Round 4 haiku: reeling them in

distant thunder Rocca lugs his thighs to the square * * rain soaked shoes while they dry abusing the umps! * * half moon our defence also sliced in half * * between scudding clouds the moon and Pendlebury * * half-time cigarette a long sigh joins the leaden sky * * after heavy rain [Read more]

Magic Medhurst beats flood by surfing it

Aqueous – a. Of water; containing water; produced by water. A wet mixture. Watery place, Brisbane. Where rain is rain. Soaking everything it hits. Even the things it doesn’t. Like today. Like my socks. Wet through. Often it doesn’t rain in Brisbane, of course. Clear, hot, dry days. These days are the wettest. On these [Read more]

Rotting Leaves by Haiku Bob – Round 3

40 point turnaround – in good times and bad we are gathered here balmy night Cox effortlessly runs too far