Round 23 – Hawthorn v Collingwood: This is water

E.Regnans and the Buds journeyed to the MCG to see the sun set on the Magpies season. Hawks fans were wearing their traditional brown and gold grumpy pants. This is water.

Miss You, Dane Swan

On the occasion of Dane Swan’s retirement from AFL football, David Wilson writes him a short note, and invites us all to ‘watch’ Swanny.

VAFA Premier B, Round 16 – Fitzroy v Beaumaris: Turn to the sunlight

Starting with A.A.Milne and ending with La Marseillaise, David Wilson observes “one of those days” in old Fitzroy. [Fitzroy’s last home game for the season is on Saturday 20 August – Ed].

Sri Lanka v Australia – 3rd Test, Colombo, Day 3: Sri Lankan Dead Rubber Factory

Honours even after Day 3, but David Wilson reminds us that all is not as it seems in a dead rubber.

Almanac Olympics – Usain Bolt and the irresistible tide

Usain Bolt did it. Three from three.

Almanac Olympics – Respect: through the eyes of girls

David Wilson observes that placing sportswomen on a par with sportsmen can be powerful. The Olympic Games are to be celebrated for this.

Sri Lanka v Australia – 2nd Test, Galle: A full time batting assistant coach?

So the Australian cricket team is looking for a “full time batting assistant coach.” David Wilson’s satire has a tourist in Galle meeting an existing member of the Australian coaching staff…

Sri Lanka v Australia, 1st Test, Pallekele – Day 1: Frontier psychiatrist

A couple of onlookers take in Day 1 in Sri Lanka. Test cricket has rarely looked so flakey (in the contexts of the match; and of the wider future of the game).

Round 18 – Collingwood v North Melbourne: Stumbling block

David Wilson here casts Collingwood 2016 as a deluded amateur golfer, receiving a self-analysis leg-up from Paul Kelly and the Stormwater Boys.

Round 17 – Sydney v Hawthorn: Tomorrow Never Knows

When you notice a collaboration, acting at the very edges of their ambition and will, string together several acts of sublime skill, endeavour and artistry, you’ve got to applaud. A passage of Hawthorn footy as Revolver.

Almanac Fiction: Daz Cooper Chapter 6; Hoops

It’s mid winter for Daz Cooper and the Under 15s. He and those around him are jumping through ever-more-challenging hoops of life.

Round 16 – Greater Western Sydney v Collingwood: Magpie Jacks and the beanstalk

Perched in the Lomond Hotel’s “Juan Carlos Bar,” D Wilson sees the Jacks of Magpies climb the beanstalk of belief and daring to slay the Giants.

Eight reasons to start paying attention to AFL 2016

Wake up, Earth. It’s Round 16. Time to start paying attention to this Australian Football League.

No one knows nothing anymore (getting along)

A suburban GP clinic, Literacy week and E.regnans combine to produce a deft delicate touch of appropriate order.

Respect for women – the conversation we shouldn’t be having

A series of web excerpts and videos around “respect” from Eddie McGuire, James Brayshaw, Danny Frawley, Wayne Carey, the Commonwealth of Australia’s “Respect” program, the Royal Commission into Family Violence, Erin Riley, Alan Jones and Clementine Ford. Inappropriate behaviour needs calling out.

Almanac Weekend Reading: ‘Hamilton,’ by Joe Posnanski

“Have you ever been the parent of a 14 year old girl?” Wonderful writing of shared experience here from NBC sports writer Joe Posnanski.

In a hard year (Henry Lawson’s birthday)

On Henry Lawson’s birthday, David Wilson with an old-style poetic lament for the Collingwood, Fremantle and Brisbane hordes of 2016. Or for anyone who follows a struggling team.

Brutal Blues merely playing catch-up: Pedagogy of the oppressed

E.regnans responds to The Elbow’s piece, with the help of Brazilian educator Paolo Freire. B Bolton is merely doing what any enlightened teacher or parent of young ones would be doing in his place.

Almanac Book Recommendation – The Biggest Game in Town: An analysis of the AFL’s vilification policy

Last week saw the launch of an important book; a book of research into individual and cultural understandings and behaviours around vilification. Copies are NOW available.

Round 9 – Fremantle v Richmond: Is Freo tanking?

There’s a fishy smell on the docks.