Brian Brown is a corker bloke

Old Dog catches up with Brian Brown, father of Jonathan, in south-western Victoria.

Doggies For Life

Some of Matt Zurbo’s characteristic observations – this time on the Doggies tribe, loyalty and ways to survive. ["If Jesus were buried in a Doggies jumper he'd come back in an Essendon one". - nice line, Ed]

All Sorts of Football Legends

Matt Zurbo gives us a hint at what he’s been doing for the last 18 months, and requests assistance.


Old Dog and friend are having a kick at Princes Park as the northerly picks up.


As he observes a lower-grade park cricket match, Matt Zurbo identifies with the pace of the game.

Omens and Superstitions

So what is the omen that has guaranteed Turbo Zurbo’s local club a premiership?

Farewell Skull: a legacy of knowledge and smiles

Matt Zurbo celebrates the very human Kerry O’Keeffe in this tribute.

The (off) season of money: changing times and changing meanings in grass roots footy

Interesting observation of the changing meaning of footy – even at grass roots level.

A Hole in my Town

In this piece The Old Dog talks about how much is lost in a town and a club without the next generation breathing life into the place.

Cracks and Sizzles

Matt Zurbo is not a cricketer, but he has played a few times. [some interesting reflections on the game, and a nice comparison with footy - Ed]

The Perfect Kick (Really)

Matt Zurbo has nailed the perfect kick – once or twice in millions.

AFL Grand Final: Bad Sex

The Grand Final left Matt Zurbo mightily unsatisfied.

AFL Grand Final: Me Hero!

Brian Lake is a Footballer.

16,000,000 into 22

The big day.

My Old Man the Tiger

Matt Zurbo, his Dad and the Richmond footy club expunge the rubbish.

I love footy

Matt Zurbo has written and illustrated a children’s book about footy. It’s a beauty.

From Gospel to Black and White Minstrels

Matt Zurbo celebrates the AFL club songs. [Warning: includes Good Old Collingwood.]


There is no separation of Church and State on this one. Matt Zurbo says that there are a few factors at work in the Milne case, and at times the wrong considerations are driving understanding and decision-making.


When Matt Zurbo’s rib is broken by big Bourkie in the twos, the Old Dog is told to retire. You can imagine his response.

Old Dog’s Footy Team of the Century (On-ballers, interchange and coach)

Matt Zurbo (who has played over 500 games of local footy) has picked his Team of the Century of blokes who haven’t had a run in the AFL. He invites you to nominate a few champions you know, have played with, have seen. Today he’s after ruckmen, ruck rovers, rovers, a coach (and he’s nominated a few on his bench as well).