Australia v South Africa – Perth Test Day 5: Blockheads of colour-by-number Impressionists

E. regnans has recorded an Australian pub conversation from somewhere, anywhere, maybe everywhere. It seems cricket, Test cricket and the approach of senior cricket officials is the talk of the sporting world at the moment. It certainly is in this pub. [Much to consider here – JTH]

Almanac Cricket: Perth Test, Australia v South Africa – Call for cricket writers

Almanackers old and new are invited to submit their stories of the 2016 Perth Test. What did you notice? Where were you? Let us know your preferred day.

Almanac Cricket – One Crowded Summer: T20 is king

We all know that T20 is king. When it comes to scheduling, actions speak louder than words – but what does this mean for competing forms of “cricket”? David Wilson’s reading of the schedule shows that interesting complications are just around the corner.

Almanac Music – Bruce Springsteen: arriving late, baseball and what is it with sportswriters?

David Wilson as bowerbird – describes a late coming to Bruce Springsteen – and collects shining pieces by Richard Ford, Joe Posnanski and Drew Magary along the way.

What is wrong with Big Sports Media?

David Wilson hears the noise, sees the noise, and suggests we should all expect more from Big Sports Media.

Almanac Book Cover 2016: Creazione di Gentilezza

David Wilson borrows from Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” for this 2016 cover nomination: “Creation of Kindness.”

Grand Final 2016 – The mystery is that there is no mystery

E. regnans is on a couch in Geelong West, with friends and family, moved to tears, aware that he is in the midst of something profound, reminded of words which speak to him in a similar (the same?) way.

Finals Week 3: Western Bulldogs and the existence of unicorns

E Regnans sees the music, the poetry, the drama, the everyday, the transcendent in the Western Bulldogs. He can even see Gabe Kotter and Vinnie Barbarino.

Finals Week 3 – A coach’s address: Clear eyes, full hearts

On the cusp of premiership glory, Coach E. Regnans delivers a stirring pre-match address to the troops doing battle this weekend.

Finals Week 1 – There is only now: Everybody needs somebody to love (Go Dogs)

E Regnans expresses his feelings for Footy and the emotional contests that he witnessed in Week 1 of the Finals.

Almanac Paralympics: We’re the Superhumans

“It is advertising that changes people’s perceptions…” The wonderful Channel 4 ad for the Rio Paralympics. Share widely.

Round 23 – Hawthorn v Collingwood: This is water

E.Regnans and the Buds journeyed to the MCG to see the sun set on the Magpies season. Hawks fans were wearing their traditional brown and gold grumpy pants. This is water.

Miss You, Dane Swan

On the occasion of Dane Swan’s retirement from AFL football, David Wilson writes him a short note, and invites us all to ‘watch’ Swanny.

VAFA Premier B, Round 16 – Fitzroy v Beaumaris: Turn to the sunlight

Starting with A.A.Milne and ending with La Marseillaise, David Wilson observes “one of those days” in old Fitzroy. [Fitzroy’s last home game for the season is on Saturday 20 August – Ed].

Sri Lanka v Australia – 3rd Test, Colombo, Day 3: Sri Lankan Dead Rubber Factory

Honours even after Day 3, but David Wilson reminds us that all is not as it seems in a dead rubber.

Almanac Olympics – Usain Bolt and the irresistible tide

Usain Bolt did it. Three from three.

Almanac Olympics – Respect: through the eyes of girls

David Wilson observes that placing sportswomen on a par with sportsmen can be powerful. The Olympic Games are to be celebrated for this.

Sri Lanka v Australia – 2nd Test, Galle: A full time batting assistant coach?

So the Australian cricket team is looking for a “full time batting assistant coach.” David Wilson’s satire has a tourist in Galle meeting an existing member of the Australian coaching staff…

Sri Lanka v Australia, 1st Test, Pallekele – Day 1: Frontier psychiatrist

A couple of onlookers take in Day 1 in Sri Lanka. Test cricket has rarely looked so flakey (in the contexts of the match; and of the wider future of the game).

Round 18 – Collingwood v North Melbourne: Stumbling block

David Wilson here casts Collingwood 2016 as a deluded amateur golfer, receiving a self-analysis leg-up from Paul Kelly and the Stormwater Boys.