A Team Of Bruisers

Earl O’Neill has put together a team of the toughest and hardest players in VFL/AFL history. This is a team not to mess with.

The 2017 Donald ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup

Earl O’Neill describes his Grand Final with a marvellous piece of stream of consciousness which absolutely nails it.

Brownlow Live!

Earl O’Neill found numerous ways to keep himself entertained during a long Brownlow Medal count. Hilarious observations and critiques of the big event that Dusty was always going to win.

The 2017 Christopher Hitchens Cup

Earl O’Neill on Club Culture, Coleslaw and Confetti.

The 2017 Bob Skilton Cup

Earl O’Neill watched all four week one AFL Finals. Well, mostly. Should there be a mercy rule? (Happy birthday to Perky Girl from all at the Almanac)

The 2017 Hazem El Masri Cup

Where were your grandparents born? Warsaw? Wagga Wagga? Windhoek? Earl O’Neill gets thinking over some not-so-fast food…

The 2017 Nick Riewoldt Cup

Earl recounts his greatest Nicks in tribute to the retiring champion

The 2017 George Gay Cup

Fremantle falling one point short of a desired scoreline takes Earl to the Battle of Midway and back

The 2017 John Profumo Cup

Earl O’Neill has his say on the scandals going on at the AFL. He believed the name and shame approach doesn’t help anyone.

The 2017 Infinitesimalist Cup – Round Sixteen

Earl O’Neill casts his eye over which teams can actually have an impact come finals time in the AFL. Sydney are surging, the Cats are in there as always and the Doggies look to miss out altogether.

The 2017 Black Dog Cup

This is at once a challenging and reassuring discussion of people and their struggles from Earl O’Neill who is as open and as honest as ever – and whose motivation is as pure as it comes.

The 2017 Screamadelica Cup

Earl O’Neill gives a counterpoint from his last post with an uplifting rock and roll track.

The 2017 Yersinia Pestis Cup – Round Thirteen

Earl O’Neill serves up another quirky piece for your entertainment. This topsy-turvy season has every team’s supporters on edge and the top eight window is wide open for teams to claim a spot.

The 2017 Bert Bell Cup – Round Twelve

Earl O’Neill marvels at such an even first half of the 2017 season. Can his Monaros dominate the second half of the season??

The 2017 Alan Turing Cup – Round Twelve

Earl O’Neill encountered a DeLorean and went back to 2005 for this Round 12 preview. This is trip back in time worth taking.

The Vincent Van Gogh Cup – Round Eleven

Earl can’t get no inspiration. Here’s what his column would have looked like in 2002.

The 2017 Eddie Gilbert Cup

Which club will be wearing the best guernsey this weekend? Earl O’Neill has a few favourites

The 2017 Alexander Bell Cup – Round Eight

Earl O’Neill looks at the Shanghai Express experiment and can’t help but be impressed by the Saints.

Round 5 – Sydney Swans: The 2017 Isaac Newton Cup

Earl O’Neill gives us his thoughts on how this season will play out for the struggling Sydney Swans.

The 2017 Wilhelm Rudolf Fittig Cup – Round Four

Perspex walls, Polish and Irish Coffee, Footy Talk. It’s all happening at Darcy’s Diner at 5am for Earl O’Neill and his crew. A satisfactory morning, with egg and chips, for all of them.