Even Carlton Greats

This is the most important piece Old Dog has ever written for the Footy Almanac. Everybody should read it.

Brian Brown is a corker bloke

Old Dog catches up with Brian Brown, father of Jonathan, in south-western Victoria.

Doggies For Life

Some of Matt Zurbo’s characteristic observations – this time on the Doggies tribe, loyalty and ways to survive. ["If Jesus were buried in a Doggies jumper he'd come back in an Essendon one". - nice line, Ed]

All Sorts of Football Legends

Matt Zurbo gives us a hint at what he’s been doing for the last 18 months, and requests assistance.


Old Dog and friend are having a kick at Princes Park as the northerly picks up.


As he observes a lower-grade park cricket match, Matt Zurbo identifies with the pace of the game.

Omens and Superstitions

So what is the omen that has guaranteed Turbo Zurbo’s local club a premiership?

Farewell Skull: a legacy of knowledge and smiles

Matt Zurbo celebrates the very human Kerry O’Keeffe in this tribute.

The (off) season of money: changing times and changing meanings in grass roots footy

Interesting observation of the changing meaning of footy – even at grass roots level.

A Hole in my Town

In this piece The Old Dog talks about how much is lost in a town and a club without the next generation breathing life into the place.

Cracks and Sizzles

Matt Zurbo is not a cricketer, but he has played a few times. [some interesting reflections on the game, and a nice comparison with footy - Ed]

The Perfect Kick (Really)

Matt Zurbo has nailed the perfect kick – once or twice in millions.

AFL Grand Final: Bad Sex

The Grand Final left Matt Zurbo mightily unsatisfied.

AFL Grand Final: Me Hero!

Brian Lake is a Footballer.

16,000,000 into 22

The big day.

My Old Man the Tiger

Matt Zurbo, his Dad and the Richmond footy club expunge the rubbish.

I love footy

Matt Zurbo has written and illustrated a children’s book about footy. It’s a beauty.

From Gospel to Black and White Minstrels

Matt Zurbo celebrates the AFL club songs. [Warning: includes Good Old Collingwood.]


There is no separation of Church and State on this one. Matt Zurbo says that there are a few factors at work in the Milne case, and at times the wrong considerations are driving understanding and decision-making.


When Matt Zurbo’s rib is broken by big Bourkie in the twos, the Old Dog is told to retire. You can imagine his response.