Five live stylists

Blues blood runs in Earl O’Neill’s veins. (No typo there.) He shares memories of five of his best experiences and, oh, what a lucky man he’s been!

Sydney Almanackers Football Brunch

Sydney Almanackers, time for a get together on Saturday 5th August at Henson Park.

The 2018 Transition Coach Cup

The state of the game, transition coaches, fatwas, and everything else associated with footy are in Earl’s sights!

The 2018 Chilly Winds Of Winter Cup

As folks are starting to bang on about the ‘run to the finals’, the crew at Stop Privatisation Of Footy Productions figured it was their last chance for a Mid Term Report. And here it is.

The Ringo Kid

Greetings Tipsters Found a pamphlet I wrote, season review ’97. Geez, I’ve been doing this for awhile. Interviewed Troy Luff in the Swans rooms, Feb that year. He was a regular bloke, on talking to oppo players during the game, “Sometimes you might say there’s a good looking girl in the crowd but mostly it’s [Read more]

Sydney Almanackers’ get-together

Calling all Sydneysiders. Earl reckons it’s time for an Almanacker gathering at the local footy.

The 2018 Eddie Betts Cup

[JTH here] I love Earl’s stuff. Ahead of his time. I find myself in agreement with references to:
Dean Rioli
The Lions of 2001-2003
Gilbert McAdam
Wayne Schwass
Other stuff including a great line about Eddie Betts
And if there’s a get together at Henson Park please let me know.

The 2018 Paul Morse Cup

Earl O’Neill is back in the day. Think about it – was life ever free or easy? Here’s one take on it.

State of the game – The 2018 Redtails Cup

Earl O’Neill’s tongue-in-cheek suggestion to reduce pressure and congestion – inspired in part by the Redtails’ performance in Alice Springs

The 2018 Perky Girl Cup

The Voice f Perky Girl has some observations of recent footer – and Mother’s Day.

The 2018 Cannonball Adderley Cup – Round Seven

After Round 7, Earl O’Neill re-visits his pre-season forecasts. Which teams would you now list as: No chance, Outside chance, Fair chance, Good chance, and Very Good chance?

The 2018 Cup Of Hubris

Earl O’Neill looks at the state of the 18-team AFL comp and wonders how the battling teams will fight their way off the bottom.

Almanac Footy – A Tipster’s Retrospective from the Smokers’ Lounge

Earl O’Neill plays free and loose with this Round 4 retrospective, coping with everything from the unorthodox orthodoxy of Whoosha to the absurdities of the latest high rotation ad from AAMI.

The 2018 Grantland Rice Cup

Earl O’Neill on newspapers, websites and sports journalism, plus his thoughts on the upcoming Round of AFL matches.

The 2018 Garo Yepremian Cup

Earl O’Neill wraps up Round 2, puts some teams on notice and uses some of the best movie one-liners to describe the situation in some coaches boxes.

Round 2 – Collingwood v GWS: Monaros at Magpies

Earl O’Neill (mostly) watched his Monaros on the teev, on “too nice an arvo to be inside for too long…” Not real keen on the ‘Pies’ choice of Metallica’s “Nothing else matters” as their inclusive, crowd-pleasing sing-along anthem.

Twenty Eighteen, Round One Done.

‘Wow, that was great fun, I haven’t enjoyed a Round One like that for years. Not that I watched all, Day Of The Jackal wasn’t to be missed.’
Earl O’Neill wraps up an exciting Round 1

Almanac Cricket – Look here, fellow…

Earl O’Neill carefully places thoughts and quotes on the cricket cheating fiasco; like a nesting lyrebird places twigs.

Season 2018 – What May Be?

Earl O’Neill ponders the finals chances of each AFL team in 2018 coming off a season with such an even competition. How will your team fare?

Almanac Music: The Smokers, 2000

You won’t get a chance to see a gig from The Smokers, but Earl O’Neill takes us back to the first, last and only time the band got together.