Almanac Soccer: 2017 – A Nothing Year in Australian Football

Lack of coverage, crowds and cooperation is keeping soccer in Australia from a bright future writes Dr. Cruel.

Australia v Iran 1997: What happens when a sport bets the house and loses

As the 17th anniversary of Australia v Iran ticks by, Vaughan Menlove shares his memories of that World Cup qualifier at the MCG. He remains haunted. [And with a debt to pay…? – Ed] [First published Nov 29 2014, reprised Nov 29, 2o17]

Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: A week where Richmond went from a joke to kings of the AFL

Tiger fan Vaughan Menlove recounts his Grand Final day.

37 Years Have Come to This.

Vaughan Menlove looks back on his lifetime as a Richmond supporter, but looks forward too, as he prepares for his first ever Grand Final.

Vale Les Murray

Yes, in reality, how do you compete with a god? asks Dr Cruel in his tribute to Les Murray.

The ups and downs of being a Richmond supporter in 2017 or just a standard season

Relive a week in the life of a Richmond supporter, according to Vaughan Menlove.

Political turmoil in Soccer (I think we have been here before)

History has a way of repeating itself. Particularly when it comes to the issues facing Australian soccer. Dr Cruel explains.

Junior Sports: Where Can They Play?

In a world of high density housing developments where the focus is on profit, just where are our junior sportspeople supposed to train and play?

A-League Expansion: Where should the new teams be based?

As FFA looks to expand the A-League from 10 to 12 teams, DrCruel73 favours South Melbourne as the best of many options.

How the Bulldogs went from a club of individuals to a team of Champions.

Dr Cruel puts his spin on how the Bulldogs became a Premiership club.

Almanac Soccer: Tom Rogic – The next Socceroo superstar?

Dr Cruel reckons that Tommy Rogic, currently plying his trade with Glasgow Celtic, could be Australia’s next EPL superstar

Richmond Board Challenge are they Messiahs or just a bunch of Naughty Boys?

The Focus on Football challenge on the Richmond Board, according to DrCruel73, was the icing on the cake in a horrible year for the Tigers.

Almanac Soccer: David Luiz going back to Chelsea confirms the Transfer Market has gone Mad

Chelsea signs Brazilian David Luiz for his second stint at Stamford Bridge, Vaughan aka DrCruel73 cannot believe it, his U11s play better!

Almanac Soccer: Euro 2016 Success or Not?

DrCruel73 questions whether Euro 2016 was a success with the new 24 team format.

Almanac Soccer: England’s Misery to Continue

DrCruel73 blames England’s lack of world class players and inept management with no foreseeable improvement.

End of an Era For Soccer Broadcasting in Australia

The changing landscape for broadcasting Football is one where the good Dr adapts and survives.

A-League – Marquee Players: Is there still a need?

What is the purpose of the marquee player and is it still relevant to the A-League 10 years down the track? On a scale from Berisha to no-one at all Vaughan Menlove rates your club’s marquee

What makes football supporters different!

Vaughan Menlove (aka Dr Cruel) on the difference between football supporters and supporters of other codes.

November 16th 2005 Why was it a great night?

In three days it will be 10 years since Australia qualified for the 2006 World Cup and Vaughan Menlove reflects on that night in Sydney, a night which he saw as a pivotal night for not just Australian football but Australian sport.

Open Letter to Sepp Blatter

Vaughan Menlove (aka Dr Cruel) is happy that Sepp Blatter has decided to take some of his cronies down with him. But he passionately argues that FIFA needs to build a new henhouse after it cleans out some of the crooked roosters.