In Corowa for Betty Battenberg’s birthday

Glen reports on Saturday’s race meet in Corowa.

Almanac Country Football: I read it through the Grapevine

Glen breathes in the country air at Kinglake and remembers how footy used to be played, a winter sport in wintry conditions.

AFL/UN team

Prompted by the efforts of Mason Cox (Collingwood, USA), Glen! selects a team of VFL/AFL footballers born outside of Australia. [Add your own selection – Ed].

H.C.A. Harrison: Whittlesea’s link to a founder of the Australian game.

Glen highlights the life of an Aussie Rules founder.

The Hafey Years

Glen! reviews The Hafey Years; Reliving a golden Era at Richmond, by Elliot Cartledge perhaps worth a read down at Tigerland.

My Mother

Footscray have lost a loyal fan in this tribute by Glen! to his mother.

The Illustrated Men

Glen presents a team of inked players, has he left anyone out?

A hair raising team!!!

Another gem from Glen!, with this “hair today, gone tomorrow” team of nude nuts. Who else should get a run?

Best of the Burras, 74 to 82

Glen! moves beyond the AFL/VFL to select his best team from the mighty Port Melbourne Burra’s (Boroughs? – Ed) that dominated the VFA in the 70’s and 80’s.

The gift that kept on giving

Glen has a crack at a Bulldogs team that departed the Kennel

Geelong shows the benefit of recycling

Glen’s fourth Quaddy leg is this list of players whose careers kicked on once they moved to Sleepy Hollow. Give us yours.

Geelong players kicking on at other clubs

Glen provides the next leg of his Geelong quaddie, players who kicked on at other clubs, anyone missing?

Non “boom” recruits for Kardinia Park

Glen selects a team of Geelong recruits that didn’t cut the mustard

Geelong has-beens

Glen D suggests a team based on departed Geelong players

Almanac Racing: The 2016 Yea Cup

What rhymes with Yarck? While nothing beats a Frisky Cruiser and Sister Olive wasn’t a Josephite as Glen brings all the colour from the Yea Cup

The future of leisure

Glen ponders the future and how we will spend our leisure

Melbourne Cup Day 2015: Corowa style.

Any day when you leave the track with more money than when you arrived, is a good day. Glen had a good day at Corowa.

Kelsey Watts memorial races at Wodonga

Glen made the enjoyable trip to Wodonga Race Track on a day honouring the memory of Kelsey Watts. The Border Ovarian Cancer Awareness group continue their much-appreciated efforts.

Carn the Burgers

Glen! shares his memories of the mighty Coburg Footy Club, who certainly made their presence felt in the 1970’s and ’80’s. He also names his best team from the period [plenty of familiar names! – Ed]

Ovens and Murray Football League Rd 13 – Corowa-Rutherglen v Yarrawonga: The battle of the Murray!

Victoria’s Ovens and Murray League held their white ribbon round on the weekend, and threw a number of local ‘derbies’ in to the mix (North Albury v Albury, Wodonga v Wodonga Raiders) for good mix. Glen and the lads from the Royal Oak headed to John Foorde Oval where the Corowa-Rutherglen Roos met Brendan Fevola’s Yarrawonga Pigeons