Finally, a beer review

Three beers from around the world – which includes Adelaide (the centre of it?) Fun piece on beer and where Mickey Randall has sipped it. Sometimes in places hot and humid enough to call for ice.

On Sunday we went to a lovely lunchtime wedding in a park

Mickey Randall spent Sunday at a lovely wedding in a park. It was the kind of day that reminds him of how much beauty there is in the world.

Round 10 – Adelaide v Fremantle: 2013 Wolf Blass Brown Label Classic Shiraz Is Dramatically Better Than The Dockers

Mickey Randall enjoyed a bottle of 2013 Wolf Blass Brown Label Classic Shiraz while watching Adelaide demolish Fremantle. What a winning combo!

Iconic Instants in Music

Mickey Randall with some iconic moments in song by some legendary artists. The Beatles, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Radiohead. Aural intoxicants.

Round 7 – North Melbourne v Adelaide: Four quarters, four pubs, four points (pints)

A really stupid and futile gesture leads to Mickey pondering the alternatives to an uncaring footy universe. As an ill-wind keeps blowing at Blundstone Arena he contemplates watching a tumble dryer instead.

The Joy of Tables

Mickey Randall shows us his love for tables.

Round 3 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide: A Moment

Taylor Walker’s 70 metre bomb during the Showdown had footy fans in raptures. Mickey Randall was one of them.

A Day on the Green: Annie’s Lane

Mickey Randall enjoyed The Whitlams and others at Annie Lane’s winery. He also got to experience the joy of discovering an unexpected game of cricket.

December 5, 2006 in Adelaide – An Ashes Memory

Mickey Randall remembers the 2006 Ashes test in Adelaide when a certain draw turns into a brilliant victory for the home team. Great stuff.

Almanac Music: Fun and Feasting at the Beggars Banquet

Mickey Randall reminisces over The Rolling Stones album Beggars Banquet. It may not be one of their most popular albums, but it the most fun album for Mickey.

Kapunda Cricket Club’s sesquicentenary: Ten made ducks

Mickey Randall went back to his home town of Kapunda where the Kapunda Cricket Club was celebrating its sesquicentenary. This is a brilliant weaving of past and present. Vintage Randall!

Almanac Music: The Sinner of ’69 – The Rolling Stones’ Let It Bleed

Leaving no stone unturned, Mickey Randall rolls through some classic Rolling Stones albums.

A short story based on Bruce Dawe’s “Drifters”

Mickey Randall finds the perfect inspiration for a story in “Drifters,” Bruce Dawe’s timeless poem.

Almanac (Big Bash) Cricket: NYE in Adelaide Oval’s Bay 134

“If KFC was available at Adelaide Oval I’d buy thirty-eight pieces, inhale them and wipe the grease through the hair of my loved ones.” Just one of a number of cracking lines in Mickey Randall’s account of Adelaide’s New Year’s Eve Big Bash. [Again Mickey, you’ve gone early with noms for Line of the Year – my other fave is the dig at the selectors. JTH]

Almanac Music: Radiohead and me

Having first been introduced to Radiohead through their seminal salute to modern alienation, OK Computer, Mickey Randall embraces the musical pilgrimage and feels there remains plenty for them to ponder.

Global Revolutions

Mickey Randall reminisces about the many wonders of his standing world globe, and the simple joys that come hand-in-hand with it.

A Day on the Green: Nostalgia by the North Para

It was 1998 again, last weekend in Tanunda. What Mickey Randall’s sayin’ is true.

Almanac Travel: Dylan Thomas and the mammalian protuberances

Mickey Randall continues his observations of The World. This time he and ‘the wife’ are in Wales where, says Mickey, there’s one castle per resident. Lots of literary reminders and some interesting images.

Almanac Travel – Sausage FM: less talk, more pork!

British Sausage Week is over for another year. Mickey Randall with a rollicking tale of sausage in cider. Sort of.

Bjork og Snorri Porfinnson og Tales from Topographic Oceans

Mickey Randall and family are in Iceland where sheer difference alerts visitors to the notion that culture ic culture and there are places in the world which remain distinctively their own. Oh, and he survives (imagined) par-boiling in a geyser. [So very Icelandic Mickey – JTH]