Philip Road, Elizabeth – Holden cars and me

Over the years Mickey Randall has told us about football, meat pies and kangaroos. Well, it’s time for Holden cars. Enjoy this reminiscence.

Ashes Moments – January 2003: dot dot dot 3 1 4

Mickey Randall recalls Lake Bonney, Steve Waugh and eighteen holes at Waikerie.

The Killers at The Taminga

Mickey’s musings on Grand Final entertainment and music as a whole. The Killers, good. Meatloaf, for the most part, good. U2, a few decades ago, great. P!nk, well…

Meatloaf: Horrific Fun at the 2011 Grand Final

Mickey Randall reminisces about Meatloaf’s “performance” pre-game at the 2011 Grand Final. Are you game enough to watch it again?

Finals Week 3 – Adelaide v Geelong: River Dancing in the Riverbank Stand

The world can be a shadowy, sometimes unknowable place says Mickey Randall, but right now Adelaide’s golden after the Crows smash the Cats.

Almanac Music – Friday’s for funerals, Saturday’s for brides: Tex, Don and Charlie

Mickey Randall started his ironic tea towel collection before immersing himself in Tex, Don and Charlie’s sonic landscapes.

Finals Week 1 – Adelaide v GWS: Row G’s phalanx of tepid thermoses

The Crows demolish GWS on a rainy night at the Adelaide Oval. Mickey Randall’s keen eye observes the surroundings, and the proceedings. He’s getting excited.

Cricket, tennis and Father’s Day brunch

Mickey Randall is seeing his boys grow up before his eyes with more first times taking place; cricket training and school camps this past week.

On this otherwise routine Tuesday, my boys walked to school together

Mickey Randall had a beautiful and touching moment this morning: his two boys walked to school together by themselves. It is one of the big moments in a parent’s (and child’s) life.

Almanac Music: The Shortest Song in the World

Mickey Randall, the Almanac’s micro-grindcore correspondent. Earache, my eye.

Almanac Music: Wichita Lineman and me

Glen Campbell has died at the age of 81. We re-visit Mickey Randall’s story from last year.

“And I need you more than want you
And I want you for all time..”
Mickey Randall on a magnificent song of hope and love; Glen Campbell with Jimmy Webb’s ‘Wichita Lineman’.

Round 20 – Adelaide v Port Adelaide: Barney 43

In bleak conditions Mickey Randall and four other enthusiasts brave the Adelaide Oval Hill to witness a massacre in what our correspondent thinks should never be called The Showdown again. He prefers ‘Barney’.

Pardon me, Pastor, pass the pasta

Mickey Randall says he’ll be back to the Dine Divine, a warm and wonderful place for Sunday night pasta, that sits, geographically, and gastronomically at the centre of Sassafras.

Battery Point Boozers: Heroic Journeys into Hobart’s Hotels

Mickey Randall enjoyed the pubs in Hobart over the weekend. A fascinating mix of establishments, layouts and patrons make for a fun read.

Up the Derwent to MONA

A trip down the Derwent to visit MONA has Mickey Randall in musical mindset. And ends the experience at the pub.

Round 14 – Collingwood v Port Adelaide: A Messerschmitt up your arse or free bird seed

Mickey Randall kept himself while watching the footy with mates; discussing more pressing issues such as Looney Tunes and cricket. Port Adelaide got up comfortably in the end.

Finally, a beer review

Three beers from around the world – which includes Adelaide (the centre of it?) Fun piece on beer and where Mickey Randall has sipped it. Sometimes in places hot and humid enough to call for ice.

On Sunday we went to a lovely lunchtime wedding in a park

Mickey Randall spent Sunday at a lovely wedding in a park. It was the kind of day that reminds him of how much beauty there is in the world.

Round 10 – Adelaide v Fremantle: 2013 Wolf Blass Brown Label Classic Shiraz Is Dramatically Better Than The Dockers

Mickey Randall enjoyed a bottle of 2013 Wolf Blass Brown Label Classic Shiraz while watching Adelaide demolish Fremantle. What a winning combo!

Iconic Instants in Music

Mickey Randall with some iconic moments in song by some legendary artists. The Beatles, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Radiohead. Aural intoxicants.