War and Peace (and A-League) – Round 10

Dennis Gedling looks at Round 10 of the A-League and finds memorable and forgettable moments with Sydney FC flexing their collective muscle yet again.

War and Peace (and A-League) – Round 9

Dennis Gedling reports on Round 9 of the A-League, where, worryingly, an average of just 7,445 fans attended each of the five games in this round.

War and Peace (and A-League) – Round 8

Dennie Gedling’s comprehensive wrap of Round 8 in the A-League – which was not without its action and controversy.

War and Peace (and A-League) – Round 7

Dennis Gedling gives A-League Round 7 a thorough going-over.

The FIFA World Cup Qualification Wrap (Final Edition)

After 868 games over 6 continents and featuring 209 countries for 31 spots at the 2018 FIFA World Cup we now finally have our final 32 teams. The final round of play offs had more nils than a Swedish phonebook reports Dennis Gedling. [This is a massive, comprehensive report which will leave you well and truly in the know – Ed]

War and Peace (and A-League) – Round 6

Dennis Gedling walks us through the weekend’s A-League action, which saw a new and unexpected leader rise to the top of the pile.

Almanac Soccer History: Remember the ’93 Socceroos

Dennis Gedling gets us in the mood for the Socceroos-Honduras World Cup qualifier with this story of the Socceroos 1993 campaign. [Terrific historical account from a fan’s perspective – JTH]

War and Peace (and A-League) – Round 5

The round might have been uninspiring, but Dennis Gedling’s wrap of Round 5 is anything but.

War and Peace (and A-League) – Round 4

Round 4 of the A-League saw a few cracking goals (see Krishna’s ripper), close contests and a touch of controversy surrounding the VAR. Dennis Gedling has all this and more covered in his weekly wrap-up of Australian football.

War and Peace (and A-League) – Round 3

Round 3 of the A-League and the lowlight seemed to be the Video Review technology according to Dennis Gedling’s wrap of the round.

War and Peace (and A-League) – Round 2

Dennis Gedling is on top of his A-League reporting game already this season, taking the three points with this informative Round 2 wrap.

The FIFA World Cup Qualification Wrap (Penultimate Edition)

Twenty-three teams have qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup so far with nine spots still available. The Socceroos will play Honduras next month in a bid to qualify for their fourth World Cup campaign in a row.

War & Peace (and A-League) – Round 1

The first round of the A-League saw plenty of goals including a thrilling F3 derby with 6 goals scored while Victory lost to Sydney by an own goal.

Almanac Soccer: War and Peace (and A-League)

As we turn our attention to that other six months of the year, Dennis Gedling previews the forthcoming A-League season with an extensive list of reasons to watch each of the ten teams.

Those Magnificent Matildas – Part Deux

Dennis Gedling revisits a 2015 article on the Matildas. It was filled with optimism at the time, which is now proving to have been well founded.

The Mega 2018 World Cup Qualifiers Wrap

Over the past 7 days we’ve seen 104 more matches around the world to take us the closer to see who the 32 will be to take part in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia next June. This may take a while but stop worrying about how your team will get on in the finals and have a read.

The Perth Reclink Community Cup: Hounds Hunt in Packs

Dennis Gedling’s first hand review of Perth’s Community Cup is a ripper. (Was that J Mascis umpiring in orange? – Ed.)

The Road to Russia 2018 begins to twist and turn

The FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifiers are heating up and Dennis Gedling has highlighted the games over the next week or so to watch.

A Cats Eyed View of Subi

Cat’s supporter Denis reminisces about the Subiaco Oval as he says goodbye to it as an AFL venue.

The Umpire’s Alphabet

Dennis Gedling gives us a colourful acrostic poem about the under-appreciated art of football umpiring.