Almanac (Fun) Footy: Blundstone training night at Arden St and the Unhall of Fame

John Harms was a little nervous about going to the Blundstone training night at Arden St on Tuesday night. What did Turbo Thompson and half a dozen other players have in stall for the well-tummied crew? [Great night – JTH]

Almanac Music – Stereo Stories: Congratulations to Vin Maskell and all the performers

Magnificently led by showmaster Vin Maskell, Stereo Stories continues to scale the heights of storytelling through music and word. Here’s the latest.

Almanac Footy Tipping Comp: And who is leading the teams event?

It’s very tight in the Almanac teams tipping comp.

A tiny window into The Age might reveal quite a bit

John Harms received this email from The Age earlier this week. He’s trying to make sense of it. What would you tell the Age?

State of Origin – Game 1, 2017: “This is not good”

And in loungerooms all around Queensland…

Captions please.

Michelle Payne’s story ‘Life as I know it’

Time to remind yourself of a magnificent story. Do yourself a favour.

Junior Almanac – Fitzroy Under 10-3 v Richmond Juniors: Photo Gallery

The Fitzroy Under 10-3 side found themselves in a tough match against the kids from the mean streets of Richmond amid a rivalry that goes back a century to when Richmond’s Squizzy Taylor blued with Fitzroy’s Old Ted Whiting over control of the sly grog shops at the fag end of Fitzroy.

Siren’s Call by Yvette Wroby is now available

Yvette’s book Siren’s Call has just been released and is available now.

Round 8 – Adelaide v Melbourne: Puzzling

John Harms is looking for answers from Rulebook and other Crows supporters who have been awfully quiet this week.

Almanac Lunch: The Tassie Lunch (in Melbourne, May 12)

The time-honoured Tassie away lunch will be held on May 12. Don the white shorts and head to the North Fitzroy Arms on May 12 to consider the question: Is Percy Jones the greatest living Tasmanian?

Fitzroy Under 10-S v Ivanhoe: Footy’s Back

The Roys went to Ivanhoe to start off their 2017 campaign. Everyone had a red hot go.

Round 4 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Dam Busters

John Harms tells the happy Geelong yarn of the boys great win on Easter Monday.

Almanac Writers: Introducing Daniel Saunders

Young Daniel Saunders is going to write for the Almanac. He has a strong sports writing heritage. [Welcome Daniel – JTH]

Marngrook and its place in Australian Football: historian Jenny Hocking presents new evidence

Professor Jenny Hocking has found some transcripts which will cause much discussion in relation to marngrook and its place in the evolution of Australian Football.

Almanac Soccer: The A-League and the place of meaning in sport

In the lead up to Friday’s Roy Hay lunch, we reprise John Harms’s piece which was first published last October:

The A-League clubs generate heartfelt support from loyal supporters. But, given the growth agenda of Australian soccer, will the broader community find the A-League meaningful enough to get involved? John Harms considers the state of play.

Round 1 (2012) – Fremantle v Geelong: The greatest of all pests

Head back to Round 1 at Subiaco in 2012. JTH and P. Flynn were in the crowd. It was a memorable opening match.

AFLW Grand Final: Reading the change of venue

Kate O’Halloran has a piece in The Guardian today.

Almanac Footy Tipping – Join Now

Join in all three of our tipping comps.
The standard Almanac comp.
The Tip the Top 8. (You have until March 24 on this one – one day after the opening match)
I Tipped This (a fantastic comp – the Almanac has its own comp within the bigger comp)
All explained in this post

Odd Friday Lunch: Ken Sheldon at the North Fitzroy Arms

The highly entertaining Ken Sheldon is the Odd Friday Lunch guest on March 17. Bookings essential. Read more.

Almanac Sponsors: Welcome to Voila Hair & Beauty

We welcome Carole Jordan and Voila Hair & Beauty as a sponsor of our women’s footy coverage.