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Calling MCC members who went to the T20 on Friday night

If you went to the T20 on Friday night and would like to write a short piece for the MCC Members Blog – Balcony Banter – please drop me a line.

Almanac Junior Footy: Looking for three footballers to play with Fitzroy Under 10-S

Fitzroy Under 9-S (about to become Under 10-S we hope) is one of the great footy teams on the planet. However, to guarantee we remain together, we need three more players. John Harms is helping with the recruiting.

AFLW Round 1 – Carlton v Collingwood: Footy is about struggle

John Harms and family went to Princes Park last Friday night. He regards the Carlton v Collingwood match for premiership points as one of the most memorable sporting events he’s attended. Although he will never do it justice, here’s a glimpse into why.

Almanac Cricket: Out-of-the-blue national selections

Recently Siddhartha Vaidyanathan from Cricinfo asked if I would contribute to a piece on out-of-the-blue national selections. I chose Peter ‘Who’ Taylor.

Almanac Rugby League and Almanac Music: State of Origin, The Musical

This will be huge.

Almanac Footy History: Albert ‘Pompey’ Austin

Who was Albert (Pompey) Austin and why is his story so significant? Historian Roy Hay tells the intriguing tale of this nineteenth century sportsman and entertainer, possibly the only Indigenous man to play top level football during that period . [You may be able to help with information and further research – Ed]

Almanac Poetry: A greeting from Bruce Dawe

John Harms has just received a beaut greeting card from Bruce Dawe. Here’s why.

Almanac Book Review: Mister Football reviews The Doggies Almanac at The Roar

Well, we’d have to be happy with this review. Thanks Mister Football.

Almanac Summer: Bombs!


Send us your summer photo and we’ll post it.

Almanac Summer – Footy History: A Bear is Born

The Brisbane Bears were constructed in the mid-1980s. Their first season was 1987.

Those Carrara days were classic.

Sit back and enjoy the memories.

Almanac Wine and Footy: Rockford, Tanunda and how to cope with winter

Smokie and Marg have been in the Barossa where they visited Rockford just outside Tanunda. As Smokie noted, this is one of John Harms’s favourite places on the planet. Here’s a story about Robert O’Callaghan and Rockford from 2009. [I love this place – JTH]

Harvesting The Doggies Almanac

The Doggies Almanac is a book so pure, so organic, so natural, we didn’t publish it, we harvested it.

Almanac Alumni: The students who have featured at the Almanac

Who are the students who have written for us over the years? And where are they now?

North Fitzroy Arms: Odd Friday (Christmas) Lunch (Dec 23)

Join Perc for lunch at the North Fitzroy Arms this Friday (Dec 23).

The Doggies Launch: A few pics.

Thanks to Yvette Wroby for some nice pics of the writers who gathered at the North Fitzroy Arms for the launch of The Doggies Almanac last Wednesday.

We come from around the globe

Welcoming another international writer: Darlene Zimbardi.

The Doggies Almanac is launched (how many people can you squeeze into the North Fitzroy Arms).

It was a cracking night at the North Fitzroy Arms where Ross Abbey sent The Doggies Almanac off in style. John Harms has a few thank yous, and Cookie has sent in a ripper pic.

Almanac Golf: Alice’s Restaurant and the freakish 4-iron

Just as Alice’s Restaurant isn’t necessarily about the restaurant, this golf story is about something much more important than just the golf.

In search of Jenny’s pasta

In the second round of Paddy Suggests, John Harms tells the incredible story of the 2011 Grand Final, originally published in October 2011. (This was the very piece that led me to write for the Almanac – Paddy).