FEARLESS 2018 RD 16: …rounding the bend, into the home straight, neck & neck

Fearless reviews Round 16 which has the left the competition neck & neck in the fight for a finals spot.

Fearless 2018 Round 15 – ‘Bye Bye’ Bye Rounds, return to normal scheduling

In a farewell to the bye rounds, Fearless looks at Round 15

Fearless: 2018 Round13- The Bye Rounds #3…how many umpires do you need?

Fearless has something to say about umpires and rule changes, as well as reviewing Round 14 games.

Round 13 – Fearless: The Bye Rounds #2

Fearless gives his overview of Round 13. His attention is caught by a new haircut, a shag on a rock, a cygnet, and a safety-net.

Round 12 – Fearless: Some of Footy’s Religious Experiences

Fearless digs deep to find meaning in last week’s offerings on the box, at the ‘G’ and down in Geelong.

Round 11 – Fearless: Sir Doug Nicholls Round! A celebration of contribution.

A reminder of what happened last week in the Sir Doug Nicholls Round from Fearless.

Fearless Round 10: National Reconciliation Week. Where to begin? Footy!

Fearless’ review of Round 10 is in – catch up on the latest from the weekend in footy.

Fearless 2018 Round 9: Markle, sparkle, Narkle, debacle – so much for poetry!

Fearless reviews Round 9 of the 2018 AFL Season.

Round 8 – Fearless: Happy Mother’s Day for the largely unsung members of the AFL community

Fearless wraps Round 8 with musings on Joel Wilkinson, Mark Neeld and what is going on in the Essendon coaches’ box.

Fearless 2018 Round 7: Jayden Laverde should have played with Rob Shirley

Fearless wraps up Round 7.

Fearless: Some observations

Fearless details some observations he has made from the first six rounds of footy.

Fearless 2018 Round 6: Through the media haze…the formline emerges…

It’s the weekly AFL wrap up from Fearless as he reviews Round 6.

FEARLESS 2018 RD 5: Statement Round – statements abound over 6-day round

Fearless sums up Round 5.

Rounds 1 and 2 – Fearless: I’m back!

Fearless is back! Read his wrap up of Rounds 1 and 2 right here!

Fearless 2017 Finals Weeks Three and Four: The Best Four = The Last Four

Fearless summarises the last two weeks of the finals series.

AFL Finals – Fearless’s Review

Fearless looks at the first two weeks of the AFL Finals.

Fearless 2017 Round 23 – Who Wants to Play Finals?

Final Round Fearless, going down to the proverbial wire.

Fearless 2017 Round 22 – Then There Was 9

Fearless’ fearless review of Round 22. Denial is of course just a river in Egypt….

Fearless 2017 Round 20 and 21 – The closest season in yonks… the 8 might just yet be a % option.

Fearless recaps all the controversy, retirements and key moments from Rounds 20 and 21.

Fearless 2017 Round 19 – The one and only Vinny Catoggio Multicultural Round

Another round resulted in some cracking close games and upsets. Fearless has all of the Round 19 covered.