Almanac Book Review: Adelaide Sporting Sites by Bernard Whimpress, Santo Caruso and individual contributors

Bernard Whimpress, Santo Caruso and a band of contributors have compiled a history of Adelaide sporting sites. Peter Crossing reviews a book he finds rich in detail and historical knowledge.

The Ashes

Peter Crossing pens an Australian cricket obituary in light of the ball tampering scandal.

Tribute From an English Sports Fan to His Friend

Peter Crossing provides this touching vignette from Day 2 of the Adelaide Test.

Sovereign Borders XI

There’s plenty of defending Borders but no Allans in this XI

Ode to Ross Oakley – and Sheeds

Peter Crossing has written a thank you to Ross Oakley and Kevin Sheedy for helping expand the VFL/AFL.

Almanac Music: New Lost World

In these trying political times, Peter Crossing looks at the power of music in making a change in society.

Round 18 – Richmond v GWS: Toby, Toby, Toby

It was a game all about Toby Greene.

Cycles, Troughs and Peaks

Peter Crossing expertly summarises the AFL season to date. [So who finishes in the top 8?]

Almanac Music: In Praise of Lucky Oceans – and Robyn and Doug

Peter Crossing laments the loss of some great music shows from Radio National. The ABC’s decommissioning may save on dollars but has come at a greater cost?

Australia’s National Day

On the occasion of January 26 and what it now means, Peter Crossing delves into Australia’s sporting history to look for a suitable date for celebrating the nation that exists on this island continent. [Thought-provoking – Ed]

Almanac Cinema – The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years

Peter Crossing has good things to say about Ron Howard’s Beatles movie, in fact it’s “an absolute joy”.

Almanac Documentary: Paris or the Bush – The Story of the Cods

Peter Crossing reviews Paris or the Bush – The Story of the Cods, a documentary on an extraordinary rowing crew from Murray Bridge. [Read this! I am so looking forward to seeing this doco. JTH]

Almanac Cricket: The reverse sweep and other phenomena

With the Aussie cricketers battling on the sub-continent, Peter Crossing makes a few salient points in relation to Australian Cricket’s health.

Round 2 – GWS v Geelong: Hoskin-Elliott soars to the stratosphere while Mumford takes the more direct approach

Peter Crossing sees the Giants come of age in their best performance at Manuka and arguably their best win against a quality opponent.

Round 4 – GWS v Gold Coast: Shiel scythes through and Cameron displays full repertoire.

Former Crows, now Giants supporter Peter Crossing discusses how the game between the Giants and the Suns at Manuka Oval ended in a one sided contest as his Giants did a number on the Suns.

Almanac Music: The Last Record Store

Peter Crossing provides joyful ‘High Fidelity’ memories of the record stores that dotted cities in the days before music went digital.

Round 20 – GWS v North Melbourne: Firrito fulminates as the Roos bound away

The nation’s capital is turning orange and charcoal, and the people wait patiently. Peter Crossing was at Manuka on Saturday.

Jumbucks galore

Peter Crossing sheepishly put forward his nominations for the Wool Industry Team of the Century. He may be trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

Round 7 – Greater Western Sydney v Port Adelaide

Peter Crossing went to Manuka, freezing but satisfied with the food offerings of a friend and a good game if not a victory for his GWS team.

AFL Round 5 – GWS Giants v Gold Coast: Kicking the footy in Canberra

Goal! Here come the Giants, shouted Peter Crossing’s pal, Nev. “How many times are you going to say that?” was the response from the cheap seats. And so it goes.