Round 14 – Sydney v Essendon: Plugger revisited, but this was a miracle!

It was indeed a bloody miracle writes Jan Courtin as her Swans pull off a ridiculous win at the SCG.

Round 13 – Richmond v Sydney: After 30 minutes – Why do we bother? After 120 minutes: That’s why!

Jan Courtin made the trip to Tigerland to watch the Swannies go from exasperating to exhilarating. Was it worth the bother? You bet it was.

Happy Queenslanders this weekend!

Jan Courtin is a very happy lady as teams from the Sunshine State have successful results over the weekend. And now for Origin II.

Round 12 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Where to now, Bloods?

Jan Courtin welcomes the arrival of some young feathered Swannies at Moore Park. The new kids must have inspired the other Swans as they towelled up the reigning premiers on a Thursday night in Sydney.

The Swans: Can a lifetime of habit be changed?

Jan Courtin wonders if she can kick her 67-year habit of worrying about the Bloods, and whether their big win against the Saints will make it even more difficult!

AFLW: Those Lions are Roaring! Can they go all the way?

Jan Courtin is impressed by the success of the Brisbane Lions in the AFLW. With The girls given little chance at the beginning off the season we may be seeing very different headlines in two weeks’ time.

A week in a life: and footy is just around the corner

As the sun shines, Jan Courtin reflects on the world around her. Much of it is sad however it reminds Jan of how fortunate we really are. And with footy around the corner, Jan and Marshall get the tick for round one.

India v Australia: Bangalore Test, Day One – Who would have thought?

Australia blitzed India with the ball for the third innings in a row, bowling them out for 189 on the first day of action. Jan Courtin was very impressed with Lyon after his brilliant figures of 8/50.

Our great game of Australian Football – Jason Ball (the gay one) leading the way

Jason Ball was in Sydney for Mardi Gras this weekend. Jan Courtin looks at his groundbreaking advocacy.

India v Australia – Pune Test, Day 1: It just didn’t feel like cricket!

Jan Courtin felt a bit let down by day 1 of the test match between Australia and hosts India.

Almanac Cricket: Mad Dogs, Englishmen, and the Midday Sun

Jan and Marshall enjoy a day at the SCG watching Shield cricket in the Sydney heat. The Blues get the better of Jan’s Maroons but the serenity of the traditional format makes the day worthwhile. That and some luck with parking meters

Women’s Footy – and their breasts

Jan Courtin has a team to follow in the women’s national footy league. She was impressed with the footy. She has been impressed with the support from all quarters. She does have a gripe or tow about some understandings – as she points out.

Ed’s note: This is not click-bait. The author, Jan Courtin, wrote the title.

At long last, over 100 years of women’s footy has finally been recognised!

Historian and friend of the Almanac, Rob Hess, wrote an excellent piece on the long history of women’s footy which was published on The Conversation. Jan Courtin has based this article on that piece.

Ignorance can’t be ignored!

Jan Courtin comes down hard on a gaff in a presentation.

Oh, what a weekend

Between looking after a recuperating husband, and being dismayed about the world of men in locker rooms, Jan has had a full on weekend.

Australia v Pakistan – Day 5: The SCG, its car park, a Giant, and a blond.

Jan Courtin and Marshall break from their walking tradition and drive to the SCG. Their retirement fund takes a hit with the parking ransom. But they’re in for a Happy Jan experience. [Vintage Courtin! Ed]

Courtins, Cricket, Christmas – and another C word

Jan Courtin is not from a cricket family and relates the story of dealing with an un-cricket family at Christmas and Boxing Day Test time. [All the best to you and your in 2017 Jan, and especially to Marshall in the weeks ahead – JTH]

Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Buddy

It is difficult to imagine Beethoven and Buddy in collaboration, unless you were Jan Courtin in a night of cultural whimsy.

Let’s blame the Supermoon! (Now with a coda)

Jan Courtin looks at all the upsets this year and can come up with just one explanation: the supermoon. And in this post she initiates The List of Improbable Wins in 2016. Add your nomination. [Sadly, overcast in Melbourne at the moment – midnight – Jan. Description of the moon welcome, if not required – JTH]

Almanac Cricket: Enough of Trump. What is it about cricket?

Watching Cricket allows Jan Courtin the opportunity to unwind and relax. What is it about Cricket? Any takers?