Haiku Bob – Round 12: breaking lines

A great day for haiku: a birthday, a stiff breeze, a tall Yank, a Pie win. See what Haiku Bob spotted.

Haiku Bob – Round 11 – all those things

Round 11 gets the haiku bob treatment

Haiku Bob – Round 10: how we were

Haiku Bob finds the joy of football in the winter of the world.

Haiku Bob – Round 9 – in the blink of an eye

A Collingwood win gives us an uplifting poem from Haiku Bob this week.

Haiku Bob – Round 8 – blindsided

The Round 8 haiku is in – here’s Haiku Bob’s latest.

Haiku Bob – Round 7 – at both ends

A Collingwood win in Brisbane has boosted Haiku Bob’s spirits. Here’s his Round 7 poem.

Haiku Bob – Round 6 – almost gone

Here’s Haiku Bob’s reflective Round 6 offering.

Haiku Bob – Round 5: Collingwood v Essendon – the just before

Haiku Bob evokes the Anzac Spirit to celebrate the Pies great win.

Haiku Bob – Round 4: between showers

A win on the road in Adelaide for the Pies has inspired an uplifting haiku from Bob this week.

Haiku Bob – Round 3 – a new side

For the third time in 2018, here’s the latest from Haiku Bob

Haiku Bob – Round 2: moon stranded

Haiku Bob on Collingwood’s Easter Saturday loss.

Haiku Bob – Round 1: one shining light

Round 1 reflections. Here’s Haiku Bob’s first poem for Season 2018.

The Yellow (& Black) Brick Road – The 2017 AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai

Haiku Bob recounts the 2017 Grand Final in the running, as recorded by dozens of haiku poets on the day.

The 6th Annual AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai

The 6th Annual AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai kicks off this Saturday. Get involved in artistic fun while watching a classic Grand Final.

Haiku Bob – Round 23 – still hanging

Round 23 musings from Haiku Bob

Haiku Bob – Round 22 – how to explain life

Haiku Bob gets a some solace from the debut of Josh Daicos

Haiku Bob – Round 20 – lessens the dread

A big Collingwood win makes Haiku Bob’s life a little easier and brings a smile to his daughter’s face.

Haiku Bob – Round 19 – not cut out

A fifty point lead that got away kept Haiku Bob up all night. It was just one of those days for Collingwood.

Round 18 – Haiku Bob (with fiftieth birthday words)

Happy 50th Haiku Bob. And a great comeback win for your boys as a present.

Haiku Bob – Round 18 – the aftertaste

Still time for Collingwood? Haiku Bob ponders the question.