The dying art of so many things………

Sporting conversation is not the only thing to have gone missing lately

Round 4 – Western Bulldogs v Sydney: That was a tough one (what a relief!)

Diana Dors, Marianne Faithful and Bette Davis! What have they got to do with the Sydney Swans? Almanacker Jan explains all.

Round 3 – Sydney v GWS: Us winning is just as good as them losing!

According to Jan, Sydney played as a team, everyone contributed, and for the full four quarters. The Giants, those privileged young men who, despite being brilliant footballers, can still learn a thing or two from their eastern suburbs rivals – the Mighty Bloods! And long may it grow and last! Jan is excited by the Swans win.

It was one of those moments…

A trip to the hospital for an eye check up exposed Jan Courtin to something she’d never seen before and weeks later, she’s still thinking about it.

Round 2 – Sydney v Port Adelaide: Imagination can only take you so far

‘Unfortunately though there is no such thing as perfection, even though we, unrealistically, expect that from our footy team, week in week out.’

Almanac Cricket: How righteous we are!

Jan Courtin sums it all up perfectly. She wonders why we are so bloody righteous in our condemnation of these three men – or were so until the tears came – and why this whole affair has become such a headline when, the world over, real tragedy is happening every minute of our lives.

Round 1 – West Coast v Sydney: We spoilt the Eagles’ party!

It was the Buddy show in the West; he and his fellow Swans sure know how to ruin a housewarming party, much to the delight of Jan Courtin

Wishing everyone a happy sporting weekend

Jan Courtin wonders if she watches too much sport. She has a huge weekend ahead, with her Swans in Round 1 AFL action, her Lions in the AFLW Grand Final and her Bulls in the Sheffield Shield decider. [Great photo – Ed]

AFLW Round 7 – GWS v Brisbane Lions: What a weekend for those Lions – and Queensland!

Too much sport is never enough for Jan Courtin. And after a huge week, she watches as the cards all fall the right way for her Lions

AFLW Round 4 – Melbourne v Collingwood: A Family Affair. Go Anna!

Almanacker Jan Courtin watches this AFLW fixture through different eyes – as Jan’s niece Anna Teague (“the first Ocean Grove AFLW female footballer”) makes her debut for Melbourne. [Well done Anna, well done Jan – Ed].

The pleasures of men in white at a deserted SCG

A pleasant surprise awaited Jan Courtin at the SCG. Remember when?

Almanac AFLX: What is this rubbish of a game all about?

Jan Courtin is not impressed. What’s your view?

70-year old letters come to life!

Enormous thanks to Jan Courtin who, in this post, shares with us her parents’ letters to each other during the Second World War.

The Footy Season is Upon Us: Decisions, Decisions

Jan Courtin can’t work out what to do. Suggestions anyone?

Finals Week 1 – Sydney v Essendon: What a win, but: One week at a time!

When avid Swan fan Jan Courtin forced herself from her sick bed on Saturday afternoon, determined, no matter how she was feeling, to get to the SCG, little did she believe that her beloved team would come away with such an emphatic victory.

Onwards to Victory!

The Sydney Swans amazing run into this years final has given Jan Courtin cause to burst into verse. Jan’s piece was originally posted on the Swan’s website on 1 September.

Round 23 – Sydney v Carlton: Lance Franklin 10.2.62 – Carlton 8.9.57

Jan Courtin fought off her illness for long enough to enjoy the Buddy show as he scored more than the entire Blues team.

Round 22 – Adelaide v Sydney: That Buddy-goal game. And I was there to see it!

Sydney pipped the top of the ladder Adelaide Crows on Friday night and continue to set themselves nicely for the finals. And Jan just couldn’t believe that goal by Buddy!

Round 21 – Sydney v Fremantle: Heave Ho? Not today, Freo!

Jan Courtin watches her Swans give Freo the old heave-ho.

Round 20 – Geelong v Sydney: Bloods, you bloody beauties!

Cheer! Cheer! Jan Courtin has a shiny new phone. Which she took with her to Kardinia Park where she watched her Swans thrash the Cats.