western Sydney: Royal Command Performance

Our Royal Watcher in Perth took in some football royalty with HRH Prince Harry as his Eagles put the pitiful GWS minnows to the sword.

Round 3 – West Coast v Fremantle: Boys against Men

Peter Baulderstone is contractually obligated to report on Eagles home games. He has asked Almanac management to treble his pay.

Vale’ Richie: Memories and Imagination

True heroes like Pele, Senna and Gough need only one name. Most remember the commentary doyen, but Peter Baulderstone reflects on Richie the cricketer and the power of imagination.

Lawyers, Drugs and Money: An Easter Homily

The AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal verdict reminded Peter Baulderstone of Judas, Pilate and the High Priests. Easter greetings to all.

Foody Almanac : Are you a pie or pastie person?

Peter Baulderstone launches (lunches?) into the Foody Almanac with the origins of his love for pasties. Who would have thought that footy, childhood and sex would be at the root of our food fancies. Are you a pie or a pastie person?

Beau Waters denouement

Beau Waters retired yesterday after 120 games over 12 seasons. Peter Baulderstone pays tribute to his favourite current day footballer. A good footballer but an off-field champ.

O Captain! My Captain!

Peter Baulderstone transcribes a message from the Captain of Team Australia.

Aussie Rules

Bill Simmons “the Sports Guy” and Editor-in-Chief of Grantland (the world’s biggest sporting website) has come up with a system for deciding the MVP in the NBA. A Chicago reader pointed out that it is the same system used for the Brownlow Medal in “the best sport on earth”. Bill thinks Australia is pretty cool.

Gabba Test, Australia v India – Day Three: A Symphony in Four Movements

Peter Baulderstone watched Day 3 at the Gabba dazzle like a Mozart symphony. Can we cancel the 50 over World Cup flog, and make this an 8 Test series?

The Knacker Flag 2014

Peter Baulderstone surveys the 2014 Knacker writing season. What team of writers came out on top for the (time honoured) Knacker Premiership flag? What does our writing say about our club? And how does our team shape our writing?

Perth Knackers – Beer, Barbie and Books – 10 December

Peter Baulderstone invites all Perth Knackers (authors; website writers; readers and hangers-on) for beer; barbie and buying LOTS of Almanac 2015 books on Wednesday 10 December. Xmas Truce – Hostilities Suspended. DKerr sends his apologies this year.

Send Lawyers, Drugs and Money – the Eagles hit the fan

Peter Baulderstone is angry with the continued post-career implosion of the lives of star Eagles. Is there a better way of guiding the futures of one-dimensional on-field warriors? Contributions welcomed.