AFL Round 22 – West Coast Eagles v Melbourne: Pride of the Eagles, Demons and Bombers

There wasn’t much to talk about in his Eagles desultory win over the struggling Demons, so Peter Baulderstone thought he would focus on a man close to both clubs in Neale Daniher.

AFL Round 21 – Essendon v West Coast: All down my leg and very little pleasure

Peter Baulderstone remembers a time when greatness was within his grasp, and the weight of expectation let it all slip. Just like his Eagles let an almost certain finals berth slip away after half time against the Bombers.

AFL Round 20 – West Coast v Collingwood: Floreat Aquila (Prosper Big Birds)

Peter Baulderstone expected a contest but got an unexpected surprise. Are his Eagles that good or are Collingwood that bad?

AFL Round 19 – Adelaide Crows v West Coast Eagles: Flake and Hot Chips

Peter Baulderstone finds evidence to support his faith in Adam Simpson as the man to transform his Eagles. The Crows need deafeners, concussion plates, block winkers and a change of stables.

Water Polo Round 18 – Hungarian Eagles v Russian Tigers: Blood in the Water

Peter Baulderstone saw ‘blood in the water’ at the Subiaco Pool last night. Tiger Tyrannosaurus is expected to face the War Crimes Tribunal for bringing down the Eagles leader with a cowardly act.

On Swearing

Peter Baulderstone muses on the role and effectiveness of swearing in entertaining the crowd and furthering debate. Don’t like it? STFU and SIUYAWYAI.

Sunday Musings – Is it just me or is AFL your 5th favourite sport too?

Peter Baulderstone had a great sporting weekend. AFL did not feature high on his list. Are others struggling to maintain the passion when local footy and elite international sport offers so much?

State of Origin: Dumb v Dumb & Dumber

Peter Baulderstone watched the rugby league State of Origin 2. He saw the future of AFL, and the past of NRL. He would like his 2 hours back.

AFL Round 13 – West Coast v Gold Coast: Eating my Hat

Peter Baulderstone has stopped caring about his Eagles performances this season. The reduced pressure on players and spectator alike produced encouraging results on Saturday.

The Sporting Web: Piccies, Pundits and Passings

This week Peter Baulderstone gets all nostalgic for the passing of 70’s rock singers, dramatic images of beautiful horses with stupid owners, and old woollen footy jumpers where the owners think the Socceroos can win the World Cup. Check out these romantic yarns from the sporting web.

Glass: Man of Steel

Peter Baulderstone pays tribute to Darren Glass as one of the toughest, most resilient competitors in the modern era.

The Sporting Web: Vulture Capitalism; Spurs Culture; Dodgy Vets and Legendary Schmoozers

Peter Baulderstone is suddenly uninterested in the AFL for inexplicable reasons. He introduces some articles from US sports websites about greed, strategy, gambling and beer. Always an interesting combination.

AFL Round 11 – West Coast v North Melbourne: Dumb as Dirt; Weak as Water

Peter Baulderstone writes from the Graylands psychiatric ward on the ‘performance’ of his Eagles against the Kangaroos.

AFL Round 8 – West Coast v Greater Western Sydney: Child’s Play

Peter Baulderstone finds himself enjoying the game more than he expected. Josh Kennedy gives him hope, and Blake awakens the inner 9yo in all of us.

AFL Round 7 – West Coast v Fremantle: May the Fourth can get f#*^@!

Peter Baulderstone has given up on footy and his Eagles. He went to the movies on Sunday afternoon, but he still didn’t like what he saw.

AFL Round 6 – Carlton v West Coast Boneheads: Emotional Thunderstorms

Peter Baulderstone is joining the Waikato Chiefs. His Eagles keep losing in the same incompetent, boneheaded way. He just wants them to find a way of beating the opposition instead of themselves.

Round 5 – West Coast v Port Adelaide: The South Sea Bubble

Peter Baulderstone is not happy: with his side; with their effort; with the umpires. Lucky he is hiding in New Zealand.

Good Friday Blues: Life of Bryce

Peter Baulderstone thinks that no club is better suited to Good Friday footy than Carlton. The answers to all the Blue’s problems were contained in Monty Python’s “Life of Bryce”.

Round 1 – Eagles v Bulldogs: Hot, Hot, Hot

Peter Baulderstone reckons his Eagles, the weather and the TV money obsessed AFL are all hot, hot, hot. Bulldogs supporters may need the cold shower again in 2014.

Stop all the clocks, where is Mr Wrap?

Peter Baulderstone is waiting to do his footy tips, but there is still no sign of Mr Wrap’s preview. Can this apology to Auden lure him out of the Wrap Cave (or the Waterside Hotel) in time for bounce down?