Good Friday Blues: Life of Bryce

Peter Baulderstone thinks that no club is better suited to Good Friday footy than Carlton. The answers to all the Blue’s problems were contained in Monty Python’s “Life of Bryce”.

Round 1 – Eagles v Bulldogs: Hot, Hot, Hot

Peter Baulderstone reckons his Eagles, the weather and the TV money obsessed AFL are all hot, hot, hot. Bulldogs supporters may need the cold shower again in 2014.

Stop all the clocks, where is Mr Wrap?

Peter Baulderstone is waiting to do his footy tips, but there is still no sign of Mr Wrap’s preview. Can this apology to Auden lure him out of the Wrap Cave (or the Waterside Hotel) in time for bounce down?

Impermanence: On Dean Bailey’s passing

Peter Baulderstone was shocked by the largely unexpected and sudden death of Dean Bailey. This is not so much an obituary (I knew only the general details of his career), as a reflection on what his purposeful life and sudden passing says for all of us.

Farewell Andy D

Peter Baulderstone channels Aunty Jack to farewell the Great Helmsman. Please add your own tribute.

It’s Lyon Time Again

Damien Little has graphed the attacking/defensive performance of Ross Lyon teams in the 10 years that he has had senior coaching roles. Peter Baulderstone thinks there is a welcome pattern emerging, and speculates why.

Bruce Blog

Peter Baulderstone has seen the past, present and future of rock and roll. And his name is still Bruce Springsteen. Let us know your experience of Bruce’s tour and the impact of his music.

Australia Way

Peter Baulderstone uses Australia Day to consider our national identity and values, and how that is reflected in our sporting history.

Thanks Adam

The Almanac’s long range Cup tip has got up. Adam Goodes as Australian of the Year was a ‘lock’ when JTH put him on the cover of the 2012 Almanac. Peter Baulderstone uses editorial privilege to resurrect his 30 May piece when Adam was at the centre of the racism debate. Feel free to add your own tribute.

Passion Killers

Peter Baulderstone swelters in Perth’s heat and ruminates on why we watch sport and what we take from it. He thinks that 50/50 Internationals show the ICC believes “too much cricket is never enough”.

Call for Writers : SCG (Sydney Coup de Grace)

Invers calls for nominations for Almanac writers for the Fifth Test (names and days please); and shares some holiday snaps from the family album.

Christmas Bon Bons

A meditation from Peter Baulderstone on the meaning of tolerance, community, acceptance and Christmas/Festivus.

The Year of Un-innocence

Peter Baulderstone shares a review of 2013 in sport from Brian Phillips at the US website ‘Grantland’. Cynicism and naivety are the staples of sports fans globally. Enjoy.

Boxing Day Test: Call for Writers

Invers calls for writers for the MCG Test. Should the poms be allowed to bring in Mickey Randall as a replacement for Swann? Let us know your availability and dates.

Third Test – Day 5: Recovery Stars

Peter Baulderstone reckons unexpected miracles are what keep us going. He shares the last day of the WACA test with blokes more down on their luck than Matt Prior. But they’re the ones smiling today.

Ashes Test – Day 4: Watto!

Invers calls for Almanacker’s retractions and praise for the dazzling century by ‘our man’ Watto.


Peter Baulderstone mixes his biblical metaphors to praise our saviour St Mitchell. A poetic tribute to a prodigal son returned. The crooked made straight? The scales lifted from our eyes? Praise be to him.

Perth Test – Writers Needed

Let us know who wants to write for the Perth Test. Which day suits you? The side is in good form but more writers and opinions keeps the team on their toes.

Their Satanic Majesties Request

Peter Baulderstone heard Kerry OKeefe compliment George Bailey for having ‘Sticky Fingers’. With the Rolling Stones set to tour not long after the Ashes Series, can you suggest a Test lineup based on Stones’ titles? Is “I can’t get no Satisfaction” on high rotation in the England dressing room?

Adelaide Test – Day 2: The Limits of Grind

Peter Baulderstone’s joy at England’s humiliation in Adelaide, has been matched in recent memory only by the Dockers implosion on Grand Final day. Are there common causes in their joyless approach to the game?